Here you can post stories based off of dreams that you have had. Just like Stephenie, dreams can be very inspiring. This is something I really like to do, so you will probably see a lot from me.

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Here is a nightmare I had that really upset me. I like to write down these so that I feel better. If they are written down, that makes them feel less real and more like fiction/

Nightmare, 1-28-09

Running to the very back of the yard, I dropped to the ground near the fence separating my yard and the cornfield behind it. I started to dig, trying to hide the jagged blade in my hand. When I finally covered its black handle with dirt, I relaxed. It was safely buried away where no one could find it ever again.

A strange feeling came over me then. A feeling of deja vu. I've done something like this before, buried something. I slowly walked toward the corner of my small field, letting my memory lead me. I went on my knees, digging with my hands to uncover what was there.

What I uncovered was a plain wooden box. Time had done its work upon the box, making it fall apart in my hands. I pushed aside the boards and the dirt to reveal what I had long ago forgot. Well, not forgot, but repressed from my memory. I had all but forgotten what had happened so long ago.

In the disintegrating wooden box lay the rotting skeleton corpse of a little girl, no more than five or six. It was my twin sister. I remembered it all in a rush of emotion and tears. It was an accident! We were just playing together. Just a couple of little girls! I never meant to kill her. I never thought that she would end up hurt in our game. She fell to the ground and I thought that she was just playing, just playing dead to win the game. It never occurred to me that what I had done to her killed her. I didn't know she would be hurt!

After I realized that she was gone, that she was dead, I hid her. I was more than terrified of what my father would do if he found out. I thought it my duty as her twin and best friend to give her a special funeral. I found an old wooded box that used to hold our toys and put her inside. Luckily, it was large and she was small. I grabbed some flowers from the flower bed and put them in her hands. I grabbed a shovel and started to dig in the corner of our little field, far away from any eyes. I was too small to know it then, but digging by myself would have taken many hours. Another stroke of luck happened that day. Where I had been digging there were tunnels from the groundhogs that lived under the shed. In less then an hour I had a large enough space to put her in and put more than half a foot of dirt on top. I grabbed a bunch of leaves from the pile right next to the grave and covered the barren ground. The rest of the dirt I threw over the fence into the thick corn. It would be ages before this spot would be clear again.

When I remembered these things, I wept even louder. I begged for her forgiveness. ''I never meant to hurt you! Please forgive me! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I never meant to hide you away either. I was just too young to know what to do. I-I would trade you in a second if I only knew how. I-I've never forgotten you. I always r-remember you at least a little. I always will! I--'' I broke on my words. I sobbed for hours. The guilt and the pain was too much. How could I have done such a thing and HIDE it? I should have taken whatever punishment came with it, even if that meant death. It SHOULD have meant death. Why should I continue to live when I sister was not allowed the privilege? Even if it had been an accident, I could not bear to live another haunted moment in the world.

Next thing I knew, there was someone near me. No longer was I kneeling at the grave of my sister, but in a dark room. I was facing my sister. Not the corpse of the girl that I had killed in childhood games but the young woman she would have become if she were allowed to live and grow like a normal girl. I was silenced from the presence of the ghost, never had it been so bad that I saw something like this. Maybe I would catch a whisper or see something out of the corner of my eye, but never appearing right before me, obviously knowing I was there and that I knew she knew I was there. I lost it, every bit of sanity that I had ever had left me. I wept and gasped, repeating all the things that I had said at the forsaken burial place. My sister did not look angry, but had the tenderest look of compassion on her face.

She reached for me and I could feel her as I felt the clothes on my back. She held me close and stroked my hair. ''It's okay, beloved sister, it's okay. I forgive you. Please do not feel guilty, you meant no harm. We were just kids playing together. It could have easily been you in my place. Please do not fear me. I mean you no harm, sister. I only want to relieve you of your pain.'' I sobbed still, but a different kind of sob. I was still upset, but I was also relieved that she had said these things. If I were to not be looked favorably by God, then at least I was still loved by someone. I Hugged her close, knowing that our time was limited.

After I had quieted down, I moved away from her to see an almost exact copy of me. She truly was my twin. She reached for my face, tenderly touching my cheek, but the feeling of her skin was different. Soon, parts of her started to melt off it seemed. She was wasting away, turning back into the corpse of the girl. The rotting body reached down to my neck with both hands and squeezed with an inhuman force. I tried to pull the hand away, but I could not find the strength to fight. The skeletal hands choked the air out of my lungs and then it all faded to black....
Wow! This is an incredible peice of work. You're very talented. Your story was so real, it almost feels like it is from a dream i have had. Just Wow!
Also thanks for making this group :)
Dream from 4-4-09

I awoke, having no idea where I was and what was going on. I sat up, and discovered that I was sitting on a metal table, completely naked except for the thin white sheet that had fallen down to my legs. This was odd. I didn't remember anything. I hopped down, hoping to find someone who knew why the hell I was completely naked in a strange room. I wanted answers.

When my feet hit the floor, I knew. I could tell that I was changed. I knew that I was dead. I was dead and never going to live again. I looked around me. i was in the morgue. I found a particularly shiny cabinet and took a good look at myself. i looked.....wrong. I looked like me, kinda, but different as well. Like I was a dark shadow or a black shadow of what I used to be. Everything was darker, my hair, my eyes...especially my eyes. They were a liquid black color, with no hint of white to be seen. I was also very white. Just like a body without blood looks at funerals. I knew that I was no longer human, I was something else altogether. I was the dead, meant for another world.

Everything was different in death than in life. I saw only the very core things of the world, the very truths and mysteries. I was no longer blinded by the inabilities and the material things that come with life. I felt the heat of those I past on my way out of the hospital, but had none of my own. I saw the shadows and the darkness that most were blind to. I saw those who had passed before me, some blind to the normal world, and some not, who followed loved ones or tormented enemies. Though no where did I see anyone like me. i never saw someone who was clearly deceased, but still remained in their body. I could walk, talk, and be seen. Though I could not pass as alive. Everyone I saw seemed to sense that I no longer held the fire of life inside my soul. Or that I still had one.

I knew I had to find a way to fix this. I was not supposed to be on this earth any longer. I felt a presence here...actually a lot of them. I knew that I had to move on and quickly for if I didn't, I knew they would do something to me. That made me feel a deep cold down to the core of my body. I knew that whatever I needed, I would find it at the cemetery. It was encoded into this new me that I had become. It was there.

I went first to my home, where I knew I could find the help that I so needed. I ran, fearing the odd shadows that followed me. I realized that the normal pains and limitations of life no longer applied. I could run forever and never tire, just more proof that I was no longer alive. I wondered how I would explain it to my family, but upon arriving there, they asked no questions. They could tell like everyone else did, that I was only a shadow of what I was. They could also sense the danger that I was in if I remained trapped in my body. Together we rushed to the cemetery, where I would find whatever it was that I needed to fully depart from the earth.

We made it to the cemetery in a solemn silence. They were almost strangers to me now, as I was to them. The warm colors of fall contrasted with the bitter cold of the air. I looked down and avoided the eyes of the mourners that were scattered around the graves of their loved ones. I knew that I would soon be just like those loved ones: still, lifeless, and empty. I saw the looks on my families faces. They had noticed the mourners as well. They had something in common, something that I would never have. They lived. They could mourn those who died because they were alive. I had no such right to mourn anything, I couldn't feel sorry that I had died or that I had lost so much time. I only felt the need to be free and the paralyzing fear of the presences that were becoming increasingly hostile towards me.

It wasn't there. Whatever it was, it was no longer here. It had been here, I knew that, but someone must have moved it. I had to find it! I sat down and thought. Whatever it was, it was a part of me that I needed. Something that I must have before I could move on. Well, whatever I used to have is probably still at home. That's it! I would go home!

I quickly communicated this plan to my family. They understood and we started on our ways. The dark shadows followed us, now making frightful screeches as I walked. They battered us, stinging my skin. They didn't want me to go home. They didn't want me to move on! I knew it now. These things wanted me, whatever I was. They would devour me, use me for their own wicked deeds. They couldn't do that quite yet. It was too soon. I must've had some sort of immunity, right after death. A chance to move on. I had some time until they could take me forever into the shadows, but it was very little. I could already feel them, where as a couple hours ago I could only see them. I felt the greatest fear I have ever felt. I must get home or suffer eternity in the shadows.

My family put up a fight. They were alive, so the shadows had no effect on them. They could successfully hold them back while I ran into the house. I took one last look at them, knowing I would never see them again. I rushed into the house, and paused. I heard a noise, a steady rhythm coming from my room. Ba dump, ba dump. A heart, no MY heart.

I felt the grasp of the shadows as the pulled me away from the stairs. Their touch burned like a cold fire, though left my flesh unharmed. I shook them off, almost flying up the stairs. I reached my old room. It looked the same as always, but looked so different to me. It was not my room, it was the room of another. She could have slept here and mourned because she was alive. Now she did not exist, and I could no longer stay here. I looked for the heart while deafening screeches from the devil shadows nearly paralyzed me with fear. I had no more time. I had to find it now.

Finally seeing the heart beside what used to be my favorite stuffed animal, I grabbed it. The screeching immediately halted and the room faded. No longer surrounded my shadows, all that I saw next was white.
hey youre welcome! im glad you liked it. its just a rough draft though, like all the other ones are going to be. I haven't had the time to go through and thoroughly edit anything.

Alysha Cullen said:
Wow! This is an incredible peice of work. You're very talented. Your story was so real, it almost feels like it is from a dream i have had. Just Wow!
Also thanks for making this group :)
This is my oldest nightmare that I have written down. It also was the worst nightmare I have ever started the whole writing-down-nightmares thing that I do. I also think its my favorite.

Dream Passage (1-1-08)

Billowing, dark clouds lingered ominously overhead. Kanter walked forward, feeling the heavy weight of the tools in his tense hands. His eyes, black and almost devoid of sanity, swept the yard, looking towards the yellow garage that contained his meaning for being. That meaning was taken away from him; jealous creatures had defiled her, forever changing her in Kanter's mind. Beatrice was all he had ever loved and forever will. The only solution to end all the torture, to remove the picture from his mind, was to remove her. To end her was to end it all.

Filled with sorrowful resolve, he reached the brick walkway leading up to the door. The wind picked up, blowing against him as if to prevent the inevitable sacrifice. He heard in his head, the words his mother had told him mere hours ago. “She will live, she is not dying.” Breathing deep, he reached for the handle, opening the door just to close another. He stepped inside, turning towards his personal sun exploded.

On a table lay a beautiful, tan skinned girl. Her brown curls spiraled down to her shoulders around the small read h*** at the base of her neck. A deep, crimson liquid gently oozed out, trickling down onto the table. Beatrice gasped for air, crying in pain as she tried to form words. “Kanter, don't.” The words were barely a whisper. “I-I love you. P-please!” Quiet tears streamed from her eyes. She continued to beg, “don't do this.”

Didn't she understand? There was no choice. He had to do it. It would solve everything. No more suffering, no more torture. He loved her so much, this was the only way. His inhuman eyes betrayed no sign off uncertainty as he raised the wooden stake and mallet. “Don't worry love. I am the most important thing in your life and you are the most important thing in mine. It seems right that I should be the one to take it.”

“Take what?” Beatrice mouthed, unable to produce sound.

“Your life.”

The gasping increased, her eyes wide as she continued to stare at his upraised hands. Slowly Kanter placed the stake in the h***, bringing the mallet to rest atop of it. Beatrice did not resist, having already lost the strength and the will to fight him. He brought his arm up, swinging the mallet with it and struck the stake with a strong force. He drove it in all the way with three strikes. A strange gurgling noise seeped through the h***, as well as a generous amount of the dark, life-sustaining blood. Beatrice's breathing slowed to a stop and her eyes closed on the tears still present in her eyes.

“I love you,” Kanter whispered to the body of his true love. He bent down to kiss the lips he would never kiss again and walked out the door. He kept the mallet with him until he got to the front of his house where he placed it in the bushes. He walked towards the forest, the storm slamming the open door against the building that had haunted Kanter's mind...what was left of it.

Gasping for air, I awake with tears streaming down my face. The atmosphere of the dream lingers as I sob into my hands, calling his name. I wait, shudders escaping my control as I imagine the hands will never touch my face, hearing the words that will never be said to comfort me. No one reminds me that it was all a dream.
Hi! I'm new here. You are very talented, I really loved your work. I write myself. Have you tried entering contests, etc? I think you should go with for it.
really? hmm....i might. know any good contests? like real contests and not fake ones that try to take your money? lol

Denise Alicea said:
Hi! I'm new here. You are very talented, I really loved your work. I write myself. Have you tried entering contests, etc? I think you should go with for it.
My Horrible Nightmare!

The day was like any other day. The sun was shining and I was heading to my new job. I was working with a Graphic Design firm in this city. I don't remember the name of the city or any detail like that, but I do remember getting lost on my way to my new job. I was walking and trying so hard to remember the directions, and the worse part was that sun was going down. Not only was it getting dark, but I sense that something was following me. I quickly turned around to find out that nothing was behind me.

I quickened my pace,and the sky was getting blacker. I still felt someone or something following me. I began to panic. I felt the sweat fall down my temple; I ran as fast and as hard as I could. The air felt really cold and suffocating. I started to feel the buildings cave around me and trap me within their walls. I tried really hard not to look back. I still heard the footsteps of my persuer getting closer. Suddenly the noise stopped! I was up against a wall...a dead end. I turned around to see who or what was following me.

The creature standing in front me was wearing a dark cloak with it's hood up. It had glowing red eyes, and really sharp pointed teeth. The creatures skin was pale as ice, and it had long dark hair. I was about to scream when it reached up and pulled down it's hood. I stifled my scream and just stared in shock. The dark creature looked just like it was me! Then I felt the scream crawl back up my throat. Just then the creature that was me grabbed me.

A few moments later, I wake up in a glass box. I have wires and probes protuding from my body.
I begin to scream, but then I realize I can't! My mouth is filled with wires. I watch the scene around me,
while men in labcoats do their testing on me. I begin to start pulling of the wires, but I soon find out that the wires are attached to my veins. I rip them out of me while the blood starts to spill out of each spot the wire comes out! The men in the labcoats laugh at me while I am hurting myself in order to free myself!
I scream,"Damn you all to Hell! What did you do to me?!"

Afterwards I woke up in my bed. I felt suffocated and hot underneath my blankets. I thought I woke up after the first part of my dream. Instead I went into another nightmare! I did however learned a valuable lesson about life and myself. We all have fears and one day we must face them, rather that be in life or in the dark corners of your nightmares!
ok here is my newest nightmare to share with you guys. As it says....i didnt remember anything about it till late in the day.

Nightmare 6-7-09

I awoke in the afternoon, my head pounding painfully. I had a dream last night, but I could not remember it for the life of me. Oh well. I got up, my head throbbing, protesting against the action. I wondered for a second why I felt so bad, so sick. The I shrugged it off, hoping the feeling would go away, but all day, it plagued me.

Late in the day while reading, I suddenly remembered a dream, the same dream from last night. Then I knew what had made me feel so ill. I felt a shake, but I couldn't tell if it was me or the chair. The nightmare played back in my mind as the sky darkened and rain started to fall in a small shower.

Darkness surrounded me as I ran from the street and through the neighbors yard. My breath coming out in spurts, I frequently looked behind me. I almost made it to the thick row of pines, out of sight, but the I heard...him.

“It's useless. I saw you run. I see you now.” He stepped out of the pines. Horror filled me. I turned back towards the empty street. I heard him laugh, colder and crueler than it was before. He continued his pursuit, silently and invisibly I the last bit of dark blue light before the complete black of night took over.

I ran towards the car sitting on the street, desperate to lose him, but he caught up and even beat me there, leaning against the shiny, black door. I turned around and sprinted full on towards the row of pines. Somehow, they seemed to be the answer. If I were to make it passed the pines, then I'd be free. Whatever was on the other side, it meant freedom. I had to get there. It was my only choice. If possible, I ran faster.

He ran after me, both of us in a dead sprint. He was faster, slowly catching up. My whole body ached, feeling strained, longing for the safety that the trees provided. That need pushed me, father and farther toward the row of pines. The closer I got, the faster I went, ignoring the pain in my legs. Though, the faster I went, the faster he went too. He was almost beside me as I was almost at the trees. My arms were out, reaching for my haven. It was so close, right in front of me. I could almost touch the needles....
i walked to the edge of the cliff trying to figure out if i should jump or not why ruin the life i had with such great friends and the most perfect guy..jacob black...the kind of guy you can run to and spend your life with and you get to cuddle with him when your cold (you wat i mean he's a werewolf)he's just so sweet why stop this great life you have well half of it anyway, the other half, dark depressing and sad none cares there about anybody but the people they aren't supposed to love why don't they love me the voice calls in my head playing over and over again why why why i look down into the icey water i looked inside my mind where jacob welcomes me to a warm hug...ahhhh. i look again and see the other half welcoming me to hell i close my eyes and don;t even think i jump is this real i ask cuz it feelz so real why can't i wake up why is something wrong i hear jacob say talor how could you do this to me and the other side doesn't even flinch i hit the water every thing cold freezing. it turns black am i dead i don't know like t matters anyway......

that is all i got so farbut i'll write again soon to finish with it tell me if u like it and tell the truth it's just a dream i had and part of a book i gonna write..
Ok guys. Here is the dream as of late that has kinda been on my mind. It's changed a little bit that from the actual dream. In the dream it was Alice and Edward, but I wanted to put my own characters into this. I hope you enjoy!

The End

She woke out of the stupor, looking dazed and unaware of her surroundings. I knew that look. For the years that I have known her, that look NEVER meant any good. She sat, staring at the wall. A solitary tear rolled down her pale cheek. She tried to speak, but the words were caught in her throat. Her mouth moved to the soundless words, stuttering what it was she was trying to tell us. It was bad. God damn, it was bad. Adriane was always very optimistic with what she saw. She always knew how to avoid things, how to change them so that they don’t happen. But this time? It looked like even she had given up.

Calvin moved closer to her, taking her hands in his. I went to her other side and patted her back. “What is it Addy? What did you see?” Calvin sounded so worried for his sister. And I must say, so was I. She never acted like this. She stood, ignoring our pleas and went outside to the back of the house. She knelt to the ground and a loud sob rolled through the air.

“No! No no no no no! Why now? I wanted children! I wanted to be an aunt! I wanted to do so many things! Calvin! Melanie! I haven’t had enough time!” She suddenly got quiet and sat down on the ground. I ran to her and hugged her, tears now rolling down my face.

“Addy! You’re dying! How? When? Can we do something to stop it? Please tell me what you saw!” Cal was right behind me, tears staining his shirt as well.

“No. Wrong, all wrong. Not me. No, not me.” Her words were incoherent. I was scared shitless. Cal was getting impatient with his twin. He turned her around and dragged her close to his face.

“Adriane. You have GOT to tell us what is going on. You hear me? We need to know what you saw.” I placed a hand on his shoulder before he got to rough with her. He has never been rough with anyone, but this was an exception. He was scared, as were we all. Something very bad was going to happen and we had no clue what it was.

Addy shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She opened her mouth and then closed it. Again she opened it, this time the words she tried to say earlier came out. “Not just me. Us all. We all are going to die.” She shook her head, tears leaking onto the ground. “It was so clear! So crisp! Every single one of us. In a few weeks. Nothing we can do. There is absolutely NOTHING we can do!” She collapsed into my lap, again sobs ripped through her small body.

All of us? What did that mean? All of us as in our family and friends? Or....the whole human race? I feared the answer, but I had to ask. “By “all of us” you mean...?”

“The world. The end of the world. The apocalypse. We are all going to die.”

No. No! NO! I hadn’t had enough time! There was so much that I wanted to do! I hadn’t graduated college yet! I wanted to move out of my mom’s house! Calvin! I definitely hadn’t had enough time with him. I wanted to get married, have kids! I couldn’t stay there anymore. I got up off the ground and ran towards the shed in the back of the yard. Why now? It was too early! It wasn’t even 2012! Why couldn’t it have waited a few years even? Just a few years! I punched the old shed, a h*** appearing where my fist broke through the rotted wood. I pulled out my hand, staring at it as blood and pieces of wood fell to the grass.

Hands worked their way to my sides, pulling me away from the shed. I turned just in time to see that it was Calvin before he pulled me into a tight hug. I buried my face into his shirt and let go. He just held on as we both sank to the ground. We hadn’t had enough time yet. Not nearly enough time together. It seemed like just last week that we met, just yesterday that we fell in love. I haven’t had enough of him, and already he was going to be taken away from me.

We didn’t even move till night fell and the crickets chirped as if it was just another normal day. We headed into the house, where my mother sat on the couch with Adriane, who seemed a lot better now then she had earlier in the afternoon. By the look on my mom’s face, I knew that Addy had told her. She reached for me and hugged me to her for several minutes. Then she grabbed onto Cal and hugged him. We all sat down together and silently stared at each other. My friends, my family. These last weeks would be hard, but at least I could spend it with them.


A week passed. Then another one. None of us went to work. Why should we when there was no reason to save up money anymore. We mostly stayed home, not talking much, just being there with the people we loved. Cal and I would fight once in a while in hushed whispers. At other times, all we could do was stare into each others eyes, fearing that the next minute we might not get to see them again. At night, we held each other close, trying to fit years worth of love into the little time we knew we had.

In the middle of the third week, one of our fights escalated. Cal stormed out of the house, leaving the rest of us in the front room. I sank into the couch, putting my hands into my face. Addy was at my side, rubbing my back. “This is no way to spend the last few day/weeks we have together. Go to him.”

Suddenly I was outside, unaware of making the effort to get off the couch and going out the door. Cal sat close to where Adriane had sat the first day, staring into a bush near the deck. I stood for a little while just watching him as he plucked at the little wildflowers growing in the grass. But then I remembered what little time we had left, and sat down on the grass in front of him.


“Hi.” He continued to pull up the weeds.

“Cal, I’m sorry. I’m sorry we are always fighting when we shouldn’t. We don’t have the time to be fighting like this.” I started plucking the wildflowers along with him. He looked up.

“Well, It’s not your fault. I guess we are all stressed out lately. I want more time, but I know that we don’t have that and it’s frustrating.”

“We may not have much time, but at least in the time we have, we can spend it with each other. With the people we love most in the world. There is no one else I’d rather spend my last days with than you. Cal, I love you.” He stopped picking the wildflowers.

“I love you to, Mel and always will.” Cal scooted closer to me and cupped my face in his hands. More tears. God we’ve had enough tears these past weeks. Too many tears. He gathered me up in his arms, kissing away the almost always present tears before ending the kiss softly on my mouth. We stayed just like that for who knows how long, just being together in each others arms.

Sounds started to penetrate the sky, soft at first, then crescendoing. The earth was shaking beneath us. It had started. All around us, the neighbors poked their heads out, looking to see what was going on. All around us, chaos ensued. Giant boulders smashed to the ground, raining from the blood red sky. People rushed all around, trying to seek shelter from the inevitable. Cries and moans pierce the air from those already affected, while screaming was everywhere. The buildings around us swayed and collapsed, the road a mess of cracks. It was finally here.

I looked to Cal, my motions seemed sluggish with the high activity surrounding us. Without a word, he laid back, and I followed suit. We laid just like that, in each other’s arms, staring at the person we loved most. One last tear rolled down my cheek before the world as we new it turned black.




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