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As I got off the airplane, I tripped, which caused Shane to catch in his arms. He set me back on my feet and we continued walking. I have been wondering something for a while. I wonder why every time he touches me, he is cold, but every time he kisses me his lips are warm and soft? I have wondered this more than once and I decided I'd ask him…but not now. Not here. It wasn't the right time or place.

When we stepped outside there was a yellow taxi, sitting there, just waiting. Shane walked up to it and politely opened the door for me. I slid in and he slid in after me and closed the door. As I buckled my seat belt, the cab driver started to move the cab forwarded.

When the cab stopped, Shane paid the cab driver, and then got out of the cab and so did I. When I realized we were at a bus stop, I looked at him questioningly. He simply said, "The cabs don't drive that far." I nodded and smiled to let him know I understood. They didn’t drive to our town. I took a seat on a bench. Shane sat on my left and a sweet-looking old woman to my right. She had very short, thin, gray hair, a pink floral dress on, and pink matching flip-flops on. She reminded me so much of my grandma Cathy.

A bus squealed to a stop. As everyone stood up from the benches, the bus doors opened and people got off the bus.

I was the third to board the bus. It was the sweet-looking old woman, Shane, than me. When I was on the bus I saw that almost no one was on the bus. I walked to where Shane had sat and took a seat next to him on one of the blue plastic chairs.

Once everyone was on, the bus doors closed and it started forward. As I watched the scenery pass by outside the window, I felt the bumps from the rode under the tires.

Almost everyone had left by our stop. When we got off, I knew where we were. We were just at the outskirts of town. Shane took my hand and we started walking into town. We passed more people than I expected, but it was summer. When we got my house he stopped and said, "Your mom is home. She is worried about you. I'll just see you tomorrow." He wasn't looking at me. He was looking into space, and looked concentrated.

When he finally did look at me I said, "Yeah. Okay. See you tomorrow then." I reached up to give him a kiss that he seemed happy to return.

I walked to the door and Shane watched me until I opened the door, then I heard him leave. Once I barely had two feet in the door, my mom came running at me and then hugging me in a tight embrace. "Young lady!" She started, sounding very upset with me, “Where have you been? You have been gone days!" Then she let go and sounded more worried than mad, "Are you okay?"

"I was at a friend’s house. Sorry, and I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" I said calmly.
"Because of those!" She gestured to my arms and leg, still sounding worried.
"Oh that. I'm fine. I just fell and there were...pointy objects there. I'm fine...Where is dad?" I lied the best I could, although it wasn’t a complete lie.
She didn't look convinced but she dropped it. "He’s working, which is where I'm headed. Maybe you should go back to your friends." She looked worried about me, still.
“Yeah, I think I will.” I said.
“Do you want a ride there?” She asked me.
“No, I gotta…do something first. Plus, I want to walk.”
She smiled a small smile and said, “Okay. Be careful, alright?”
“Of course, now get going! You’re going to be late.” I told her. She nodded and left.

I ran up the stairs as fast, and carefully, as I could. I threw off my shoes and these clothes I now wore for two days and changed in to a pink t-shirt and a new pair of blue jeans. Then I put my shoes back on and ran downstairs and out the door, not bothering to lock it. I ran to Shane’s, hoping I wasn’t going to be disturbing him by coming over unannounced.

When I reached the house, I stopped at the door and opened it. I was also hoping that it was okay that I didn’t knock. I was shocked at what I saw. I was definitely disturbing something. Something I wish I never saw. It was Shane, sitting on the couch, but he wasn’t alone. He was kissing another girl! I didn’t see her face, her back was facing me but, from what I saw, she was gorgeous. She had long, waist-length, blond curly hair, a dark purple shirt on, and dark blue jeans that almost looked black.

I must have gasped because suddenly Shane’s head popped up, he pushed away slightly, and she turned around and they both looked at me. I was right, she was gorgeous. Her features were next to flawless. She had high, beautiful cheek bones that most girls would kill for. Her brown eyes felt like they were daggering through me. I felt my eyes well up with tears. When Shane saw that I was on the verge of tears he shook his head and said, “Annabelle, you don’t understand! I-”
I put a hand up and he stopped talking. “No! Don’t!” I said. I said it full of sorrow, but in a voice that was surprisingly strong. Small tears rolled down my face, they were warm but full of sadness.

I back away slowly. I saw pain flash across his face, and a sneer across hers, through my blurry vision. I turned around as fast as I could, almost falling in the process, and ran as fast as possible for a human to run. I knew if Shane wanted, he could catch me with ease. I looked back once before I was to far too see his house, and saw him standing in the doorway of his house, wearing a pained expression like a mask. I turned my head away from him. I didn’t care how pained he looked. To me, everything on his face was fake, never to be real. He’d never loved me! He’d pretended! He cheated on me!

I kept telling myself to forget him. To forget his name, to forget how close I felt to him, how protected I felt around him, how nice his hugs felt. I told myself to remember the pain he caused me, that he is with someone else and, that he’s gone forever.

It felt like the last time I’d been broken up with but this time was so much worse. Last time I’d been taken on a beautiful date, but literally right after the date was over he dumped me and left me all alone. I haven’t seen or heard of him in a year and a half now. He had hurt me, but Shane had hurt me worse. I could’ve sworn when I saw them kissing my heart cracked and broke in two pieces. My heart was aching, and it was getting harder to breath as reality seeped into my head.

When I got to my house I flung the door open and slammed it shut and locked it. I ran up the steps, letting tears fall uncontrollable down my face. I ran in my room, closed the door, and finally collapsed. I didn’t even make it to the bed. I just sat on the floor, cradled myself in my own arms, and cried. I didn’t know how long I did this for, but after awhile I got up, still crying, and took a shower. The hot water soothed me, but only a little. Everything Shane had brought me made me happy, even though I had been hurt physically by his sister and from falling. Before I didn’t care, and still didn’t that much. But now he had hurt me in the worse possible way.

I let myself drowned in my sorrow. I got out of the shower and got dressed. I dried my hair, as my face became more soaked by second round of my tears. I heard a loud knock on my door, and I looked out the window. Neither my mom’s nor my dad’s cars were out there. That ment it must have been Shane. I ran down the stairs, my hair still damp, and walked up to the door. As I opened it I yelled, “Go a-” Then stopped talking when saw who it was.

It was my ex-boyfriend, Skylar. He looked the same as before, but he was much taller. I’d say he was about six foot four now. He had beautiful, bright green eyes. He still had his dirty-blond hair that reminded me of a surfer’s and it was still in a messy fashion that looked good on him. He was wearing a dark blue shirt that said *South Pacific* across it and cutup jeans. He definitely had muscles but they weren’t extremely noticeable. He smiled a charming boyish smile and said, “Hey, aren’t I allowed to visit?” I was too surprised to say anything. I guess he got a better look at me, because then he said, “Hey, if my being here is bothering you that much, I’ll leave.”

He started to turn around when I found my voice again, “No! It’s not you.” I haven’t seen him in a year, and it didn’t feel right to be alone. I needed to be with someone, even if it is an ex and someone I haven’t seen in forever.
He looked at me worried, like we were best buds or something, and asked, “What’s wrong?” I realized I was crying silent tears and pulled myself together the best I could and whipped my tears away.
“I-I’m fine…come on in.” I moved off to the side to let him in and he entered. I closed the door and locked it behind him. I took a seat on the couch.
He sat next to me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Listen, Annabelle, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have just left you like I did, and I’m here to ask for you to come back to me.” My broken heart skipped a beat. “I was stupid and I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

He wanted me back. Shane and I were, if this isn’t obvious, over. But, did I have room in my broken heart for him, or was it full. He waited very patiently for me to say something. Finally, I decided what to say. “C-can we start off as friends and work our way up?” I know I didn’t have room in my heart for him, but he might make things better, at least a little.
He smiles and said, “That sounds great.”

I started thinking about Shane again, how I knew he would have said something so similar. Tears ran down my face again and, as if he was my best friend again or even my boyfriend, I hid my face in Skylar’s shoulder and cried till there were no tears left for me to cry and the whole time he rubbed my back and kept saying “Shh. It’ll be okay.” But, how did he know? He didn’t know what was going on.

I finally pulled myself together, all the way, and looked at the soaked spot on he shirt. I muttered, “Sorry,” a little bit embarrassed.
I avoided looking at his face, but he lifted my chin and I had no where to look but at him. He looked at me, his eyes showed his worry as did his face, and asked me, “What wrong,” in an incredibly sincere and worried voice.
I looked into his eyes and saw the sweetest guy I’ve seen in a while. Yet again, right now, I might say the same about a mask-murder. I shook that though from my mind, to keep me from crying again and said, “Nothing”
“Come on. You can tell me. I promise not to tell anyone. That’s what friends do.” He looked at me and deep down I knew he would keep it between us.
“You won’t hurt anyone, will you?” I asked.
He thought about it for a minute then said, “Only if you want me to.”
I slid away from him a little so I could look at him better and took a shaky breath before saying in a voice that could barely breathe, “I found m-my new ex ch-cheating on me today.” My eyes were starting to well up again but I blinked them back.
I could have sworn that I heard him growl, but I knew I was wrong. “Who?”
I took some small shaky breathes. “Please.” I said labored, “Don’t make me talk about.”
“Okay…maybe later.” Then he just hugged me. I forgot how great he made me feel when I felt so crappy.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I got up and answered the door, expecting my dad to be there when I opened the door, but instead I saw Shane. I gasped and my heart broke more, which I thought was impossible. I felt my knees giving out and suddenly I was in Skylar’s arms. He propped me back up and I saw tension build up in both of them. Skylar picked up that Shane was my ex and clenched his jaw. Shane looked suspiciously from me to him then his eyes met the wet mark on Skylar’s shoulder and suddenly looked pissed off.

“Oh, so you can cheat on me, but when I kiss someone else it’s a bad thing!” Shane said like a true jerk, which just summoned silent tear tears to roll down my face. I couldn’t speak.
Suddenly I heard Skylar speak up, “She wasn’t cheating on you! She was hurt by you! This is the first time I even talk to her, let alone see her, in a year and I see her bawling her eyes out!”
Shane’s face dropped and he looked at me, “Annabelle, I’m so sor-”
“Shane, would you please just…leave? I need time…away from you.” I said, feeling pain in my heart with him this close. I know it sounds horrible, but just looking at him filled me with pain that was next to unbearable.
His face dropped even more and he said, “Okay, but can I just explain?”
I shook my head a little bit. “Not now. Next time I see you. I…I’ll call you when I’m ready, okay?” I looked down to the floor to escape his hurt filled face.
“Okay. Take your time.” He sounded so vulnerable and sad, “Bye.”
Weakly I said, “Bye. I’ll talk to you later.” I looked up to see his back and him walking away, slowly, dragging his feet with him.

Skylar closed the door and I realized the he was still holding me up, one hand around my body, the other under my elbow. He carried me to the couch and lied me down. When he laid a blanket on me, I noticed I was shivering. I sat up and motioned him to sit next to me. He hugged an arm around me around me, a warm arm, and I put my head on his shoulder. I looked up at him with tear filled eyes and asked, “What do I do?” I felt sad, vulnerable, and even a little scared.
He thought about it. I saw a little bit of greed in his eyes, then a little bit of seriousness. I waited till he finally answered, “I can’t answer that. If I answered that, it’d be about me and for my own selfish reasons.”

Although that answer didn’t help me in any way, shape or form, I respected the honesty. I rested into him, absorbing as much heat as possible. He looked at me and I said, “Would you get me a glass of water?”
"Sure." He said then got up and left the room.

What was I going to do? Skylar was my ex, yes, but he had been there for me when I thought I was going to crumble. I did crumble but he was there to pick up the pieces and try to glue them back together. He was still here to comfort me and now that I have to make a choice, he isn't pushing me towards his side, or pushing me away from Shane's. Maybe he was the right person for me.

On the other hand, I had Shane. He had tried his best to protect me from his sister. He truly loved me. But, then I caught him kissing someone else, but, I don't know the whole story. He looked pained and sad when I caught him and when I told him to leave. He could probably stop my heart from hurting, but he could hurt me again. I don’t think I could go through this again. He didn't pressure me to a side, but he didn't really know I had to choose.

Skylar came back, water in hand. He handed me the water and I took a big drink from it. When I looked at Skylar, he looked at me worried. “Are you okay? You look awfully pale!”
When he mentioned it, I did realized how weak I felt and how I had a major stomachache but I wasn’t going to admit to it. So, I said, “I’m always pale.”
He looked at me, sill looking worried, and said, “You look unusually pale. Let me take you to your room.” Before I could attempt to protest, I was in his arms like I was a baby and was being carried upstairs. “Is your room still where it used to be?” He asked. I nodded weakly, feeling weaker by the moment.

He laid me on my bed, under the covers and put a cool hand on my head. I heard him gasp. “You’re burning up, Annabelle!” He said then added, “I’ll be right back, okay?” He looked at me and I nodded. He left the room, and I was alone. No one but me was in the room. Suddenly, my stomach turned, and I was on my feet, running to the bathroom. I reached the open toilet seat and threw up. I unexpectedly felt a hand rubbing my back, another hand getting my hair out of my face, and I heard a honey sweet voice saying, “It is going to be okay,” over and over again.

Once I finally stopped throwing up, I took some toilet paper, wiped my face, flushed the toilet and then grasped Skylar for help to stand. I staggered a little and grasped his arm for more support and then got my balance back, kind of. I walked over to the sink, still staggering, and I brushed my teeth, cleaned my toothbrush thoroughly, and grasped Skylar’s arm again to walk back to my bedroom. Once I was back in bed, he laid a damp towel on my forehead and brought a trashcan into the room and placed it next to my bed.

“Annabelle. How about I take you to the hospital?” He asked as he stroked the side of my face.
I felt my eyes widen and I said, “No! No hospitals! Hospitals have needles! No!”
I saw him frown then he said, “I’ll be back in a minute. I got to go do something. Will you be okay?” He looked at me, worried.
“I’ll be fine.” I said, sounding weaker than I wish I did. He smiled a small smile at me and walked out the door again. I snuggled back underneath covers even more, making the towel fall to the floor. I felt my eyelids getting heavy. I tried to stay awake though. I didn’t want to sleep. I glanced at the clock and saw it was only five pm.

Before I knew it, Skylar walked back in the room and, to my surprise, Shane followed him. I stared wide-eyed at him. Why was he back? I thought I was given room to think, but in this condition I wasn’t going to really be thinking much. Not that I’m not some-what happy he is back. Shane looked at Skylar, neither of them mad at each other, and asked politely, “Would you give us a minute alone?” and Skylar nodded, smiled to me, then walked out the door again. He has done that a lot today.

Shane approached my bed, sat next to me and said, “Annabelle, what happened?” Then angry he asked, “Did this happen because of him?”
In a hoarse voice I answered, “No. Nothing caused this.” I sounded like a stranger.
He looked very, very worried when I spoke. “Are you okay?” He asked.
As if to answer him, I pointed to the garbage can and he handed it to me, fast. I threw up again, but not nearly as much. Before I could even point to the mints on my bedside table closer to him, he grabbed one and handed to me, and I took it, and ate it. “I-I’m f-fine.” I realized then that I was shivering uncontrollable and my teeth began to chatter as I talked.
“No you’re not.” He said and got me a blanket from the chair across the room, and wrapped it around me. “Come on. I’ll take you to the ER.” He said, sounding even more worried than before and started to pick me up when I said as strongly as I could, which wasn’t very strong, “No! No hospitals! Please!” I started to tear up.
“Okay.” He said. “What if I got a doctor to come here?”
“No! No medical people!” I said, faster than before.
“Why not? You need medicine or something!”
“Doctors and nurses have needles. I don’t like needles.” I said. My voice sounded raspy.
“What if I promise to hold you hand?” He asked.
I thought about it, “Can hold both of you hold my hand?” I asked.
I didn’t need to tell him who the other person I was referring to was. “If he is okay with it” he said.
“And I get to stay home? No doctor’s offices or hospitals?” I asked, still not sure that should be agreeing with this deal.
“Yes. So, can I please call a doctor?” I nodded yes to him and he flipped open his phone and made some calls till he finally said, “Okay! Thank you so much!” but I was sure I wouldn’t be very thankful for the doctor at first.

I tried to call for Skylar, but my voice was not strong enough, so Shane did it for me. He came charging into the room, to make sure I was okay. I was, at that moment. Then, in a few short minutes of Shane and Skylar making sure I was okay and staying by my side the doctor came in. I guess the door was open or something. When she entered, I felt myself stiffen, and both Shane and Skylar put a hand on my shoulder.

She was average height for a woman, had brown eyes, and the most beautiful long strawberry-blond hair. She was wearing your typical doctor clothes.

“Hello.” The doctor said and smiled. “I’m Doctor Lara. You must be Annabelle.” She looked at me. “Hello, Shane.” She looked to Shane. “And you are?” She looked to Skylar.
Skylar smiled and said, “Skylar.”
“Now, what’s the problem?” The doctor asked me.
“I’m-” I started but almost no sound came out and Shane told me not to speak anymore, and I listened. I didn’t feel up to talking.
“Well, we are not exactly sure. All we know is that she is losing her voice, she doesn’t look herself, and she has vomited.” Shane said calmly but I saw the worry in his eyes, as did I see it in Skylar’s.
She smiled reassuringly, and said, “She’ll be fine. I’ll take care of her. You two go downstairs and relax. I’ll call if I need anything.”
I know Skylar saw my eyes widen and he said for me, “But no needles, yet? Not without us here, right?”
“Of course not.” She said sweetly. Shane and Skylar’s eyes went to me and I gave them a nod saying it’s okay to leave. They walked out the door then, both of them looking back once.

Lara, the doctor, said, “This is pretty much going to be a checkup for now. Easy.” Then she started checking me, but I can’t remember what exactly she did. I felt my eyelids sagging and, I’d say half way through the ‘checkup’ I fell asleep. I let the beautiful darkness take me in for some well needed rest.

When I woke up, I was alone. I could hear murmuring outside my door. I was still too tired to make sense of what they were saying. Then, once I was more awake, I could hear them. “So, she’ll be fine?” I heard Skylar’s familiar voice ask. He still sounded concerned.
“She is fine. It’s merely a bad case of the flu. All you two have to do is make sure she is well rested and takes her medicine every five hours.” I heard her smile in her voice. “I’m going to go. If anything changes, give me a call.” Then I heard her footsteps go down the stairs and out of my house. I let out a sigh of relief that no needles were used.

With more energy than I had before, I got up and walked to the door and opened it. Skylar and Shane were standing there when I opened the door. I saw smiles play around on both of their lips when they saw me on my feet and not falling over.
“You should get back in bed.” They both said.
I was feeling better, but not enough to fight with them, so I turned around and went back to my bed and they followed me into my room. They both stood next to my bed. “I heard the doctor saying that you two were to make sure I take my medicine and rest and stuff but what am I going to do when my parents get home? My mom just gave me a hard time about ‘not being okay’ before she left and this isn’t going to help convince her I’m fine.”
“I could do what I did last time.” Shane offered.
“That’d be perfect!” I said. Then looked to Skylar who probably was clueless about what we were talking about.
“I’ll go do that. You can tell him about me if you want.” Shane said as he left.

I turned to Skylar. I began to think of how to phrase it when he said, “He’s a vamp.” It wasn’t really a question, but more like a statement than anything. I nodded, surprised that he knew. Then he explained, “I could feel him searching my thoughts. So, it was clear he wasn’t human.” He said way too understandingly. I felt a small chill run down my spine. I never thought of him as a non-human. Then a question flew into my mind.
“How do you know about vampires? Like real vampires.” I asked. Suddenly, his expression tightened like he said something he regretted.
“Can I tell you later? Please? Just wait until you are fully recovered. Okay?” He begged. Just talking about telling me made him looked pained. How could his answer to my question be so bad? What could be that bad? Nothing could be. That is the only answer I had for myself. Since when did life become so difficult and confusing and secretive? My worst worries use to be what I’d do with my day the next day. Now I live in a world that most people think doesn’t exists.
“Why can’t you just tell me? Are you afraid the news will be too much for me? Impossible! As of lately, no news could be too much.” I said. I noticed my voice was coming back, but it was still somewhat raspy. All of what I said was true, too. I could probably take anything. Anything, except being told either Shane or Skylar they hated me. I don’t know what brought that thought to me but it was, also, true.
“Please. Give me some time! Please.” He said. Whatever he knew, it seemed to really bother him. He looked pained, and I hated to see that. I felt my heart squeeze for more then one reason at that moment. It squeezed because I hated to see either of them hurt like that, even if it wasn’t physically hurt and because I just realized that I had just stuck myself in a love triangle. I know I thought over who I’d choose, but it hadn’t really sunk in till now.

What did I get myself into? How could I pick? I would blame Shane for hurting me, but deep down I knew he didn’t mean to hurt me. Or want to for that matter. I didn’t need to worry about this right now. After I’m better I will, but until then it’ll be off my mind.

“Come on! I’ll tell you something that no human can know, except you.” I tempted him. I needed to know. I needed to know fast!
“Fine!” I saw a little bit of anger flare through him. “I’m a daemon! Okay? You know now!” He said angrily. I knew, somehow, he wasn’t mad at me, but himself.
“What is a daemon?” I asked utterly confused. I never heard of that. Was it a religion or a being? I didn’t have any idea.
He took a calming breath and then said, much less angry, “It is a…a person who is half human and half demon.” He sounded totally and utterly disgusted as he explained it. I looked at him.
“What’s so bad about that?” I asked. I’ve just been introduced to yet another fairytale creature, and I was okay with it. I lived in a world that people thought couldn’t exist, but it did. I knew that more than ever now and I loved it. Being part of something no one knew about. It was an amazing feeling, having such a big secret to share with the two people I loved. What was wrong with that?

“ 'What’s so bad about it'? Don’t you understand?” He said still mad sounding, and took a shaky breath, “You should kick me out of here! I-I…I’ve killed people!” He said.
“I don’t care. I know you won’t hurt me or the people I love. I know you better than that new little add on in your life!” I said, stroking his arm once. He looked…there wasn’t a word for it. He was sad, mad, and something I just couldn’t make out. “I’m putting up with s*** too. Weirdly enough, some of the time I love it and other times I don’t! Look at it that way. It is just added on your life and that can be good!” Then I muttered, “Trust me, I know.”
He looked at me confused. “How do you know?” He asked me, all anger out of his voice now.
“Well, Shane’s sister is trying to kill me, I’m as sick as a dog, oh yeah, I’m also turning into a vampire and The Vampire Counsel wants me dead too. But none of that matters to me, because...I’m happy! I’m actually happy for once!” At that moment I realized it was true. Sure, it sounded like my life sucked, but I was happy. Something I hadn’t felt in a year. I was happy for having two people I loved being here for me, making me feel oddly safe and, well, loved.

All that anger that had left his beautiful voice, the anger I hated so much to hear, was back. The beautiful green of his eyes had turned a frightening black and I almost jumped backwards into the bed. He was talking through clenched teeth. “People. Want. You. Dead? No!” I saw the raging anger in his eyes and I atomically reached out for his arm.

I lightly rested my hand on his shoulder and said, “Skylar. It’s okay. No one is going to kill me. I’ll be fine. Please, calm down.” I talked softly, my voice shook. I saw tears make my vision blur. “Please.” I added again.

I saw him begin to calm down, the outline of green break through the blackness of his eyes. One tear spilled out of my eye and traveled down my face till it hit midway down my cheek. Skylar wiped the tear off my face with his thumb. His hand held my face. My breathing shook a quick quiver. I heard him mumble to me, “Annabelle, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to lose control. I’m sorry. I-“
I cut him off and said, “It is fine. I don’t care, you pulled it together.” Suddenly, all black was out of his eyes.

There was a long silence after that. It was deafening. I wanted to yell something, anything! I wanted to say something, to say something to keep the silence from continuing any longer. As the silence droned on my eyelids seemed to become heavier and heavier. Finally Skylar said, “You’re tired. I’ll get you’re medicine and you can get some sleep.” He got up and left the room. When he came back he had a water and pill in his hand. Thank god it wasn’t liquid medicine! He handed me the water and pill, I took it and the next thing I knew he took the water and put it on the dresser and was lying next to me again. Then everything went black with sleep.

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