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We, are the fire in your heart, the center of your fear, we are everything. Can you handle the heat? - Spark

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Welcome to my pack!

I'm so exctited. My name, is Spark the Alpha Female of the Magic Fire pack.
Please keep in mind, to be nice to anyother wolves, and our sister packs. If you so belong to another pack, being the Alpha or Beta, we would love to offer you a treaty.

The main wolves, that you will be seeing around are myself, my siblings Night and Mist, my uncle raven, the twin pups of Mist and Mark, and my little one Eclipse.

Please join, and remember, this is a normal wolf pack.

Ranks in Descending order

Alpha Female-
Leader, must follow ALWAYS. If not, will be scent to Omega. and life for an Omega is never fun.
Name: Spark
I care for my pack, with all my heart and i will be the best leader i can be. i am known for my loving heart, but also for my short temper, strenth and power.
Mate: None
Pups: Eclipse

Alpha Male-
(Is picked by Alpha female. : chosen if her mate)

Beta Female-
Very respected, listend to and close to alpha.

Beta Male-
(Is picked by beta female. : chosen if her mate)

Delta Female-
Come to for advise, and deals with hunting problems. must obey Alpha and Beta's/

Delta male-
(Is picked by delta female. : chosen if her mate)

Gamma Female-
Deals with little fights in the Pack. keeps the patrolers in line, must listen to Alpha, Beta and Delta.

Gamma Male-
(is picked by Gamma female. : chosen if her mate)

High ranks:


There are only ever three guardians at a time. they are respected and loyal. they are only put to the job if it's to much for the warriors to handle.-

*Leader*- Mist



They are the leaders of Healers, only called to the job if great ingery. They are usually old, trust worthy and wise. only one Shamen.


There is only two healers. they are very respted and known for there gentel and sweet spirits.

pup watchers:

They are the teachers of the next Gen. they are very respected and loving.

Name: Jodi

Age: 5

Personality: She loves all pups, and is open to all. She loves to make people laugh, and make sure everyone is happy, she is so drawn to pups. More than anything, she wants one of her own.

Rank: Pup Watcher leader





Middle ranks:


They fight off any Humans, or other wolves that are not from sister packs that pose as a threat. if there just in the territory not threating, then they just chase them out.




They watch for Humans, and wolves they dont know if there seen they call the warriors to the job :)




they get the food, and bring it home to the family. they eat right after the Guardians! (so after the Alphas, Betas, Delta's Gamma's then guardians)




There important messergers for the Alphas. they are trusted greatly.



Low rank


They are wolves that have disobayed there leader, or caused trouble.

they are usually, very strong and stubborn.


These wolves are like strays, but stay around the pack land, trying to get into the pack. They mean no harm to the pack they're just trying to get into it. Silent's often stick together in they're own little "misfit" pack


These are wolves that belong to sevaral packs. they wander around, and aren't always that trustworthy.

But there always great messngers, and close friends to all Elites.-



Alpha Pups:

Eclipse, Mist's female pup. Mist's mate died.-

Beta Pups:

Delta Pups:

Gamma Pups;

Other rank Pups-

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This is were you new wolves will begin your journey in the Magic Fire Pack. once you are finshed here, you can go to the den to talk with other wolves, resive missons from Me, go to the medows to…Continue

Started by BrunoMarsFreako;)*Kerrieh*. Last reply by ιѕαвєℓℓα мαяιє ѕωαη™ Jun 23, 2011.


Your interested in a misson huh?Well you have come to the right place.Just tell me your rank, and i will find something for you to do.They are rewarded in prizes, such as....  You can make your own…Continue

Started by BrunoMarsFreako;)*Kerrieh* Oct 29, 2010.

Hunting Grounds

this is kinda the place for the hunters. ONLY hunters are allowed here. This is were other animals run wild, and were we hunt and bring it back for the others ;) From,Night.Continue

Started by BrunoMarsFreako;)*Kerrieh* Oct 29, 2010.

Love Tree

this is kinda the key place for you love birdies out there ;) he he. a nice romantic place, also for singles looking for mates. From,Raven Mates: Make &&…Continue

Started by BrunoMarsFreako;)*Kerrieh* Oct 29, 2010.

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