I ran as fast as I could. I wanted to escape. I wanted to be in the farthest place from here as possible. It was hard to run when I was out of breath from crying. I tripped and fell but did not get up. I layed on the ground sobbing I wasnt sure how far from the house I was. We lived near the woods. I was posstive somebody wood come looking for me if it got late.It wasnt until few minites I notice the giant figure.I turned my head to look at it and froze. As slow as I could I got up.I was looking at the bigest wolf?bear? I had ever seen in my life. I tryed to keep still. I was breathinng to hard .Why hadn't it attacked me yet? I was on the ground for aleast five minutes. It took a step torwards me. I'm going to die. I thought repedity to myself my face was still filled with tears my heart was racing .

then every thing went black....


  Something shook my arm. I'm dead ,no this can't happen I'm only sixteen.That's to young. So what I was sixteen did it matter lots of poeple died younger than that I thought of Molly with a percing stab of pain. She was three years younger than me. She was the reason I was crying .The reason I ran in to the woods.She died in a car accedinet on the way home two days ago her friends mom was driving .We just got back from the funeral and thats when I ran into the woods.Something shook my arm with more force this time.

  "Um, are you ok miss" a man's concerned voice asked as I regained consciousness .I looked at the teenager not man.his hair was short and black his eyes were deep brown and he was tan.My head hurt it was a few seconds before I could speak.

  "I'm fine"I said in a weak voice as i tried to get up he helped me.I noticed he did'nt have a shirt on or shoes just gym short mabey he was joging, but no shoes? I looked around confused .Oh great how would I get home now?"I think I'm lost" I admitted

  "I know the woods very well do you lived close to the market?"he said and I nodded he still had had his arms around me I tried to walk I almost fell.He caught me before I hit the ground .

On the way to my house we talked alot.His name was Jamie he was an only child he was sixteen but he was big for his age. He lived close to some beach.Sometimes he would stared at me and I would blush.He was very funny.he told a joke and I laughed

  "You have a lovley laugh"he said and I blushed deeper. He reached over a held my hand"Is this okay"He looked at me.

  I nodded and he smiled his hand was abnormaly warm.

  I ran farther than I excpected it took 20 minutes to get home he walked me to the door

  "I'd like to see you again"

  "How about tomarrow?"

  "I'll pick you up at 4:00"

  "okay"I smiled and he smield back


   I waited on the porch it was 4:03 .I was getting nervous .What if he didnt show? I waited a few miniutes I was wearing skinny jeans with a shirt thats sleeves that stop below my elbows.

  A car stop infront of the house Jamie was driving I got in the front seat

  He drove until we reached a beach it was beautiful .I got out he went to trunk to get out a picknik basket and blanket.

  He held my hand as we walked down the beach. He layed out the blanket and we sat and ate. I had one sandwich and a coke and I was full. He ate 6 sandwiches and 2 cokes before he was full. After he was done we sat in silence for a few seconds.

  He reached over and his hand cupped my face. His other hand stroked the other side of my face down my neck the length of my arm and stoped at my hand. He held it in both of his.

  "If I tell you something you promise to believe me and not laugh"

  "I promise"

  " I'm a werewolf" he looked serious.

  "and you excpet me to beelive that?"


  "ok I'll belive you if you prove it"

  "ok" he got and and pulled me along until we were in the woods that were close to the beach he turned to face me "close your eyes and no peeking"

   I put my hand over my eyes

  "are you a wolf now?"I giggled


  I waited"how about now"

  "not yet"

  "What about now?"

  "No"he sounded farther away.


  no answer


  no answer

  So this how he gets out of a date . wow. I didnt think I was that boring

  I uncovered my excpecting to be alone or see jamie running to his car.I stumbled back and slamed into a tree. There was a big wolf infront of me not just any wolf it was the wolf from the woods .It was the same coloured fur and size .My heart raced. I look at his clothes that hung on a tree.

   "wow"I said wide eyed.It took me a few seconds to move. I took a step towards him. He stayed still. I took another step and lifted my hand to feel his fur. It was soft.

  "Um,I belevie you now you can change back"

He got closer his paw reach for my hand. He nugged it to my face

  "you want me to cover my eyes?"I guessed

  He nodded and I cover my eyes

  I waited I wasnt as impatient now.

  "you can look now"he said and I quickly uncovered my eyes.

I was speechless. I must have looked like an idiot just staring at him.

  "Do you want to walk I'll expain details"

   I nodded .He started to walk back to the beach. I followed and reached out to hold his hand. He smiled.


    We walked down the beach and he expained werewolfs dont need a full moon and biting people dosen't infect them it would just hurt.No silver bullets and they heal very fast.He expained about his pack.Then he told me about imprinting and that he imprinted on me.I blushed at that part.

   "So is all the mythcal cretures real like fairies and zombies?"

   "No but there are vampires"He expained about the vampires too.

   "I beter get home" I watched as the sun set I didn't like being out after dark

   "okay" He pulled me along to the car.

   The drive home felt so short mostly cause we were talking actully I was talking way to much. I hoped he wasn't annoyed. He walked me to the door.

  "I had a great time"I said

  "I'm glad"He smiled his finger stroked my my face. He leaned in closer and pressed his lips lightly to mine for a few second. His arms wound around my waist and pulled me closer.My breathing sped up and my lips parted.I pulled back I was dizzy and breathing deep and I bet my face was all red .His arms were still around he was so much taller than me that he had to lift me off the ground for the kiss. He set me down and tillted my face up as he bent his head down to give me a little after kiss. He smiled and returned to his car. I walked into the the house closed the front door and walked straight to my room. In my head I kept replaying one of the best moments of my life.


thanx for reading

Nadia Cullen

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Good :) I liked it !
thanx so much :)

DimiBellsCullen*sexy cupcake* said:
Omg Nadia That was really coool!!!!! Awesome!!! U have talent!!!!
ITS AWESOME NADIA :) i loved it
That was really really awsome... its obvious you have a gift here and you should keep using it!!!
i liked it... so im with moe moe. r u gonna continue this same story or write different 1s... ill b looking if u do
I was going to contiue this story I was in a bad mood when i was writing the other parts and dicded it would be best to leave it alone just the way it is. That they sould live the rest of there lifes happily together,but i dont know mabey i'll continue it
anyways thanx for the comment im glad you liked it

Zira Mommochi :
i liked it... so im with moe moe. r u gonna continue this same story or write different 1s... ill b looking if u do
That was awsome...can't wait to read more..thanks...huggs
Awww, thanx Aida
lots of luv

aida cullen said:
ITS AWESOME NADIA :) i loved it
aww thanx u all
it is an amazing story i loved it




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