I came up with my title, but I may change it.

The main characters are:


Willow: a witch (girl)


Calvin: a vampire (guy)


Jona: a vampire (guy)


Ivy: a vampire (girl)


Jule: a witch (girl)


Dusk: a werewolf (girl)


Hunter: warlock (guy)


Herring: a vampire (girl)


Piper: a werewolf (guy)


Gem: a witch (girl)


Spencer: a warlock (guy)


I'll post what they look like soon(:


Thanks for your help!



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Okay, here is basically what the girls look like:
Rough draft:



The sun was warm on the bare skin of my shoulders.I layed down and closed my eyes.I knew that if I really focused, I could get the floating thing down.I concentrated, picturing my body lying in mid air, precisely a foot up, so as not to stress my powers too far.I focused harder, my teeth clamped against each other in frustration.Come on, come on.
I inhaled and held it in, and then I no longer felt the grass bristly on my arms and shoulders.I felt nothing beneath me anymore.The shock of it made me gasp and lose my grip on my powers.I hit the ground with a thud and felt a pang in my elbows.Ow.
"Nice," came a mocking female voice like golden bells."I'm still new at this, Gem." I replied with a roll of my eyes for good measure.Gem laughed her twinkling laugh as she sat down beside me."Yeah, I know and sorry, but ya know, the teasing was there for the taking." she grinned at me.I rolled my eyes again."I think I need to go to tutoring again." I sighed.Gem snorted and I raised my eyebrows at her.She laughed again."Think about it...mortals go to school to learn things like math and English, and here we are, two witches, discussing getting a tutor for floating."
I smirked at her realization and then, a little miffed, argued back."You said mortals...well, we are half human."
Gem shook her head."True...but do other teenagers have magic powers?" And then, becuase she could tell I was about to answer yes, she added, "Besides kids at this school."
I shrugged this time."Maybe so..." I muttered, but she didn't hear.
finally finished the guys' pictures:
Rough Draft:



Finally the weekend was here.No more studying or homework for two glorious days.I lounged on my bed and sighed.
There was a knock on my door, a timid, tap tap.
"It's open.." I said, glancing up as the door opened slowly.I recognized the boy that stood in the doorway, I'd seen him around campus before. He was a vampire, I could tell by the quick rush of cold air that filled the room and then was gone in the blink of an eye.
I couldn't place the face with a name, but I had definetley seen him around before.He had crow black hair hanging in his eyes and a small, single black hoop pierced onto his lip.His eyes were an aqua color, and his arms were covered with bruises and scratches.On his neck, two identical holes, red with now dried blood.
"Um, hey," I started, lifting my hand just barely and waving once."Hey." he murmured, with just a hint of a British accent.
"I'm Calvin," he continued "and you're Willow, I believe...Mr.Goslin wanted me to round up all the newer witches for a quick meeting."
I nodded and pushed up off the bed, pulling on my sneakers before I headed out the door.We headed down the corridor together and then curiousity overtook me and I blurted, "Who bit your neck?" Calvin was an older vampire, atleast a century old, and I knew the bite marks would be long, long gone by now.He looked uncomfortable for a moment, and then he explained."My brother, Jona.He goes here, too.A senior.We don't exactly get along too well..."
I nodded thoughtfully, but Calvin wasn't finished answering."It started over a witch clan.There was one expecially beautiful girl that was apart of the clan.Her name was Aria and she loved my brother very much.It was the late 18th century, and our coven and their clan were deep in battle.Our father set out on a final battle and brought the two of us along.Jona left us before and tried to warn Aria.Before he could, my father ripped her throat out and ran.I was alone with Aria, trying to save her, but my brother saw the scene and twisted it in his mind.He thought I killed her."
We were at the room by now, and I was in a daze after Calvin's story.
"Thanks..so I guess I'll see you around." I said as we stopped at room 683."Yeah, see you around." Calvin was gone in the same second he finished his sentence.Vampire speed.
So cool.
thanks!I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn't entirely sure..

I'm only me said:
Oh and I loved it so far you have me interested right away thats really good I like it alot.
as a title?

I'm only me said:
What about Willow In The Mist.
Rough Draft:



I was perched on the edge of my bed, staring very intently at nothing.My throat burned like a raging forest fire.I knew starvation never helped my situation, but sometimes I couldn't bring myself to feed.
I didn't want to be a monster.
I wish I could have just been a normal human.Not even normal, just a warlock or even a werewolf would have been better than this!
Eternally hungry and eternally tortured by a furious older brother, just what everyone wants.I shuddered as the image of Aria filled my mind as it did daily.Her glossy black hair and blue eyes as they stared into Jona's own eyes.Aria was truley one of a kind.
I had never wanted her the way Jona did.I wasn't in love with her, but I had wanted to save her merely for the sake of my brother, to save him from the kind of pain that was the only thing worse than the ever-present burning in our throats.The devastation of a lost love.
I had wanted to save her for Jona, and here I was, forever his chew-toy.
Maybe, maybe death, in the true sense, would be better, then.I was already dead, but not dead. I knew I wouldn't do that, though, not while I had so much to make up for here.I owed all the lives of the dead mortals I had killed.
I was a monster.
sorry i havent posted anything in a couple days, but ive been away from the computer..ill type soon(:
i love this its very very good hope u write somemore soon:)
aww, thank you so much(: !!
i'll post today or tomorrow(:

Shelby Paige Cullen~TEAM NESSIE~ said:
i love this its very very good hope u write somemore soon:)


I snarled as I walked down the hallway, slamming open my brother's door.
He was sitting in the window seat, staring at the sky."Jona." he growled, still staring outside.
I rushed at him, and he suprised me by moving to the bed just before my hand crushed his arm.I glared and paused in my rampage."You've been hunting?" I asked, curiousity tainting my rage."Don't seem so suprised, brother." Calvin mocked.I charged at him again and he dodged my hands, moving from the bed to the closet.I glared again."Why?" I demanded.Calvin growled again."Of course I expected another cage match." He was in my face before I could do anything.I ran to his desk and grabbed a pen, turning and stabbing him deep in his side as he appeared.He gasped in pain and fell to the carpeted floor.I leaned down and grabbed a handful of his hair, grinning evily."Never forget, little brother, I.Am.Stronger." I slammed his head against the floor and released his hair."Enjoy your classes." I added, heading out the door.
I caught the eye of a cute blonde girl, a witch, and I could tell by her horrified expression that she both knew Calvin and had heard the whole thing.
I waved and smiled wickedly.




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