At the end of breaking dawn the fight with teh volturi actually became a fight. Jacob and Renesmee ran away together but after something serious happens to Jake and Ness is left alone she decides that she wants 2 know if any of her family survived the fight.
Who does she find and why does it make her life that much worse?

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CHAPTER 1- my wolf boy.

My memory was perfect and that made trying to forget harder.
The clearest memory I have is the look of terror on my mother’s face as her shield failed and the thick mist seeped forward over the front row –grandma, grandpa, Aunt Rosalie, uncle Emmett, Tanya Kate and Garrett- incapacitating them.
“Run, Jacob!” My mother had screamed and Jacob had ran.
I’d turned and watched as the mist rolled forward and my mother and father fell still.
I had cried out for Jacob to turn back, to help them but he kept running and very soon we reached the trees and the scene behind us disappeared.
“Ness?” Jacob said coming into the lounge room. “You ready… Are you crying?”
”No,” I said quickly, turning to wipe away the traitorous tears I hadn’t realized were flooding from my eyes.
Forty years and the thought of my families last night still brought tears to my eyes.
“You okay?” Jake asked sitting down next to me on the couch and putting his arm around my waist.
“Yeah, just memories,” I muttered leaning into his side.
“Okay honey,” he breathed. I would make you feel better.”
I opened my mouth to ask what but was stopped when he placed his over mine.
He broke the kiss after a few minutes and stood up. “Lets go hunting.”
“Not yet,” I moaned trying to pull him back down but he placed his hand behind my back and swung me up into his arms.
“This happens every time,” he laughed as he carried me out the front door of our little cottage. “I should just stop kissing you,” he said pushing my head back down with his forehead as I tried to kiss him again.
“I’m sorry. I’ll be good,” I said slumping back in his arms as he walked into the forest that bordered the cottage.
“You say that all the time but in all of forty years I have not once seen your good side, Vanessa Wolfe,” he joked.
“You realize when you call me that it makes you my stepfather,” I reminded him.
“Oooohh kinky,” he chuckled.
All of a sudden his smile faded and he raised his head sniffing the air.
“What is it?” I asked before taking a deep breath. “Oh…”
He set me down on my feet and begun following the trail.
“Fresh,” I noted. “A couple of minutes old at most.”
“Stay close Nessie-” he cut his words off with a fierce snarl and leapt forward changing into his wolf form mid-air and sprinted after the vampire.
I heard a trilling laugh and Jake snarled again. I could hear the confrontation but I couldn’t see them through the trees.
“Jake!” I screamed as I heard him howl in pain.
I shot through the trees just in time to see a tall pale figure with jet-black hair dart away. Jacob was close behind still snarling.
“Jake! Wait! Just let her go!” In his human form Jake was a lot faster than your average human but not quite as fast as me and in his wolf form I wasn’t quite as fast as him.
He came to an abrupt stop and as I neared him I could hear him quietly whimpering.
“Jake? Are you hurt?” That’s when I smelt it: the thick (unappetizing) smell of werewolf blood. “Just hang in there,” I soothed kissing his wet nose gently. “It’ll heal in a second.”
He shook his large head once then changed back and sank to the ground.
I sat down next to him and laid my hand tenderly on the small of his bare back.
Suddenly he screamed and rolled onto his back panting.
My heart dropped.
There was a crescent shaped cut on his right shoulder. Thick red blood was seeping from it and running down his brown arm.
I couldn’t help but think about the conversation Jacob and I had had after we’d had sex for the first time.
I’d been mopping the blood from his neck where I’d accidentally bitten him when I’d said, “aren’t you glad I’m not a full vampire. If I was then you’d be one too now.” I’d laughed finding it funny until he said-
“If you were fully vampire I’d be dead.”
”Huh?” I’d asked confused.
“Vampire venom,” he explained, “is a poison to werewolves. Instead of turning us it just kills us. Shuts our systems down and once vampire venom enters our bodies there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”
Jake screamed again and shoved his fist in his mouth trying to stop more screams escaping.
“Oh my god!” I whispered. There had to be something I could do!
I leaned forward and placed my mouth over the bite trying and started trying to suck the venom out.
Father had once told me a story about how he had stopped mom from turning into a vampire after another vampire bit her by sucking the venom out of her system before it had time to spread.
“Ness,” Jake gasped. “It’s too late.” The tears spilled from my eyes and splashed onto his skin but I didn’t stop sucking venom and blood from him and quickly swallowing it down ignoring the cries of protest that came from my stomach. It was never too late.
“Renesmee.” He placed his hand under my chin and lifted my head to look at him. “I’m sorry. I love you.”
“Jake, don’t!” I wept wrapping my arms around his shoulders and laying half across his bare chest. “Please don’t say it’s too late because it’s not. It can’t be.”
”I’m sorry,” he repeated then his back arched and a gargled cry of pain escaped his mouth as a fountain of blood shot up in the air showering down on both of us.
“Don’t die,” I pleaded although I knew it was no longer up to him. “If you die I’ll have no one. What will I do without you? You’re my life Jacob Black. I love you!”
“Go… Search... Family... Maybe... Survivors…” he panted.
He tried to say something else but all he accomplished was to make himself start choking on the blood that was in his mouth.
I tried to roll him onto his side like they taught you to do in first aid but he pulled me tight against his chest, kissing my forehead with bloody lips.
I could both hear and feel his heart beat slowing and as I lay there on top of him he moaned once quietly and fell silent and his heart thumped once loudly then fell silent.

I sat the last rock in place and stepped back to admire my handiwork.
I had spent all day trying to make the perfect grave for Jacob and it was now finished.
I had buried him about three meters under the ground and on top of the dirt that was covering him I’d placed a series of smooth black rocks- which I’d spent hours polishing- a few centimeters in the ground so they were level with the floor of the forest. I had ground away the edges of each rock so they made squares resembling a tiled floor. At the head of the grave I had placed another of the polished black rocks –square on the bottom and rounded on the top- and carved into it, ‘JACOB BLACK. 1990- 2042. FOREVER IN MY HEART WOLF BOY.’
I had been planning on carving something else but my hands, which never shook, looked like there was an earthquake happening on them.
I just wanted more than anything to get away from here no matter how perfect and peaceful the area seemed.
I’d laid with Jake for a whole day and on the day after his death I had stumbled awkwardly through the forest with him in my arms and even though he was three times the size of my fifteen year old body I didn’t stop to rest once. Not until a couple of days later when I found a small clearing.
It was about three meters around; the grass was long, lush and emerald green with many different colored wild flowers growing thickly amongst it. To one side there was a narrow clear stream with tiny silver fish darting amongst the shiny pebbles. The trees leaned over the clearing making a thin canopy of green that the bright sunlight peeked through and here and there beams of light shone through to the ground, the dust motes glittered in the light looking like tiny falling diamonds.
I leaned down and placed a small bouquet of flowers, tied together with a bow made from a blade of grass, by the headstone.
“I’ll come back and visit one day, Jake. I promise,” I whispered. “Love you forever and always my wolf boy.”
I turned my back and walked quickly from the clearing to start my new life.
WOW!! Back up there... repeat.... WHAT?




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