This is were you new wolves will begin your journey in the Magic Fire Pack. once you are finshed here, you can go to the den to talk with other wolves, resive missons from Me, go to the medows to fool around, go to the blossom tree.. to meet new lover wolves ;)


Once you do a misson, you will get to do more things.

Like make a page.

Or get a present (Like a super power).



Have fun!


Love, Spark.










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Dark and seems to be secretive. Once she opens up she is the "perfect" wolf. She is kind caring an charming. She looks unusual and is a very rare breed. She will fight for what she believes in, even if it means risking everything. She's dedicated and always loyal. Se is a great friend to have on your side and will always be there for you. She sometimes sticks to the edge of the pack, wallowing in her past and grieving. She will stay to herself if no one talks to her. She will follow any command when given without hesitation. She has very low self-esteem and will think no one likes her and everyone is talking about her and trusts very few people in the beginning. She can sometimes be sarcastic when she wants to be. She is very wise and will think through decisions thoroughly before making them. She will always think before she acts. She will try and keep her emotions a secret. The thing that hurts her the most is not fitting in, she will turn away and pretend it doesn't matter but it will indeed hurt her. She respects the higher ranks and everyone else. She is calm in emergency and will not get stressed easily. She will easily risk her life for anyone without thinking twice about it. She has an open heart and is willing to accept anyone and she gives second chances no matter what she believes you always have the right to change.
She has no mate so no pups. Her age in unknown and she will loyally take any rank the alpha wishes toe give her.

Name: Jodi

Age: 5

Personality: She loves all pups, and is open to all. She loves to make people laugh, and make sure everyone is happy, she is so drawn to pups. More than anything, she wants one of her own.

Rank: Pup Watcher leader




Name: Ash

Age: 4

Personality: He seems to always blend into the mist, and he is very quiet. Doesn't really always releate to wolves well. Only the ones that are just like him. He, is very secretive, and he's really good at sneeking, and it makes him perfect for sending out messages,

Rank: Elites




Thanks nat, i'll post ur wolves.

Thanks Shadow, could u plezz do the form and a boy also.
listed above

Name: Knight


Age: 4


Personality: Knight is a quiet wolf.He is always watching out for danger and is always ready to defend the pack no matter the danger.He is a loyal,trustworthy,and a respectable wolf.


Rank: Gurdian


Mate: None


Pups: None





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