*****Ok so I want you to tell me what you think of this. I was up late one night and had this crazy idea so I started to type let me know if you like it. Thanx to everyone reading my stories.Hope you enjoy!!!*********





1 year and 7 months later...


  I was walking down the beach alone. Jamie had ran off to do somthing with the pack so I was just walkin down the shore line with my sandals in my hands. I was just looking around. There were kids playing the sand. There was a couple having a picnic. It remided me of my first date with jamie. My eyes stop at a young man he look excactly like my brother, but my brother wouldnt dare show his face around here. We werent allowed to talk about him or even think about him. Mollys death effect every one me, my dad and mom,but most of all it effected my brother. He was 26 now I think. He got realy messed up and ran away.It took me a minute to relize I was staring the man. He looked over to me and called my name.


  I looked forward and walked away

  "hey wait"Johnny said

  I walked faster. He started to catch up with me so I burst into a run he started to run after me. He was so much faster. His hand came down on my shoulder.

  "Hey stop"

  I turnded to face him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? mom's going to kill you.You sould leave. Now"

  "mom dosen't have to know. I came to see you not her"

  "You should still leave"

  "What no joyful hello?"

  "You excpect me to be happy to you after you ran off. you left me Johnny. How could you."

  "I owe you an apolagy I'm so sorry"

  I started to cry. He huged me after a few moments. I calmed down

  "I know what would make you feel beter"He laughed

  "what?"I asked

  "frozen yougurt"

  I laughed he alway used to take me and Molly to the shack on the beach and buy us frozen yougurt.

  He let go of me

  "so you forgive me?"

  "yes but dont make me regret it"

   he smiled "lets go get frozen yougurt.I'll race you" He started to run.

He let me win ofcourse. He bought me frozen yougurt I got sprinkle on top. It kinda made me feel like a kid. We sat and talked.He told me about what happened when he left. I told him to skip the drugs and beer and just tell me the funny things. I was told him about Jamie I left out the part about being a werewolf ofcourse. We talked and eventully I saw Jamie. He walked over my brother got up and held out his hand.

  "You must be Jamie"Jamie shook his hand"I'm angels brother"

  Shock crossed Jamies face. I hadn't told Jamie any thing about this.

  "Hey, I'll meet you at the house"he told me

  My jaw droped"You think mom would let you in?"

  "I'll talk to her"

  "Whatever, your crazy she'll kill you, but it you life on the line not mine"I laughed

  He laughed. He turned around and walked off to his car. I looked at Jamie

  "You have a brother?"he asked

  "um, ya"I said looking down

  "How come you never told me?"

  "I't never came up" I looked away


  I took jamies hand and we walked down the beach. I tryed to talk about my brother as little as possible. I didnt let him know about the drug addiction my brother had in the past. All I told him was my brother moved out after Mollys death.

  "I should get home."

  "You want me to sneak in tonight?" he laughed

  "okay"I smiled and gave him a kiss

I drove home by myself. Jamie would meet me there in about ten minutes. When I got there I saw johnnys car. I walked to the door he was on the couch watching a movie.

  How in the did he talk his way into this? Mom would nver let him come back. would she?

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i like this -smiles-
ahhhhh i wanna know wat happens next.. tho i wish u could have cont. where u left off on the last 1. ohh well this made up 4 it. i think her bro is a vampire.. well thats my opinion :) keep up the exclent work
thanx ! <3
wow its peety..

you are a great writer




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