Ok, so nothing is without faults, including The Writer's Haven. So how would YOU inprove the group? Put your suggestions here!

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Good idea. I was thinking that. I might do that. Ill have to send out a message to the whole group telling them to put all chapters in the same forum
I'm thinking about doing a contest....but we've already had a fanfiction contest. What kind of contest would you think would be good? Short story? Poem?
me too. short stories are my fav to write. though before i make a contest, i need to get some reallly cool prizes.

Samuel said:
I like the idea of a short story contest!
well the other contests that we've had here at twifans had really cool prizes, like autographed stuff. Now i know i cant get cool stuff like that but i was thinking like buying something from hot topic and sending it to the winners or something. i still gotta plan this out lol.

RED EYES said:
prizes like you can make a banner saying best short story writer or something and you can also do a theme on the contest like or it can just be anything.

Yeah but that's actually really unsafe. As much as I would love a New Moon shirt, I wouldn't put out my address on here. And I don't think others would either.

RED EYES said:
how about maybe a new moon t shirt they can send the address and size to you and stuff

see if people there the stoires if they with to writ on here.
You should be able to see how many people have viewed your story. Not everyone has a comment or can't comment because they haven't joined and maybe they don't want to join.
I think it would be easier to navigate if the forums were organized into genres (poetry, short stories, fanfic's, etc.) and then further categorized by topic (Characters, Twilight related/non-related, original works, etc.) That way you don't have to "hit or miss" if you only like reading poems v. short stories and so on.

I also like the idea of a contest! My first choice would be short stories, but poetry would be fun as well. What would be the prizes???




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