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We have exsisted for over three thousand years and we have a long history that we are allowing to be glimpsed by mere mortals.

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Volturi are The equivelent of vampire royalty

The Volturi call the city of Volterra, Italy, home. We protect the vampire race from being exposed, and we keep other covens from becoming too destructive or too large. We are the oldest, most sophisticated and most powerful coven of vampires in existence. The Volturi have existed for at least three thousand years if not longer. We are always watching, for we are enforcing the Vampiric laws. We have ended countless newborn wars, and will continue to do so until the end of time. We have a typical vampire diet, but we are careful and have mastered a system in which we lure several humans and feast in a secure area whenever possible. . We are ruthless and show no mercy on those who break the rules. The Volturi deal swiftly and decisively with anything they consider a threat to their coven, or the vampire world. They destroy anyone who attempts to overthrow them, or resist their authority and, at Caius' insistence, have hunted werewolves (true werewolves, not shape shifters) to near extinction in Europe and Asia.

In the Twilight universe, the Volturi are the most powerful family of vampires, residing in the city of Volterra, Italy– which was supposedly named after the Volturi and which they have secretly controlled for three thousand years, since the time of the Etruscans. The Volturi are some of the most sophisticated vampires. However, unlike the Cullens, the Volturi are "real" vampires; that is, they do not follow the "vegetarian" diet that is followed by the main characters of the series, but instead drink the blood of humans. Therefore, they have red eyes instead of the topaz, golden colored Cullen eyes.

The Volturi are a powerful family because they choose their members for their "abilities", and special talents. On numerous occasions some of the Cullens have been offered a place in the Volturi "clan" for their abilities. Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen and Carlisle Cullen have all been offered places. Bella Swan was also offered a place in the Volturi clan while she was in Italy saving Edward Cullen's life, despite the fact she was still human - the offer depended on her transformation.

Although they are not an 'official' royal family, the Volturi are an incredibly influential coven and the Vampire Mafia. They act as guardians, keeping the secret society of vampires hidden from the human world as needed. They often send others to travel from Volterra to prevent overzealous covens and renegade vampires from exposing their species. In Eclipse, they traveled to Forks, Washington to destroy Victoria's evil coven of newborn vampires, as they were feeding in the nearby city of Seattle, causing an abnormally high number of deaths. Currently in the Twilight series, the Volturi are becoming an increasing problem to the Cullen family; the Cullens have promised the Volturi that they will change Bella Swan into a vampire, since she is a human who knows about the existence of vampires.

Most of the Volturi have very strong powers: Jane can give anyone the illusion of pain while they are under her gaze; Aro can see all of the thoughts that a person has ever had, while making physical contact with that person; Marcus can sense relationships; Demetri can track anyone once he has the tenor of their mind. Others' powers are not mentioned, but are rumored to be just as powerful. Interestingly, Bella is unaffected by the powers which affect the mind

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