***********ok so i couldnt sleep one night and so i dcieded to start writing and i was thinking that i never talked about the dad he was never in the story so this part is about the dad and it was getting realy long so i cut it in to 2 parts.heres the first part enjoy!!********



   I just came home from visiting my mom in the hospitale.Jamie had to do something with his pack so hadn't seen him today.I still couldn't stop thinking about the night in my room I walked to door. It was open?I walked in scared I was sure I locked it. I walked into the kitchen and there were beer bottles.somebody had been in here and mabey still was. I opened the silverwere draw and got out a knife.I walked into the living room and screamed it waas my dad. he wasnt allowed in the house.After mollys death he'd get drunk and knock up my mom realy bad. He came back the next day. but my mom wouldnt let him back no matter what he said or did.She was smart and strong I admired that about her.

  "get out leave NOW"i held up the knife for devense

  "thats no way to talk to your farther"he said he was drunk I could

  "get out or I'll stab you"

  "ha I'd like to see you t-try"

  I clutched the knife tighter and plunched forward he grabed my wrist and his other hand smacked into the side of my face.

  "thats it? pathetic"with my free hand I took the knife out of the other hand and I stabed his arm he cried out in pain and freed my wrist. I made a run for it but he caught my hair and threw me againt the wall with so much force it knock the air out of my lungs. He clutch the knife and pulled it out of his arm and it droped to the floor. His fist hit my face again I fell to the floor and he kicked me in the stomach.he grabed me by the shirt and pulled me up

  "hah, I herd your mom would be in the hospitale for a few more days"His fist hit into my side and I screamed his hand coverd my mouth.

  "you tell any one I was here and it only get worse I'll hunt you down and kill you" he threw me to the floor and walked out the door.I layed on the floor for a moment then I crawled over to the trash to throw up I held my hair up as I violently puked.my side hurt but not like I had any broken ribs my nose was bleeding there was brusies all over my face,stomach and side also there probely was no money left in the house my mom had her wallet with her in the hospitale so he couldn't have taken that.I layed on the ground for a few minutes. I had to get up and take care of my self. I got up slowy and grabed napkins, put them to my nose to stop the bleeding. I waited for a few mintute to make sure the bleeding stoped then i brushed my teeth though my throat was still sore. I drank some water and threw out the beer bottles and then took a shower to calm down. after I finshed putting my clothes on I went to lay down. I layed on the oppisite side so it wouldnt hurt. I thought about it. He told me if I told anyone he kill me

  so if I couldnt tell any one what would I say when they saw the brusises that covered my body I could tell them I triped and fell.but they wouldn't belive that. I would just stay out of sight and if some one saw me I would use that lame cover up and hope they would belive me.The phone rang and I went to see who it was.of course it was jamie should i answer it? i decided not to mabey hed think I was sleeping I was realy tiered just thinking about sleep made me want to lay down but he left a message

"hey its jamie um,I almost at your house so I'll be here any minute bye" I was in shock I forgot. Ofcourse jamie would come over he usaly did I panaicked the was a tap at the door I almost screamed but it was Jamie no chance of it being my dad. Jamie knocked. I tried to sound sick it wasnt hard because my through was so sore.

  "Sorry jamie I'm sick you can't come in."

  "If your sick I sould come in to take care of you"

  "but I dont want you to get sick"

  he laughed "I'm a werewolf remeber I dont get sick"

  "oh yeah but you still souldnt come in I dont look well"

  "I dosent matter to me"he started to turn the knob

  "no you cant come in" i said in a loud voice and pushed back on the door.

  "Why is everything okay?"he said worried

  "everything fine"

  "then why cant i come in?"

  "beacause um, i "i was out of ascuses

  "Thats it. Somethings wrong I can tell im coming in"he pushed the door open I didnt stop him I was to weak for that and if I locked the door he'd probely bust it down, so I tryed to turn around before he could see me but nothing could escape his eyes he gasped and walked to me in a hurry

  "what happen?who did this to you?" he sad angrly

  "nobody did this I triped and fell"I said looking away from his face

  "I don't belive you"


  "first because your not a good lier second because you don't get bruseis this big from falling"he stroked the side of my face and I flinched even though he barely touched my face.

  "tell me who did this"he said angrily

  I didnt answer I just went to sit downand that was stupid cause when I sat down the this shirt would show my some of my skin it wasnt alot but it was enouph. I guickly pulled it down hoping Jamie wouldn't notice but of course he noticed he yanked up my shirt and made angry noise as he saw the brusies that covered my stomach and side

  "Who.Did.This" he said through his cleanched teeth

  I put my head into my hands and sobbed he hugged me and it hurt a little. but I didn't care he put one hand on the good side of my face

  "please love tell me who did this to you"I put my hand over his trying to control the sobs and tears I couldn't answer him

  "I'll kill him"he muttered

  "I dont think you could cause"I took a deep breath "it was my father"

he was frozen in shock in truth he would kill anyone who hurt me anyone

  "did you think about telling anyone?!?"he demanded angrly

I did and I'd probely end up being murderd. I nodded to jamie


  "and he probely come back and kill me"

  "I wouldnt let that happen"he said severly

  "I know"I squeezed his hand and yawned

  "you need to rest"he was still upset

  I got up and walked to my room jamie had his arm around my wiast he stopped when he saw the bloody knife he looked at me worried to see where I had gotten stabbed

  "I stabbed him in the arm" I went to wash the knife then jamie walked me back to my room I pushed him on the bed first and then curled up to his chest.

  "jamie" I said tiered


  "dont leave"

  "I wont ill stay here until you tell me to go"he kissed my forhead as he smoothed my hair.

  "thanks"I said and fell asleep in his warm arms.

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I love this!!!! Keep writting! :D
keep up the good work hun...
luv u all<3
keep it up!writing i am enjoying it...

omg it is amazing you are a great writer




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