Jacob and Nessie.
No copyright infringement intended. Characters are Stephanie Meyers.

Part 1 =)
I smiled at Jake. Flowing out of the all girls school I attended were waves of hundreds of very pretty girls but the only one he seemed to have eyes for was me. He smiled back when I was stood next to him.
Behind Jake stood, rather gloriously, the sleek black bike which was proudly gaining the disapproval of the fathers that waited to collect their daughters. That disapproval was nothing compared to the looks me and jake were getting from the other parents though.
I couldn't really blame them much, i was fifteen, looking seventeen and Jacob was sixteen, looking twenty three.
'Does my dad know you're taking me home on the bike?' I asked him, a teasing edge to my voice.
'Erm...well not exactly.' He muttered shuffling his feet nervously.
I laughed. Jacob was getting really good at controlling his thoughts around my father these days. That may come in useful, I thought as my mind conjured the image of the two of us. Alone.
'Ness. Nessie!'
I blinked in confusion, back from my dreamstate.
'You were off all alone on your own little planet.' Jacob chuckled.
'Well i wasn't exactly alone.' I whispered, blushing.
I think he blushed too but I wasn't sure because his skin was so dark.
'Oh,' he said,'Well I said do you want to go back to your mom and dads or to the main house?'
'The main house, please.'
His nose wrinkled a little. Even after all this time the smell of vampires burned his nostrils like the smell of vegetables burned mine.
He lifted me up onto the back of the bike and held out the helmet for me to grab.
'Hell no!' I pictured in my head then pressed my hand to his face so he could hear it too.
'Why?' He whispered, confused.
'It's absolutely hideous, that's why.'
'Please, Nessie. I am already going to lose one arm for bringing the bike.'
I grudgingly put the helmet on my head but not before giving Jake a cold look. I looked like an idiot.
As we flew across the snow covered lands of Alaske on the bike, I pressed myself closer to Jacob. He wasn't much warmer then me but I liked being closer to him regardless.
I pressed my handto his warm neck softly and visualized the words, 'Can we go to your house for a bit?'
Well house was a bit of a stretch, but it had the basics; living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Esme had put a king-size bed in there because ' Jacob was so tall.' I could think of better purposes for it though.
I felt Jake shrug and instead of going straight ahead, he turned left onto the dirt path.

Part 2 =)
The little house came into view as the bike roared its way along the dirt path. It camouflaged in with the trees because of the light brown color but still it was easy to spot.
The bike jerked a little as we stopped and nearly toppled over when I feebly attempted to get off it. I prised the helmet off my head and twisted round to face Jake. He looked at my hair and laughed. I checked my hair in the wing mirror of the bike and cursed. I looked like some psychotic bird, all the feathers out of place.
I stomped up the path to the house, aiming to find my hairbrush in the bedroom as quick as I could.
After I had straightened out the nest on my head, I rifled through the closet searching for something more comfortable to wear. Alice had dressed me this morning.
I found some faded jeans but no tops, so I pulled out a brown tee of Jakes and threw it on.
I walked out the door and through the corridor into where Jacob was lounging on the sofa.
‘Nice t-shirt. Are you trying to be me?’ Jake commented when I came into view.
‘Nah,’ I replied. ‘If I was you I would have to do this,’ I flexed my non-existent bicep but he got the idea.
‘I want that t-shirt back you know.’ He said while laughing.
‘What, now?’ I asked and chuckled when his eyes popped open wide when I began to pull the t-shirt up my waist. I only let it go past my belly-button and pulled it back down laughing at the expression on his face.
‘You aren’t going to be laughing so hard if your dad sees what you just done in my thoughts.’
I scowled at him. He was not playing fair. However, I liked a competition and wasn’t going to take it lying down.
‘Well let’s see if my dad likes the thoughts running through your mind when I do this.’ I whispered.
I kissed him. It’s not like I would not have done it, even if it was just to win the argument. My dad was long forgotten. Jake didn’t hesitate to kiss me back, I was winning. I had to pause for breath; extra vampire-like abilities didn’t give me the power of not needing oxygen.
But the erm ... thoughts I was meant to give him, turned into more than just thoughts and my so far boring day; turned into an absolutely brilliant day.

Part 3 =)
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No! Him and my MOTHER! What the hell!
“Nessie wait up a sec.”
I pushed myself harder sprinting through the trees.
“Nessie I will easily catch up if I phase.”
Phase then dog.
“Please will you hold on and hear me out?”
I came to an abrupt stop and Jake skidded to a halt beside me.
“Thank you.”
“Hurry up before I break your hind legs.” I whispered furiously, putting as much venom as I could in the words.
He looked really hurt but the anger and hurt I felt drowned out the guilt.
“It isn’t like it sounds. Really.” He pleaded.
“It was ages ago Ness, before you were born obviously.”
“Oh, I feel so special.” I said sarcastically.
“You should.” Jake wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly to his chest. My resolve was crumbling immediately. I had to get away.
“Let go o...” I looked up intending to give him a cold look, but his face was closer than I expected. His nose touched mine.
“It was long ago. It’s not important. Okay.”
“No, it’s not okay.” His hot breath covered my face and heated my cold cheeks.
“I want to go to the big house now, please.”
“Alright, one minute.” Jake was heading to the bushes to take off his jeans and attach them to his leg.
“What is the point in going behind a tree now? I have seen everything now, haven’t I?” I raised my eyebrows at him.
He was just about to take off his pants and destroy my anger at him and my mom, when a loud cough sounded from behind me.
“I know I said it doesn’t do anything for me Jacob but could you still get changed somewhere else.” Leah said, emerging from the shrubs with Seth, Quil and Embry beside her. The pack was complete.
Leah never had like me. I had never liked her either.
“Hey half-a-leech what’s up.”
“Guess.” I said maliciously my eyes narrowing slightly at her appearance. She wore a tight vest top that showed off how slim she was and short cropped jeans.
She smiled at my response.
It was no secret that she had a thing for Jacob. Sharing a pack mind and all that. Jacob had told me one day what she thought despite the Sam situation and although he imprinted on me it didn’t help with the jealousy. She would always know him better than I would.
Embry coughed nervously and stepped forward and greeted me. “Hey Ness. How you doing?”
Ignoring the murderous glare Leah was giving me and Embry I said hello back.
I hugged Quil and Seth and turned back to Jake.
“I need to go back Jake.”
He sighed in relief that my tirade was over .For now anyway.
Leah huffed and stomped into Jake’s house, but Seth and the rest of the pack stayed where they were. Courteously turning their heads when Jake got changing. Jacob smiled at the smug expression that I knew was on my face.

Part 4 =)

I stormed up the path to the big house. I was concentrating on Jacob’s face so that Dad would not know that I was going to have a go at mom. I shoved open the door and squeezed past Aunt Rose to stomp up to my room. Mom quickly followed ignoring my Dad’s warning to leave me alone, ‘She needs some space.’
“What’s up baby, something to do with Jacob?” She asked as I slammed my bedroom door out of my way.
“Go away.”
I turned to look at her and she looked confused.
“Go away.” I repeated.
I heard her turn and walk out of the room, and then Aunt Alice and Rose creep in after her. My dad had obviously told them what I had found out and now was probably informing my mum now of the issue.
“It was so long ago Nessie they didn’t know you were even going to exist then.”
I sat in silence, no intention of talking.
“Oh, and by the way hun you kinda let your dad know a bit too much about what you and Jake did earlier. Just warning you he is not happy.”
My mind drifted back to the once fantastic afternoon that had abruptly turned sour. One; I had found out my boyfriend once, no twice made out with my mum. Not brilliant news. Two; Leah had turned up. I didn’t exactly feel like celebrating. Three; I had to come back here and deal with it. Woo.
I grabbed a few tops, a hoodie and some jeans from my drawers and shuffled past Rosalie. I turned the door handle and walked out the house not caring if my dad knew where I was going or not. Once out the house I started running as fast as I could to Jake’s, it was only a few miles away so it would not take me long to get there if I really pushed myself.
I slowed down when I got nearer to Jake’s house because I could hear arguing; it didn’t take me long to identify them as Jacob and Leah.
“What did you think you were doing?!”I heard Jake yell.
“Sorry, chill.”
“You best hope Renesmee doesn’t find you after she find out you tried to kiss me.”
I balled up my fists and scrunched up my eyes in an attempt to stop the anger before it got too overwhelming to control.
“Why what is she going to do?” Leah sneered.
“Well you’re about to find out.” I said emerging from behind a tree.
When I saw her a strange red haze covered my eyes and the anger I felt towards her became uncontrollable.

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i like it too! =)
cheers =)
Where are the other parts i needmore this is so good please keep going
This was really good please continue.
Are there other parts?? I need more!! <3
Please Please Please please Please keep writing!! :PP This is an amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW! thatwaz great wriete more plz!!
I leaned forward into my hunting crouch. My powerful muscles ready to explode into motion. The wind blew from behind me flicking pieces of scarlett wavy hair into my face.
Leah's nose wrinkled as my scent reached her. Ha.
'Nessie? Nessie! Don't, please?' Jake whispered stepping forward.
'I don't think you have any right to ask anything from me.' I murmered coldly knowing he would hear. He stepped back.
Leah looked startled and confused.
'What's up Leah, dog got your tongue?'
'Nessie please calm down,' Jake said, but went quiet when I stuck my middle finger up at him.
'So Leah time for a bit of revenge. Why do only go after imprinted guys? Is it because you can't stand it that no-one imprints on you? Why does no-one imprint on you? First Sam, he never imprinted on you, never wanted you. Now Jake? What's up Leah? You look like you ate a lemon.'
'You don't know anything little girl.' She spat at me.
'Ha, sure I have noooo idea whatsoever that you have been rejected time and time again because you're spiteful and don't give a crap for anyone else's feelings but your own.'
Leah exploded; clothes shredded and sprinted so fast as her grey wolf self that to any normal human she would have been blurry.
I balled my hand up into a fist, pulled it back and as her dagger like teeth came into full view, as she zoomed forward I let my fist go and punched her smack in her face and felt it as her snout was crushed.
She whimpered and ran off into the woods behind me.
I stood there silent for a while, my anger slowly ebbing away and I looked up from my feet to catch Jake's sad and confused expression as he jogged past...to go comfort Leah.
I wandered off into the woods in the opposite direction as the one person left who cared about me; left to go comfort someone else.
I don't know how long I wandered and meandered through the forests but as the clouds darkened and the rain began to fall I pulled my phone out of my jeans pocket and quickly glanced at the time 11:33. I found myself not caring what anyone thought any more.
I had 5 missed calls from my mum,6 from my dad,12 from Alice; none from Jake.
I left Aunt Rose a quick short text,'Im fine need lots of space.'
I weaved between two trees and stopped.I span round ready to defend myself at whatever was behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Then I realised who it was.
I shuffled my feet. This was ackward.
'Do you realise how long it took me to find your scent in the rain? How worried I was!?' Jake questioned me.
I looked at my mud crusted shoes and l laughed.
'Renesmee it's not funny. At all.'
'I wasn't laughing at the situation,' I sobered up.'There's two ladybirds going at it on my shoe.' I burst out laughing again.
Jake looked at my shoes and grinned. The two ladybirds giving me flashbacks of me and Jake around his house on what had to be the most intense day of my life.
I looked at Jake and sheepishly smiled at him. He reached over and put his hands gently on my waist and pulled me to him. I smiled as the familiar angry mob of butterflies assaulting my stomach presented itself. I reached up onto my tip-toes and rested my forehead against his
awwwww...............that was soooo goooood!! :D
more plz! =)




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