Welcome to the pack, glad you could join us! We are lovely people and would be so very happy to have you here with us!


1. Always respect the ones of a higher rank than you! If you are in the same rank as some one, (say you and some1 else is a hunter) the person above you would over power you.

2.If you don't want your wolf bannished, then follow!

3.Stay active in the group!

4. Please try to attend the rituals!

5, This is a REALISTIC wolf pack. So, be real. No crazy eyes, wings.

6.Look at the ranks before you join.

When signing up please include your name, rank, age(human), personality, traits, picture, and anything else you feel you need!

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how do i join
You just include your wolves;


You can copy and paste that form. :]
name: aily rank: beta age: 19 gender: female personality: srtic when need be kind and respectful cares for the well being of other keeps oders and obeys and enforse laws and rules storng willed and mind as well as phcially storng looks: black and sliver
Beta is an earned, rank, so for now you can be a warrior.
rank changed rank: warrior
anything you want me to be
4 years old
Dark and seems to be secretive. Once she opens up she is the "perfect" wolf. She is kidn caring an charming. She looks unusual and is a very rare breed. She will fight for what she believes in, even if it means riskign everything. She's dedicated and always loyal. Se is a great friend to have on your side and will always be there for you. She sometimes sticks to the edge of the pack, wallowing in her past and grieving. She will stay to herself if no one talks to her. She will follow any command when given without hesitation. She has very low self-esstem and will think no one lieks her and everyone is talking about her and trusts very few people in the beginning. She can sometiems be sarcastic when she wants to be. She is very wise and will think through decisions throughly before making them. She will always think before she acts. She will try and keep her emotions a secret. The thing that hurts her the most is not fitting in, she will turn away and pretend it doesn't matter but it will indeed hurt her. She respects the higher ranks and everyone else. She is calm in emergency and will not get stressed easily. She will easily risk her life for anyoen without thinkign twice about it. She has an open heart and is willing to accept anyone and she gives second chances no matter what she believes you always have the right to change.









Personality:Liza is a very diffrent wolf she is observant,and trusrworthy.liza is very wise for her age and very skilled.She is loyal and deadly in battle.Liza is very protective of her pack and does well to defend them and is always ready to fight  any threats.She is a leader.A friend to eveyone and the most skilled wolf.



Personality:caring and loving i am always there for my friends and family




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