I ran to the ambulance where my mom was she got in and I followed. I was crying so hard when I was able to speak I asked her.

  "What happened?"I asked my mom

  "um,he... the drugs..."she replied she was still in shock, but i could understand he had taken to many, an overdose. I wonder what mom would do. Would she send him away after he was better. Would he get better?...

  We got to the hospitale. I had to wait in the waiting room.My mom was doing something signing papers mabey, I didnt know. The automatic doors opened and Jamie walked in. He saw me and rushed. I probely looked like a mess. I was crying the whole way to the hospitale.I couldnt speak. I was sick with worry for my brother. Every second I was away from Johnny unsure if he was ok hurt me. I felt like someone took a dagger to my heart. Only I would'nt die as the dagger kept stabing into my chest.

  "Are you okay"Jamie asked looking at me

I couldnt speak so I just nodded. That obvously was a lie and he could tell. He pulled me into a tight hug. I leand my head on his chest.After a few minutes my mom came telling me he was fine and it was ok to see him now. I followed her and the nurse to the room he was in. We got there and he was awake.

  "I'm sorry"he told me. He sounded realy weak. He looked like he wanted to sleep.

The nurse spoke"um,he needs his rest"

so I kissed his forhead and walked out with my mom and Jamie.....



  My Brother went to rehab and I missed him alot but I knew he had to stay to get better. I visted when I could and sometimes Jamie came. I was realy upset about what happened but he was getting better in rehab so I wasnt angry with him. I didn't know how long Johnny was staying there though. The first few days after what happened I was realy messed up and jamie worried about me alot. I would hardly talk I wouldn't eat that much I zoned out almost every second alot and didn't get that much slept. I probely looked like a mess but things got better after Johnny started the rehab. When I wasn't with Johnny I was with Jamie. Jamie stayed with me every night after what happened, so far it's been a week.



    Jamie wanted to go to the beach today. I thought it was a nice idea. I had just bought this new sun dress . It was beautiful it was a white halter and down to my knees. I could picture it in the beach breeze it swooshing and flowing as I walked down the beach with Jamie. I was slipping on my sandals when the door bell rang. Jamie was at the door. He was shirtless as usal but I didn't mind I liked it. He look at my dress.

  "you look like an angle"he complimented me.

  I giggle he alway would tell me my name was perfect for me and that I looked like something from heaven. I gave him a peck on the lips and then took his hand when we got into the car. We went to the beach.

  When we got there it's was even more beautiful than usal. The sun was not too bright but bright enouph. There was a light breeze that made my dress look lovely and the sand felt soft under my feet. The the beach was quiet only a few people but there never was realy alot of people here anyways. The water had always been a beautiful color. The waves weren't big and loud the were calm and peacful. The water was too cold to go swiming mabey thats why hardly anybody was here I never went swimming anyways so it didnt matter, but the cool water felt nices as it would touch my feet. It was a perfect day to go to the beach. Me and Jamie walked down the beach my sandales in one hand Jamies hand holding the other. We would talk or look at the beautiful scenery. He stoped walking abrubtly I looked at him. He smiled beautifuly. We were at one of the quieter and more beautifal areas there were only two couples and a family that were in eyesight.

  I was breathless as Jamie got down one knee with a small ring box in hand.

  "Angle,my love, I will protect you care for you and love you every moment of my life. Will you marry me?"the ring in the box was beautiful and so was Jamie. Tears of joy fell down my face. I smiled

  "Yes.ofcourse" I told him he got up and slid the ring onto my finger with a lovely smile. The few poeple around us claped, but I didnt look around I kept my eyes on his beautiful face. He took my hand and kissed the ring.I grabed him into a tight hug and kissed him softly.

   At that moment I could see it all our life toghter, having kids, and growing old. Me and Jamie would always be togther.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~THE END*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 

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Well thats all Jamie and Angle live happliy ever after.
Thanx you all for reading my story.
Love is Life
Hope you all have or find love like Jamie's and Angle's

Awwwwwwww!!!! Amazing I love the story!!!!!! :D
thanx aunty
i thought i was gonna b a little upset that it waz over but i couldnt help smiling at the end.u captured the interst of so many people. wen i finnish reading something i get upset that its over cuz i alyways wanna know wat happens next but, with this story i have a pretty good guess due to how u ended it..i really really loved it. thank u 4 providing me with an amazing, breathtaking story... if u decide to write any more storys i'll b sure to read them...
haha! its awesome...i really get deep in this story...it felt like i m part of the story ...really good full of love wow i liked reading this story...keep going on writing storiez..bst of luck for the future...
Such a beautiful story, I was hooked, you should definately write more stories x

i love his story it is the best i whish there was more but it ended at the best posible place amazing
thanx :)

oh my god it is amazing i ope i have person like jamie




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