I finshed putting mascara on and went to look at myself in the full length mirror.I was in love with the dress I bought.It was srapless and down to my knees it was a deep purple color but what I loved most about it is when I moved. It would kinda hmm.. how to explain it?swoosh? flow? I looked at the clock. Jamie would be here any minute he was taking me to the dance I made sure I had everything ready I put on my high heels good thing I practiced walking in these or I would be falling on my face every second.The door bell rang.I went the door. Jamie was there he looked amazing in his tux.I looked at his expression with satisfaction.

  "wow ,you look beautiful"he said breathless I liked it his reaction.

  "thank you"I replied. He took my hand to kiss it.

  "lets go"he smiled

  I had to admitt I wasnt a big fan of dances. ok I hated them, but it seemed like Jamie realy wanted so when he asked me I had to say yes.I wondered how stupid I'd look trying to dance.That's got me worryed.I mean slow dancing is ok cause its basic but the everything other kind of dancing was what got me worried.

  "Is everything all right?"he asked looking at my expression.

  "perfect"I said and smiled I leaned over to kiss his cheek softly. After I pulled back I laughed

  "whats funny?"he had a lipstick mark where I kissed him I pointed to his cheek and laughed again

  He pulled down the mirror and chuckled. Then started wipe it with and napkin.He opened the window to get some air.suddenly he started shaking and hard.he slammed down the breaks good thing I had a seatbelt on.

  "Jamie?you okay?whats wrong?"

  "wait here" he open the door and dispeared into the huge trees off the side of the road

  I heared a howl so I knew he phased into a wolf. After a few minutes a loud crashing sound and a tree snapping?and then multiple howls so the whole pack must have shown up. I dont know how long I stayed waiting but eventuly he came back his hair was a little messed up but I liked it his tux looked ok no rips.

  "what happened?"I asked scared


  "so im guessing we have to skip the dance?"

  "Why would we?The pack is killing the stupid leach"He looked confused.I heard more howls.

  I pretended to be happy"ok"i said with false entusasim

shoot! we still were going to the stupid dance

  "Weird I still kinda smell it.watever lets go"he started to drive

It was a few seconds before I notice the detached vampire hand clinging on to his pants.I screamed and tears sprang from my eyes, good thing my mascara was waterproof.I was shaking and breathing way to fast. I was getting dizzy.

  "whats wrong?!?"

  I tried to talk but it was to hard.he watched trying to figure out what was wrong.I tried to talk again but I was still breathing to fast.

  "what wrong?"he asked again

  so I just ponted to his leg he looked at it. It caught him by suprize too. He swerved.The next thing I knew were hurdiling towards a tree. We slamed into it hard and I screamed louder than before,which made me even more dizzy.Was Jamie okay?I looked over at him. He took the twitching hand and grabed a pack of matches from the glove compartment He opened the door got out and he lit the hand on fire.

  "you okay?" when he was back asked

was I okay? I didn't know. I looked at myself. I seemed fine no injurys. I never calmed down so i probely looked like a mess.

  "I'm fine and you?"

  "I'm okay ,um,I don't think were going to be able to go to the dance"

  "why"I tryed to look unhappy

  "the car"

  I looked at the car it was was destroyed. Thank god we didnt get hurt. We were stuck until somebody picked us up.I liked this much better than going to that stupid dance. I stared at the car for a long time until I got out and walked over to him.

  "I called a tow truck I dont know how long we have to wait,I'm realy sorry"

  "Its okay its not your fault"Then I had an idea. I got my ipod from my purse and put one headphone in his ear the other one in mine. I turned on a slow song and put my hands on his shoulders. He smiled and wraped his arms around my waist allowing no space beetween us. He was still taller than me even though I was wearing my high heels.I looked into his beautiful brown eyes as we swayed back and forth to the music.

  This was so much better than going to the dance.


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Amazing chapter!!!!! :D I love it keep me update!!!!
wow just as good as the rest... thanx for sending me that comment.. will u continue to keep me updated? Keep up the good work...
thanx glad u liked it
wow!!!its really awesome..totally talented girl!!
i loved the end it's amazing




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