**********ok so I decided to start this one right where the last one left off.so there still in jamies room .anyways heres part 5 to another werewolf story.enjoy************




  We sat there for a while long enough for the tears to dry off from my face.He never stoped stroking my hair.

  "So you don't hate that I'm a werewolf?"He checked

  "Of course not I could never hate you"I said and he smiled. His smile was so beautiful I reached out one finger to trace his lips."but I do have to get back to my mom"I frowned thinking about her condition

  "Ok I'll drive you"he held his hand out for the keys. I reached into my pocket and handed it to him

Ater he put on a shirt we drove back to the hospitale he held my hand the whole way there.

We got into the room and my mom was awake I was so relived I let go of Jamies hand and ran to hug her as lightly as I could.

  "Oh,mom I'm so glad your awake I was so worried"

  "I'm fine sweety"she paused and I let her go"hello and who might you be?"she asked Jamie

shoot I guess I'd have to introduce him now I didnt excpect her to be awake when I got here.

  "Im Jamie"he said shaking her hand.

  "hi Jamie it is nice to meet you"

  "It is nice to meet you to"he replied

  Now why hadn't I want to indroduce them? She didnt seem to be freaking out mabey she realy liked Jamie. I hoped so

  "Hey sweety could you get something from down the hall"she asked

  "sure what do you need"

  "a popcicle"she laughed I knew she just wanted me out of the room she probely wanted to attack jamie with questions. I left with out a complaint. I would listen behind the door and say there were no pops left

  "so Jamie how long have you known my daughter"she said when she thought I was gone.

  "About 4 months"would my mom be pissed off about that I didnt know.

  "and are you dating her?"wow that was straight out. She didnt sound mad

  "um,yes"He replied

  "ok"wow that was it.

  "Jamie how old are you?"

  "Im sixteen"

  "realy? you look older"she sounded like she thought he was lying


  After a few second i pretended to walk in

  "Sorry mom there all out right now,I'll check again later"

  "thanks hun"

  The nurse walked in and looked at my mom

  "good she awake I'll notifie the doctor"The nurse walked out but walked back "you sould get some rest"

  My mom nodded she already looked tierd she closed her eyes.I waited a few minutes to make sure she was sleeping then I looked over to jamie.

  "She's nice I don't know why you did want me to meet her"

  "I thought she react differntly but she was... calm?She must like you"

  "thats good"he said

  "thats very good"I said. I was exctremly happy cuase all this time I thought shed freak out but she was completly cool with it.I hardly slept the past two days I stayed with my mom.and I was up all night worrying about her.I yawned.and when to sit on the couch.Jamie sat down beside and pulled me on his lap again.I felt his lips brush against my lips. good thing my mom was asleep.I smiled my eyes still closed.he gave me a little peack on the lips.I fell asleep quickly...



  The doctors said my mom had ts stay in the hospital for a few more days.At some point after I woke up my mom told me to go home to get me some thing decent to eat.Jamie followed me out the room and to the car.

  "You want me to drive?You looks like your still tired"

  "sure,thanks"I wasnt going to object. I was tiered.I handed him the keys.

  "no problem"

  We got in the car. I snuggled up to him.he put one arm around my waist and drove with his other hand. We got to the house in no time. I was half asleep by the time we got there.I went in the house with Jamie and went in the fridge to get some thing to eat.

  "Do you want anything?"I asked him

  "you"he said. I blused and looked back at him to roll my eyes.

  "to eat" I smiled

  "No thanks"he said smileing back at me

  I ended up with a sandwich.After I finshed I drank some water

I was still kinda tiered jamie could tell he carried me to my bed.

though I could walk but I didn't object I just smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek

but he quickly turned his face and kiss me on the lips.I opened my mouth letting his tounge in. We were in my room now but I couldnt concentrate so it was a while before I noticed my shirt was off I pulled back dizzy and looked at it on the floor

  "what are you doing?"I looked back at him.I knew I was to young

  "you" he answered pulling my mouth back to his i had to stop this before it went any farther. Even though it seemed impossible.



To Be Continued



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Amazing niecey!!!! :D
i've copied and saved it on my PC so i can take my time and read. don't worry cos ill comment later but anyways how are you and studie going on?? take care
thanx everyone for great comments part 6 is coming very soon so dont worry
yaahoohoo sweet story.. srry i havnt been on in a lil while. keep me posted?
thanx everyone
wow!still preety good...its heart winning
i loved the biggining




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