Here are some of my poems that I would love to share with you. Some of them may be very dark. The nursery rhymes are inspired by Lydia Wick....I suggest that you check out her is truly amazing. Others have been inspired by stories, dreams, etc. I hope you like them.

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An Hour Away

An hour away,
Till the dawn of day.
An hour away,
I hear him say.

Lying there,
On the ground.
Lying there,
No one around.

In his arms,
I feel no pain,
In his arms,
In the rain.

It doesn't feel wrong,
When I am with you.
It doesn't feel wrong,
The things we do.

Drifting away,
At the dawn of day,
Drifting away,
from where we lay.

Where I wake,
Alone again.
When I wake,
I feel the pain.

Gone again,
Just in a dream.
Gone again,
Splitting at the seam.

Where are you?
I need you here.
Where are you?
I start to fear.

An hour away,
Till the end of the day.
An hour away,
Then I'm on my way.

Back to the place,
To where you are.
Back to the place,
A place real far.

As I fall asleep,
You reach for my face.
As I fall asleep,
I'm in my favorite place.

I'm with you again,
One with you once more.
I'm with you again,
You who I adore.

An hour away,
Till the dawn of day.
An hour away,
''She'll never wake,'' they say.
Ok so this one has no rhyme scheme at all. It's based off of this story I am writing. I heard this song called Dark Garden (which should be on my profile I think) and was inspired.

Dark Garden

In the woods, there is a wall
made of crumbling stone.
It once surrounded a garden,
but is now forsaken.
Now and again one could see
the neglected stone pathways.
The fountain is no longer
spouting water into the air.
Mysterious secrets surround
this forgotten shrine.
As the wind flutters by,
It whispers foreign words.
The leaves shudder against
the ancient trees.
The ground feels hallow,
like consecrated land.
The river nearby speaks
words of legends and myths;
of undiscovered truths.
The eyes in the trees are
watching, waiting,
for the one who is to come
to learn the secrets of forever,
to remain in the garden for forever.

The spirits of the trees,
the souls of the garden
await the arrival
of their charge.
They are her keepers.
The power of The One
resides in this Dark Garden,
which they will guard forever.
This one was inspired by this ring that I have. It is my most favorite ring ever! It's silver with a weird swirly design surrounding the stone. the stone is called a blue sunstone. its unlike anything i have ever seen before. It's dark blue and it sparkles.... like the midnight sky. I got it at a flee market on July 4th. I lost it at Fermilab in sept. and was really upset. I actually contacted the lady who made it and paid her to make one just like it. i refuse to take it off now cuz i dont want to lose it. i hope you like this poem!

The Mythic Ring

A dark blue stone,
Sparkling like night,
Set in silver,
Secrets held tight.

Mysterious ring,
What lies inside?
Midnight sky,
what do you hide?

The wind blowing,
Hair whipping round,
She drops the stone
Which shatters on the ground

The girl, enthralled,
Wished as hard as she might
To learn what was inside
The silver ring of night.

Her lifeless body drops to the ground,
For the answer she has paid the toll.
What lies inside the mythic ring
...was her soul.
This is a follow up to a poem I wrote that follows up one called My Destiny. I think it's in the dark poetry forum so if you wanna know what they heck im talking about then check it out there. though you may still be confused. sorry, sometimes only I can understand me lol.

The Last End

Finally released
Here I come.
Finally set free
Limitations are none.

Watch your back,
I'm behind you.
Constantly on edge,
You fear what I'll do.

Free from my chains,
My wings spread high.
Power all throughout,
Your time is nigh.

I come for you,
All your evil deeds.
You feel me,
As they bleed.

It's over now,
Your end has come.
Burn in the fire,
My will be done.

Finally released,
Black fire in my eyes,
Finally defeated,
Your fire dies.
Dark Poetry! woo! Another weird rhyme scheme too. I must be the queen of weird rhyme schemes lol. Though id rather do my own rhyme scheme then a sestina....*shudder* eww...sestinas lol


They're coming for you, they're coming for you. Run.
They're after you, they're after you. Hide.
You're on their list, you're on their list. Pay.
You'll burn in Hell, you'll burn in Hell. Scream.
What you've done, what you've done. Wrong.
You're gonna pay, you're gonna pay. Pray.
You're gonna bleed, you're gonna bleed. Beg.
For what you have done to me.
more missy poetry! this is like the 10th one on top of it! woo! lol


Listen up,
Listen well,
To the story that I tell.

Listen hard
With all your might,
To the tale I tell tonight.

Pay attention,
Use your ears
And forget all your fears.

For if you're kind,
And do right,
You'll live on past tonight.

Listen up,
Listen well,
To the legends that I tell.

But listen not
To what I say,
You'll never see the light of day.

So listen now,
You're fate is sealed
For all the myths are now real.
Ok so this is a consequence of my gothic nursery rhyme phase. Don't worry, this isn't really true....i dont go around making people kill themselves lol. I just write whatever comes into my head. O.o

It Was Me

I can see you looking down,
Tears rolling down your face.
I can see pain in your soul,
leaving a black trace.

Your life is ruined,
Nothing to live for.
There's nothing left,
There's only darkness anymore.

You reach for the blade,
To stop it all.
You dig deep into your wrist,
Ready for death's call.

They all were told,
Your secrets revealed.
They all know what you've done,
The hurt that has not healed.

Who told them what you are?
Who could it be?
As you breathe you last,
I whisper that it was me.
my gothic nursery rhyme phase.......

It Was a Stormy Night....

It's raining, it's pouring,
But the old man's not snoring.
He went to bed,
I shot him dead,
Now his family's in mourning.
thanks to Lydia Wick for the inspiration for these.

Itsy Bitsy

The itsy bitsy hitman
Climbed though the window.
Down came the rain
And washed away the snow.
Out through my window,
The murderer was gone.
And my itsy bitsy body
Was discovered at dawn.
same as above lol

A Man Named Moe

Iny Meany Miney Moe,
Blood-stained footsteps in the snow.
On the floor, her blood does flow.
Iny Meany Miney Moe.
Thank you! I appreciate it alot ^^

Jeanette/Rose cullen love emmett said:
i love the peoms there really good


Missy I heart your poems! They are so dark and eery, but yet so childish and light!




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