One day I saw you

I thought I was dreaming

You were the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen

Every day I was waiting for you

Waiting if you would come for lunch at the cafeteria

Waiting if you would come to the classes we have together

But since our first day you wouldn’t come

I was starting to get over you

To think about some other things not just thinking about you

But then you came

I was walking into the cafeteria and I saw you

My heart was jumping out of my chest

I wanted to go to you

I wanted to touch you

But what I was seeing then

Would change everything I was living for in the last days

You were sitting there

Holding hands with her

She was really beautiful

Blond thin and tall

The next day the news paper published this story:

“Seventeen year old girl died of a broken heart”

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OME Selma!! This whas sooo beautifull!! you are really, really, good :) the last line was really sad..OME it started beautifl, and it ended beautiful ;) you should write more poems, I would like to read more! I whas thinkig of Edward when i read this poem ^^, did you when you wrote it? :)

Love you, great job, i love it! /twinsis Malin's really beautiful and sad.It's like Bella was thinking to Edward ,you know,in the cafeteria .Bella was always thinking that she didn't look like a girl from Arizona,like you said here :'blond thin and tall' It's sad when a boy just look for a beautiful and sexy girl ,not for her soul ,for what she thinks.I'm glad that Edward was thinking that Bella looks like a normal girl,at first.But when he found somethings about her, he was in love by her beauty and her soul,he heart.
In just a few words =) ,your poem it's great!
aww thank you hon...this means really much for me..=)
Creative, Selma! It's not typical poetry but i do like it. It has sentiment and meaning. There are people that go through this kind of thing and it's tragic.
hey honey ,
thats so sad and beautiful at the same time!!
good job Selma!!!!!!!!!!
aww thanks honeys....!!!!
love ya ♥
this is very very beautiful..i bet alot of girls feel that way at one point.
great job
aww thank you honey...yeah i also felt like this once....=(
Wow... powerful stuff here!




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