So far he manage to get both our shirts off. I pulled my head back and tried to clear my mind.So I could think straight. He brushed his lips to my throat and back up to my mouth his tongue traced the shape of my lips.his hand reached down to hitch my leg around his hip.

  "Jamie stop" I told him those were the hardest words I ever had to say.his hand stoped just as they were about to unhook my bra.instead they slid down to my waist as he brushed his lips to my collor bone.

  "why?" He was confused.He pulled my mouth to his before I could answer.His tongue twisted with mine.I pulled back so I wouldnt forget that I didn't want to do this now

  "because I um,I"I couldnt concentrate

  he laughed "your just nervous its normal"

  he hands slid down to un button my pants and then my zipper he kissed all the way down to my stomach softly. He was getting my pants off when I relized I had to stop this now I grabed his hands which were on ethier sides of my hips before he could pull the fabric any farther down.

  "stop please I can't" It was a whisper filled will sadness and pain.He looked at my face and let go of my pants. If he kept going I would have gave up. I wouldnt have been able to rufuse and I realy wanted that. I wanted him. I wanted our bodys to interwined in a way that would seem to be unseprateble. but I knew what was right and what I sould do

  "I don't want to do this. I'm not ready now.I'm too young"I said breathless

  "are you sure"He cheaked and pulled back off of me

  I nodded as I grabbed my shirt and re buttoned my pants

  "ok as long as thats what you want cause you know I wouldnt make you to do anthing you dont want to, but when your ready you just tell me"He smiled

  I nodded and he kissed me



  "thank you"

  He smiled and kissed me again "no problem" he whisperd

after a few moments I relized I wasn't going to be able to sleep. I looked at Jamie. He didnt look tiered

  "Are you tired?"

  "no not realy. You?"

  "not anymore"


  "you want to watch T.V?"

  "sure"he got up put his shirt back on and walked to the front as I followed we sat on the couch and he put his arms around me holding me close.

  "What do you want to watch?"he asked flipping through channels with the remote controle.

  "you pick"I wasn't realy concentrateing on anything but him his body, face, hair, lips, his smell. He smelled very nice. Woodsy kinda. He was perfect in everyway. He was kind, understanding, careing, loving. I tryed not to stare at him I didn't want to freak him out. I couldnt stop thinking what this night would have been like if I hadn't refused the offer in my room. after a while I noticed I was thirsty so I got up

  "you want anything to drink?"

  "Cokes fine"

  I went to the fridge to get out coke and then I went to get the cups I looked at the broken self my mom was suppost to get someone to fix and thought

  stupid broken shelf

  I dont know why is annoyed me so bad. I was pouring the cokes put I spilled some, so I opened another cuporte to get the napkins and shut the door with more force than I intended to. right when I closed a heard a weird sound. I turned around in time to see the self brake and all the cupps come crasing down on the counter then on the floor. Every single cup fell. I waited till it was finshed no way would I try to stop it. I'd probely get cut up by glass. Jamie looked back to see what happened and I burst out in to laughter. I didnt know what was so funny about this. Jamie probely thought I was crazy. Mabey I was. I abruptly stoped laughing once I relized I would have to clean this all up Jamie got up to help me clean up the mess. I got out the broom and dustpan. After we finished we went to drink our cokes with the only 2 cupps that were left and we were starving so we ordered pizza we ate it as we watched a movie well i wouldnt consider it watching scince we were talking the whole time i was full after 2 slices jamie finished the rest of the pizza. After we washed our hands and dryed them we went back to watch T.V. this time we actully watched it. He held me close. I couldnt concentrate on the T.V agian I kept thinking about what happened in my room. I replay it in my mind but insted I didnt refuse. I let my fantisys go on.I hid my face in his shoulder so he couldnt see the tears that filled my eyes.I wanted him so badly but I knew it was wrong. I closed my eyes and smiled.Then I started to dream the most wonderful dream I could ever have...


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I guess her mom ,you know parents, taught her that way old fashioned like edward cullen and she thinks shes not ready yet I mean the love that she and jamie has is so powerful so it all will work out
like u said head vs. heart obvusliy she realy wants him she fighting herself half of her is saying yes and the other half is sayin no
anyways thanx for all the comments
lot of love
from nadia

Lorraine Powell said:
and????? Why is she so convinced it is wrong? I love the tension & suspense!!
LOL she should continue LOLOLOLOL!!! Amazing story love this chapter!
L.O.V.E this chapter...
thanx <3
loving chapter i love it....

u should write another story




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