I sighed, as I stepped through the door and into the restaurant, wishing once again that I could just be normal. Of course, everybody thinks they’re not “normal”, too many freckles, embarrassing parents, anything really. But I really wish I was normal, or at least just a little less abnormal.


Sitting at a table at the back of the room, I saw my best friends Chloe and Sunny trying to signal one of the waiters, having obviously given up on waiting for me to arrive. I walked over to the table, dropping onto the seat dramatically and said, “Sorry I’m late guys, family problems, you know.”


“Never mind,” Chloe said. “You’re here now and just in time to order too.” She thrust the menu at me and waved her hands harder trying to catch the attention of a passing waiter who seemed to be ignoring her on purpose.


Absentmindedly flipping through the menu I thought of the argument I’d had with gran trying to get her to let me go to this place. It was only a restaurant, what could possibly happen here.


“Have you chosen yet?” Sunny asked. “The waiters finally coming.”


“Ummm, yeah. I’ll have the Beef Lasagne and a coke” I said, picking the first dish I could see on the menu. We all ordered and the waiter, trotted off back to the kitchens.


“So, what you guys been doing this…” My sentence cut off half way through as I saw the dark shimmer through the corner of my eye that could only mean one thing. The shimmer looked similar to black glitter, only less glittery and more of a dull sparkle. None the less it made goose bumps appear all over my skin and sent a chill up my spine. Never before had I seen them in building, they usually stayed out in the streets where it was open and as far away from the fiery pits as possible. The Dead usually tried to avoid enclosed buildings and humans although nobody else in the room could actually see them. The only thing that other people noticed is the fact that the room gets just a bit colder when they are present, but that is all. I tried to continue the conversation with the girls, hoping that the dead hadn’t noticed my sudden stop, but I couldn’t remember what I was going to say. The fear was so overwhelming, my mouth and brain couldn't function although I couldn’t tell why. They’d never noticed me before and i didn't want to do anything that might make them catch on now. Ever since, I realised that i was the only one who could see them I knew that it wouldn’t be good to let them know that I knew about them. It would be death for sure, i could just tell.

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Wow that is really good! You should write more! It sounds like a perfect story to get your teeth into!





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