I walked in and sat by him. He smiled I smiled back and then looked at the T.V.

"Told you all I had to do was talk to mom"

  I laughed

  "I left mt bags in you room. I'll take them to my room later sorry"
  "Thats fine"My room was the one right next to the bathroom he probely took a shower. I yawned"I'm going to go to bed now"

  "okay"He leand forward and kissed my forhead. I grabed him into a hug

  "I'm glad you came back,Johnny"I told him

  "Im glad I came back too"

  I got up and went to my room. Jamie should be there any minute. I closed the door and opened the window I saw johnnys bag on the bed went and when I went to sit on the bed it fell of the edge. oh well my room was always messy. I started to pick up the the clothes when I noticed the drugs. I was furious he was still using. He promised he stoped. I picked the drugs up and excamined them

  "WHAT THE HELL ANGLE?!?" I jumped only it wasn't my brother it was Jamie"what are you doing!"


  "DRUGS?!?"he said furious. Oh, I see he thought I was using them

  "Jamie I'm not on drugs"

  "YOU HOLDING THEM IN YOUR HANDS RIGHT NOW!!!" My brother couldn't hear us the T.V. was to loud. Jamie snatched them out of my hands"Have you gone crazy angle? What are you thinking"

  "Jamie I'm not on drugs" I said again

  "please ,Angle, don't lie to me"How could he think that I could lie to him

  "I'm not lieing jamie"I was starting to cry. He didnt belive me how could he? He knows I'm smarter than that.

  I tryed to excplain but he kept shouting. so I let him shout untill he calmed down. I kept crying why didnt he trust me? After he calmed he looked at my face.

  "oh love, I'm so sorry. I just care about you and I won't let you do this to yourself"He told me. I was mad he wasn't letting me excplain and most of all I was mad cause he thought I was lieing to him

  "GO AWAY"I said furious

  "what"He said and the drugs fell out of his hand


  "Angle it's the drugs talking not you"he said

  I screamed at him and shoved him threw the window

  "Go away and come back later. Give me a chance to calm down"

He looked at my face a slid out the window

  "I'll be back in an a half and hour" He said as I slammed the window shut.

  I picked up the drugs and walked into the front mom was doing something in the garage, so she wouldn't see me or the stuff in my hand.

  "WHAT'S THIS"I shouted at Johnny

  He looked over at me "Were you going threw my stuff?!?"

  "Why would you do this. You promised me you'd stop"

  "I know I'm sorry"

  "you've said sorry to many time and you've made to many mistakes.I know mom doesn't know about this"

  "NO please dont tell her"

  "why shouldnt I?"

  "cause she'd kick me out"

  "she should"

  "please angle I wont do it again"

  "Why should I belive you?!?"

  He was queit cause he knew I souldn't belive him. After a few minutes I decied what I was going to do.

  "I'm not going to tell but if I find out your doing this again I will tell mom"

  "thanks"he said said relived
  "That dosent me I forgive you and I'm flushing these down the toliet"

I ran to the bathroom and dumped the drugs down the toliet. I walked back to my room and slammed the door loud so he could hear it. I picked up Johnnys bags and went to front.

  "Do you have more and don't you dare lie to me"

  "No I dont I swear" he said as I searched threw the bags. He was telling the truth or he hid the drugs somewhere else.

I walked back into my room. I layed down on the bed and waited for Jamie to come back eventully he did. I looked at him

and then looked at the ceiling. He walked over to me. I sat up and put my hands on his face and looked into his eyes

  "I wouldn't do something as stupid as drugs and you know that" he looked into my eyes and he stayed silent"They were in my brothers bag. I was just looking at them and dont worry I flushed them down the toliet"

  "I belive you and I'm sorry I guess I didn't realy give you a chance to talk" He grabed me into a tight hug.I layed back down and scooched over for Jamie.

  "Your brother uses" He asked in a quiet voice.

  "Not after today"I said angry

  I turned and curled up to Jamies bare chest. His arm wraped around my waist.He kissed me and, for a second I forgot all about my problems.

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thanks to dream on aka julia the sweetheart for lettin me use this pic

Honey its awesome i just luv it so much!!:D:D and no problem sweetie!!:*mwah
ohhh wow hun that waz awesome!!! yahoohoo :P well i think imma go start on my 3rd part. soo i think it will b up by the next time yr on.. o and i just love that pic for yr story...
Confused what should i comment????/





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