Bella wants to know whose shield is better – hers or Renata’s…



I stood beside Edward and Renesmee as we faced Renata and Felix; they were with two other Volturi guards wearing gray cloaks, a man with long black hair tied beside his face, and a woman as tall as the other man with
blonde hair that curled until her back, their faces were familiar to me.


In between the Volturi and My Family were two vampires whom we found trying to kill Renesmee, and somehow, Aro found out and sent them here, but I was rather wondering, why Aro sent Renata and not Jane.


“Welcome” Carlisle welcomed them, “I was rather expecting Jane”


Renata smiled angelically, “Jane and Alec are busy in Europe”


Carlisle nodded gently, and looked at Alice, Alice gave him a warning look. Carlisle’s forehead wrinkled and confusion but none the less concentrated on our guests.

I hadn’t noticed before, Renata was almost the same height as Jane, only she was a few inches taller, she had long black hair that waved on her back.


“Are these the ones who tried to kill, Aro’s precious Renesmee?” Renata asked sarcastically, as she examined the two uncivilized vampires.


“Yes” Carlisle answered in a flat voice.


Renata eyed them harshly, and then said, “Chelsea?”


The woman nodded, her face blank, “Felix, Afton” her voice in command.


Felix, and the other man, Afton, took the unconscious vampires and disappeared toward the forest.


“Good Day” Renata said then turned towards the forest, she walked in human pace, still elegantly graceful, the other woman, Chelsea, waited for her in the mouth of the forest.


“Somehow, I like it when the Volturi comes here to do their job” Rosalie muttered, “but as long it’s Renata and not Jane”


Everyone agreed, Renata was far less hostile than Jane.


Suddenly, something made me want to do the most reckless thing, to challenge a Volturi.


“Renata!” I called, running full speed towards her, I stopped when she was a yard away, and she turned wryly towards me, her eyes in curious surprise.



“May I help you, Bella?” She asked me.


“I want to ask something” I muttered.


“Bella!” Edward’s voice chided me.


“Have you gone insane?” Alice said.


I ignored them, “I want to try something, Renata”


She looked at me, interested, “Do you possibly want to try your shield on me?” she said it as if she were wishing the same. I smiled then nodded.


“Alright” she said, “Try and Grab me”


I smiled and ran full speed towards her; I hadn’t realized I made the worst mistake.


Suddenly, I was racing myself towards the Volturi guard who was the only shield other than me, and now, I was flying pass my family. My back hit the tree that broke into two against the force of my body. I looked at
Renata’s blank face, somehow, I anticipated her to look so smugly at me,
instead I see no emotions, none at all.


“You’re a mental shield, Bella” Renata said, “I’m both”


I looked at her, confused.


“Physically, because people – humans and vampires, can’t come near me without being blown away in the other direction” she explained, “Mentally, because they would forget why they were attacking me, since you’re a
mental shield, Bella, I expect you would remember the reason” she smiled and
turned towards the Forest, Chelsea at her heel.


Edward was beside me now, shouting, “THAT WAS VERY RECKLESS, BELLA!!! HOW COULD YOU?!”


I smiled. Somehow, I didn’t feel defeated, only taught, like Renata was the Teacher who told me that I can’t protect everybody and that I need to be stronger. And my determination got the best of me once again.

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