I woke up before Jamie did. I was realy sore.It was late in the morning I decided to tidy up I was washing the dishes when I heard the door slam I whirled around.

  oh no I thought

  It was my dad he wasn't as drunk as before. Thinking fast I flung the   soapy plate towards him it hit his shoulder and he groaned. It fell to the floor and shattered.He grabed me and threw me out of the way he kicked me in the stomach and hard I couldn't get up. He went looking threw the draws I heard jamie voice in the other room calling and name.

  "Angel? hey you awak-"He stopped mid sentenced my dad gave me another kick to the stomach he looked over to jamie.

  "Now who in the hell is this?!?"

  "You stay away from her"He growled at my dad. He was shaking in anger. He walked over beetween me ,I was curled up on the floor,and my dad.

  "I can do what I want"He replied. Jamie was shaking realy hard I was scared he would phase in the kitchen I crawled behined the couch and put my hands over my head and waited for him to phase. Then I heard the sound of clothes ripping and a growl and. I knew it was over when it was quiet . Jamie had lost his control and my dad was gone by now. I was shaking I got up there was a big wolf in the kitchen but my eyes were on my dad. He was... I couldnt even think about it. Yes I had wished him dead before. No I didn't wanted him to actully die. In truth I just wanted him to stay away to never come back. I sreamed my dad was shreded. I couldn't move and felt dizzy a few seconds later every thing went balck...

The next thing I knew was I was being cradled in jamie arms

  "Jamie,what happened?"I said in a weak vocie

  "Don't worry every things fine"He whispered in my ear

  I turned my head to hide my face in his chest. I tryed to block out the images of my dad. I got up out of his arms and looked around the floor was squeeky clean.

  "what happend? I mean is he"

  "yes I'm sorry"

  "why are you sorry?"

  "Angle I just killed your father"

  "but you were protecting me"

  "I know but I still should had more contr-"

  I put my finger to his lips "shhh,lets not think about it"

  The next day I was watching the news. They showed a picture of my dad said he was attcked by a bear. Eventuly the bruses on my face faded but not on my stomach that would take longer the my mom would be back in two days. Jamie never left unless he had to do something with the pack and aftter much thought I decided I was ready...

Jamie walked back into the room he just went to the kitchen to get water. I didn't tell him I was ready yet and I planned to do that now. I was laying on the bed when he walked in. He walked over to me

  "are you okay?"

  "yes, im fine why?"

  "because your breathing realy fast and your face is all red"he laughed. I smiled and grabed his hand I gently pulled him on top of me I could feel every line of his body against mine his face was so close to mine his sweet breath blew against my face. I put my hands on ether sides of his face and pulled his face closer to mine then traced the shape of his lips with my tongue. I looked into his eyes.
  "I'm ready"I whispered against his lips and he smiled his hand slid down to unbutton my shirt...




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thanx but he's dead and thats parts prety much over if you have any ideas on what to do plz share

Lorraine Powell said:
No, no, no...don't stop there! I love knowing about her father and how protective Jamie is. That was really great Nadia.
Amazing story I love it you can writte about how they two got married :D
love it [:
Its awesome....when the part 9 is coming up love??Cant wait....Mwah...Kep the good work:)))))
woohooo u could publish someday
no words.......to tell abut yur story

it is amazing nadia




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