I woke up in the middle of the night Jamie was still asleep. I forgot to put the air-condition on. I had to do the when Jamie slept over cause he was so warm. I got up an turn the air-condition on and stood by it for a few minutes to cool down . I decided to get some water so I walked into the kitchen. Johnny was there

  ugh. He was smoking by the window not as bad the drugs but I still hated it.

  "You still smoke?" I asked him

  "Yes"he said and I looked away as I made a face

  "Angle, lots of people do It's not that bad" I looked at him

  "Just cause lots of people do it dosen't mean it's okay and yes it's bad. It's realy bad for your heath" I said acidicly after I was sure he quit drugs I would make him stop smoking I went to the fridge to get the water. I poured some in a cup.

  He put the ciggerate out and threw It out the window, then walked over to me. "I'm realy sorry and I promise you I'll stop"I wonder if he realy meant it. He looked like he did

  I didn't say anything. I looked away. I was tearing up. He didnt know how much this hurt me. He took a step to see my face.

  "Oh I,m so sorry.Please don't cry" He huged me I had to realy try hard not to cry any harder. I failed though and tears sprung from my eyes. After I calmed down he let go of me and I drank my water.I finished and got up to go back to my room. It felt nice and cool from the air-condition. I snuggled up to Jamie and closed my eyes...




  I woke up about the same time Jamie did and after we woke up enouph to talk, Jamie asked what I wanted to do today. He had nothing to do with the pack so far so I told him we sould just go to the beach. I didnt know why I wasn't bored of the beach by now mabey cause I'm with jamie most of the time spent there. I got up and grabbed my clothes and towel to take a shower. I got in the bathroom and locked th door. After I was done I had to get breakfast. I just ate a gronola bar. I brought back two to the room for Jamie. We ate in silence, still tierd he slipped out the window as I went to the car. He met me at the car. Mom and Johnny were asleep.

   He drove cause he knew I preferd not to. We didn't talk because we were still kinda sleepy for some reason we woke up early. When we got to the beach it wasn't crowded at all. Me and Jamie just layed in the sand to lazy to move. My head was pillowed under his arm. We talked after we both fully woke up. Me and Jamie could talk forever. We just connect every time we talked about something and he was very easy and fun to talk with. When we didnt talk we would just sit. The pack went cliff diving but jamie stayed to be with me. I went with him before. Scary as hell though. I remember thinking as I got to shore that was the last time I ever would do that.

   We got home when it was just getting dark. I looked at the red flashing lights in horror I got out of the car. I watch as they moved Johnnys body into the ambulance...

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ok so this part came out WAY SHORT and I didn't notice till I added the discusion srry for that
anyways thanx for all the wonderful comments enjoy
wahhh... i wish it were longer... i cant wait till the next part!!! ;P
ok thanx you and srry again i hate when they come out short
oh!shocking part what happened to johnny..quit excited what happened to him....

cooool and amazing




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