Hiii Guys it's Elena. Not Katherine. But Umm I've been wanting to write a story. For along time. It's about all of us. Me,Damon,Stefan.and Jer.You'll find out what has happened. Follow. Along. :)


1:Last Breath


I knew this is the end forever. There was something that someone told me. "Death is Peaceful like a dream but the problem is that you never wake up."Victoria my cousin told me one day. I wouldn't want to die.But the problem is i have to. Stefan's gone. With Klaus.Doing God only knows what. Damon doesn't know that i went to go find him.Alone. Alaric was the person last time who blew my cover. I got another phone call from Stefan. He told "I'm trying Elena i am! I want to be with you. It is even harder than i thought." and I would answer simply "Yes Stefan i know. I know. It's.. really hard. Ok?" Then he say "Night or I love you." But now i am facing a wolves. I wish i could run. I wish a vampire.I could hear someone in the distance.  I tried to scream but one of the wolves It bit my neck making me scream in pain. I wanted this to be a dream,but it wasn't. I started scream"DAMON!" or "STEFAN!"or even "KLAUS". Then I knew they weren't here. "SOMEONE HELP ME! HELP HELP! PLEASE! HEL-"The wolf got pushed off of my throat. I raised my hand to my throat. I could feel the blood all over it.I was dying and i knew it. I looked up. To expect Damon or Alaric.No but it was Stefan. "Stefan?"I croaked. "Elena! What the hell are you doing in the woods? ARE YOU CRAZY? HOW INSANE ARE YOU!?!?!?!"He was yelling. He had changed. I was fading. The last words i said were"I love you and Damon and Jeremy and Bonnie and Caroline and Matt and Alaric tell them that. Ok?" He told me"NO Elena you aren't dieing. Not now. No!" Thats when i died.

2:Alert and Pain


She died right in my arms. She had to live. She had to. I raised my wrist and felt my fangs pierce in my skin. When i felt the blood come out i put it on Elena's sweet pink lips that made me want to kiss her. When i heard her heart beat starting again. I let out a breath that i didn't know i was holding. Klaus appeared by Elena. He was holding her neck. "What are you doing?"I asked him."Helping you. You've been with me. True love can't die.I am letting you going."He told me. He put her head down gently.He turned to walk away but stopped and turned around facing me. "You can kill me now."He said slowly.I ran to him and pulled his heart out of his chest. He looked like he didn't deserve to die. But he did.I grabbed Elena. Found her car. But as i thought i was alone i wasn't. Damon and Alaric where there."Brother."He told me before he looked at Elena. In lighting speed he grabbed her and handed her to Rick.Then he pushed me down and held my throat while he punched me. "How could you?? To Elena?" He yelled. I could only whisper"I didn't do it to her."He pulled back and jumped off me. I slowly got up." The wolves did it to her.See the marks? Not Vampire.We need to get her home. STAT!" I told them. We got in the car. Damon driving Alaric in the passenger,me in the back with a limp Elena on me. Then we were off.


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