tell me what you think and please be honest
what would you do if you loved the same person as your brother? what would you do if she completed you both? what if you could not hide anything from them? if you could choose, would you choose your life or your family?

chapter one- the past
sitting in the middle of the clearing, where the stand off between the voltri and the cullens took place. i sit here thinking about the past few year. so much has happened. well we scared the voltri away and saved the cullens. after that things slowed down and i hang with jake at the cullens place. renesemee is still growing but not to much now. jake, edward and bella are so happy she is going to be fine. now jake knows that she will be fully grow in six years. he does not even want to think of her that way because he is right now being a brother to her. they will be together though. funny thing is that if jake did see her that way edward would most likly rip his head off. edward and i are close he is like family to me. the rest of the cullens are too. his family helps me to be able to get through the rough times. its a hard when my dad passed away because i was heartbroken and then i turned into a werewolf.
"shapeshifter" edward said to me. man he just scared the crude out of me.
"sorry i did not mean to sneak up on you" he said.
"its ok man" i said "so why are you here?"
"just checking on you i was hunting and heard you thinking about your dad" he whispered.
"oh well just thinking about all ive been through since my dad passed" i whispered to him.
"do you want to talk about it?"he asked.
"i think i do because i can never talk to anyone about it," as i was talking he walked closer and sat down in front of me.

chapter 2- he has missed so much
edward sat there waiting pateintly.
"well i just hate that he died i miss him so much" i cried out. he put a reasuring hand on my shoulder.
"im sorry i know what you are going through" he said but how could he.
"HOW! HOW COULD YOU KNOW? HUH DID YOU HAVE TO WATCH YOUR DAD DIE?" i screamed at him. he sat there unmoved by my out burst.
"yes i did my dad have the spanish influenza before me," he whispered. i was in too much shock to say anything so i just thought man i'm so sorry i didn't know please forgive me. he just nodded.
i gained my voice again and said "i just can't talk to anyone because its still really hard for leah and the pack will call me a wuss if if i think about how much i miss him. so i just dont talk about him and try not to think about him"
"i know its ok just know you can always talk to me" he said. that little statement gave me hope that everything will be ok because i do not have to keep everything bottled up.
then all of a sudden we hear this loud growl. edward looks around
"what is that"he said to me. i smiled and laughed because the growl was my stomach.
"im hungry thats all" i spoke still laughing.
"esme is making food at the house if you want any." he said
"heck ya i love her cooking" i said "i'll race you back" he laughed and after i turned wolf we took off for home. he beat me of course because he has vampire speed. when we got to the front lawn we heard something going on inside. then we heard a scream.

Chapter 3- back to school
we glanced at each other then took off toward the house. when we got into the house we saw nessie pouting. bella walked over to us.
"jake wanted to put her down for a nap" bella stated and smiled at us. edward and i nodded.
"please, please nessie will you go take a nap?" jake pleaded with her.
" no, i dont wanna" she said shaking her head "why should i? mommy and daddy never do."
"nessie, if you don’t take a nap then jake will have to leave" edward threatened
"so i don’t care" she said, but you could she the hurt on her face and on jake's.
"that means no more werewolves" he said
" no, i love my wolf people, especially my jakey ill take a nap daddy" she said then ran up stairs.
edward kissed bella and grabbed her hand as they went together to tuck nessie in. jake sighed then followed. how i wish i had what edward and bella had or what jake and nessie will have. i heard a growl from upstairs. sorry.
"hungry" esme called from the kitchen.
"very, thanks"i said to her. i walked into the kitchen and it smelled amazing.
"where is everyone?" i asked.
"rose and em are on another honeymoon, alice and jazz are shopping, and carlisle is at the hospital" esme said while Edward, jake, and bella walked in.
"interesting, i feel bad for jasper though. why would he want to go shopping?" as i was talking esme brought me food, "thanks" I said
i started to stuff my face with the hot eggs, bacon, and waffles. "these are my favorite thanks"
edward is the one who answered my question "well, first of all, he will follow her anywhere and second, alice is giving him a make over" edward continued "he is not really enjoying himself but he will do anything for her."
"why does he need a make over?" i asked
"alice will not, cannot, go a month without one" he replied.
"oh, i feel bad for you guys" i said laughing
"Guess what seth" jake asked
"what?" i asked
"we are going back to school!" he said
"NO! why? i dont want to" i whinned
"well if i have too then you do to" he said
"why do you have to? " i continued to whine
"because if he is going to be with my daughter, then he is going to and if you are going to hang out here, then you do too, because we cant give renesmee the wrong impression" bella pointed out
"ok, i understand, when do we start?" i asked
"you will start next week and you and jake will be juniors" edward said. i hate this why do i have to go to school. hopefully i will not get mad or maybe, i could then turn wolf and i would get out of going to school. great idea!
all of a sudden i felt a smack on the back of my head. Oh, crude, Edward can hear everything i am thinking. fine i wont turn but i wont pretend to like it either.
"well, you will be going whether you like it or not." edward said to me. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy.
"dont worry about it" edward said to everyone "oh! alice and jasper are home"

Chapter 4- surprises
Alice and jasper walk in holding hands. Then, a wave of calm hit me. I looked around the room
and saw jasper smiling at me.
“Why?” I asked him.
“Well, we walked in and you got really sad so I thought I would help,” he said to me.
“Thanks. I think,” I said to him.
“Welcome, I am here to help,” he said. Why is he being nice to me? I thought to Edward.
He shrugged his shoulders. Whatever, I guess it’s cool. He smiled at that thought.
“So did you have fun?” Bella directed towards Alice and Jasper.
“Tons!” Alice squealed.
“yup,” Jasper added not quite as excited
“Oh! Seth. Jacob. I got you guys something,” she said.
“Really? what?” I was scared as I replied
“I got you guys new clothes for school,” she squealed again.
Uh oh! I thought to Edward. What am I in for?
He started dying laughing. Everyone stopped to stare at him. Every person, but Edward and me,
had a confused look on their face. Edward composed himself and said, “You will have to ask
“Do you guys want to see your stuff?” Alice asked. Any one could hear the excitement in her
voice. She looked at Jake. “Whatever,” he said.
“I guess, but how did you know we were going to school?” I questioned.
“I saw you going to school,” she replied. “Like, in a vision, I don’t know how, but I did.
So, are you guys ready to see your stuff?”
“Ok,” we replied harmoniously, but no where near excited.
Alice started jumping around the room. This is gonna be bad.

Chapter 5 – Clothes
She ran to Jake and me and grabbed both of us by the arm. She then ran up the stairs dragging us with her to her room. And there was no need resisting. She also held ten bags in her hand. She set two bags off to the side, I wonder who those are for, and emptied the other eight on the bed.
“Are all those for us?” I asked really scared for the answer.
“Yes, aren’t you happy?” she asked with this puppy dog sad face.
“Yes, we are Alice.” Jake replied convincingly.
“Me too, Alice, sorry, I’m just not used to it.” I said. She smiled.
“Well, you better get use to it!” she said and laughed.
We joined in then, she started showing us the clothes. We did a fashion show for the entire family. She got me Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Bleecker Wash and Boot Cut Essex Wash Jeans and for Jake she got the Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Bleeker Wash jeans and Classic-Fit Twill Jeans. For the tops, she was pretty limited; she got us Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh, in every color you can think of.
“Thanks so much, Alice these are amazing and you are incredibly awesome and sweet,” I said giving her a hug
“So what did you get Jasper?” I questioned
“Well, I got him some Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere cable crewnecks in those warm tones he likes and Merrick Linen silk pants. Also some Poplin trail cargo pants in navy and khaki. I also bought him Chuck Taylor All-Star high tops in gray and low tops in black,” She replied.
It was about seven o’clock and Esme had already made dinner.
The phone rang and Edward answered, and then handed the phone to Jake.
“Yea. Ok, will do. Call me with an update,” Jake answered to whoever was on the receiving end.
“What’s that all about?” I asked Jake.
“Nothing,” he said but he had a guilty look on his face.
“Ok then,” I said. About three hours later, Edward asked if I could stay over that night because he and Jake had to leave.
“Ok, whatever man,” I replied. After he and Edward had left, I went upstairs to put Nessie to bed. What is going on here? Why is everyone walking on eggshells? Also, why are Jake and Edward leaving?

Chapter 6 – The Dream
American Idol was on and the next thing I know, I was on 1st Beach. Whoa. How did I get here? I started walking down the beach and saw a bunch of couples everywhere I turned. I ran away, but no matter where I went I saw more couples. I started to run faster and faster. All of a sudden a girl appears in front of me. Then, I woke up.
Whoa. What was that? I thought to myself. I got up to go check on Nessie, but she was still sleeping soundly. I walked back down the stairs. Where is everyone? I thought out loud. Whatever, I thought and headed back to my bed, the couch.
As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was back at 1st Beach. This time I did not see couples; I saw people holding puzzle pieces that came in pairs. In my hand, I saw a puzzle piece without a pair. On my piece it said Soul. What is that suppose to mean? I started to walk down the beach. Everyone had matching pieces. Finally, I saw a girl who did not have a pair. She was gorgeous. I ran to her. When I got there, I looked at her piece and it said Mate. The weird thing was her piece had room for two puzzle pieces. What could that mean? Standing there, we put the pieces together, and they fit. Well, what ever the two spot mean, I don’t care. I have found her, my Soul Mate.
Then, I woke up suddenly. “Wow. That was a crazy dream,” I said and drifted back to sleep.

Chapter 7 – What the Heck?
I woke up to silence and the smell of food. I got up and walked to the kitchen.
I found everyone, including Rose and Emmett, sitting at the kitchen table waiting for something or someone. I felt a wave of calm wash over me, and then I realized that everyone was staring at me.
“Um, so what’s up?” I asked nervously.
“Well, something happened last night. That’s why we had to leave,” Edward said to me.
“Ok. So what happened?” I asked.
“You know your friend, Patrick?” he asked me.
“Yea, no, no, no. No, it happened didn’t it? No! Why?” I asked them.
“Well, he turned because soon there will be three vampires coming through town.” Edward replied explaining everything in one statement.
“So, are they like you?” I questioned.
“One of them is a vegetarian, but the other two are not,” he said.
“Ok. So how’s Patrick?” I asked.
“He is ok just freaked out like we all were,” Jake said while mock punching me.
“That’s good I guess. Man, I hate that this had to happen to another guy especially my best friend,” I said. Gosh this is horrible. I can’t believe this. Poor Patrick.
“He will be ok; Alice has seen it,” Edward replied to my thoughts.
“Ok, so Carlisle, have you figured out how Alice can see us now?” I questioned.
“It seems that since she is around you more, her visions are adapting to your kind,” Carlisle replied.
“Oh. Well that’s really cool,” I said. “So, how is our first day going to be?” might as well try to brace myself.
“Well,” she said as her eyes glazed over. Edward started laughing and her eyes went back to normal. She joined in laughing with Edward. “I could tell you, but it will be more fun to let you find out on your own.”
“That’s unfair Alice,” I whined.
“Yea, but I don’t care ha-ha” she said still laughing.
“Ok, so back to the matter at hand,” Edward interrupted our little battle.
“So, they are going to be here in a week.”

Chapter 8 - School
It’s been a week since Patrick first turned, and this week the new vampires are supposed to come to town. Alice has gotten my clothes and Jake’s together, since we are starting school today. So, I'm getting ready, and I realize that Bella is missing. Edward said that she had family business to attend to. But aren’t we here family also. He said he was going to take us to school to get signed up.
“COME ON SETH! YOU DON’T WANT TO BE LATE TO YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! DO YOU?!” Edward yelled. Oh yes I do! I replied in my head.
“FINE!” I yelled back. “COMING!” man he is impatient for someone who will live forever.
I walked down the stairs grumbling. So, I get in the back of Edwards Volvo because Jake already has the front seat. YOU SUCK! No pun intended. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL? WHY ARE YOU BEING IMPATIENT? He just sat there glaring at me for the entire ride. Finally, he spoke up.
“Seth, just trust me, it will be ok and please stop screaming at me, you are making my head hurt,” he told me.
“Fine,” I grumbled. When we got to the school, Edward took us to the front office to get our schedules. As we were heading out of the office, I saw Bella’s Ferrari.
“What is she doing here?” I asked Edward.
“She is signing her cousin up for school,” he said.
“Oh, is that what the family business was?” I questioned.
“Yes, her cousin flew in yesterday,” he told me.
“Cool, I guess, so why is she here?” I asked.
“Gosh, you ask a lot of questions. Her parents passed away and the only relative left is Charlie. He asked Bella to bring her because he had to get to work early,” He replied.
“That’s really sad,” I said.
As we were talking Bella and her cousin walked up to us. Wow! She was gorgeous. She had light brown hair with auburn highlights, which looked great with her pale complexion. She also had the most mesmerizing deep, dark blue eyes. They so were beautiful I could not take my eyes off her. All of a sudden everything was gone but her. I could not remember anything - my friends, family, the pack, I could not even remember my own name. All I knew was that she was it. She was my soul mate, my imprint.
“Seth. Seth? Seth!” Bella worried, “Edward is he ok?”
“Shhh. its ok, it is happening,” he replied.
Wait! Did everyone else know? I questioned him in my head. All he did was nod and I had to hold back a growl. We will talk about this later. I told him with my thoughts.
“Well, Seth this is Samantha,” Bella introduced her cousin.
“Hi Samantha. I’m Seth.” I said to her. Could she hear the way I caressed her name as I spoke.
“Hey Seth,” she said and giggled.
“I’m going to get your schedule Samantha,” Bella said.
“Ok, what ever,” she replied not taking her eyes from mine. Bella sighed and walked away with Edward toward the office.
“Samantha this is Jake,” I said to her and my eyes still never moved from hers.
“Hey,” she said and that was all.
“So what is your first class Jake?” I asked for the first time taking my eyes from hers.
“It is gym,” he said with this huge goofy grin on his face.
“Cool, my first class in biology,” I told him. Bella and Edward walked back holding hands. I saw Samantha’s schedule in Bella’s hand. I took it before she handed it to Samantha. I saw that her first class was biology too.
“Your first class is biology too,” I told her while handing her schedule back to her. As I was handing it back to her, our hands touched. The spot it touched tingled with unusual electricity.
“Thank you,” she said when she got her schedule.
“Welcome, do you want to head to class? We don’t want to be late on our first day,” I said and she nodded. Thanks for the line. I thought to Edward and he laughed as he and Bella headed to their cars.
We walk away leaving Jake just staring there with his mouth open.

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hey guys well ive gone through a bunch of crap this week so here part one of DRAMA hope you enjoy lets just say i let some of the passion and anger flow through me well i enjoyed writing this and i hope you enjoy reading it!

Chapter 15- DRAMA! (part 1)
“Whoa, like seriously? Why would she do that? Uh huh like yea. Omg she is such a slut!” Samantha said “Wow that is so uncool. Well, we can talk more tomorrow, bye.”
“What happened?” I asked.
“Oh, total girl drama,” Samantha said, and I knew I really did not want to hear this. “Well Jonathan cheated on Katie with Kelly tonight. The thing is that Katie doesn’t know. Jonathan called Adam after he dropped Katie off, because he doesn’t know what to do. OMG this is horrible!” she continued, then put her head in her hands. I pulled up into Charlie’s driveway. Then, I took her hand and kissed it.
“Sweetie, it will be ok,” I comforted her.
“I know; I just feel so bad for Katie. She is so sweet and Kelly is such a slut. I mean to get your sister’s boyfriend to cheat on her. Talk about low!” she said. Wow, Kelly seemed really sweet and nice but wow.
“I love you,” I said trying to take her mind off everything.
“I love you too,” she replied. “Charlie is waiting I better go.”
“Ok” I said and leaned in to kiss her, but she leaned away. “What’s wrong?”
“You would never cheat on me would you?” she questioned. She looked like she was really worried about the answer.
“No one besides you holds any interest for me.” I replied.
“Good,” she said and we kissed, but this was not like any other kiss. She was suddenly full of passion, her hands were in my hair, and mine were pulling her closer to me. Not the easiest thing done in a car. I needed to stop this, but I couldn’t find the will to stop. She released her hands from my hair, and they traveled down my neck to my chest. I know what she was thinking and I HAD to stop this.
“Samantha, no we can’t do this.” I said pulling away slightly. She looked like she was about to cry. “I’m sorry, but first, we are in a car, and second, Charlie is waiting for you.”
“Oh,” she said her voice breaking. I pulled her into a hug.
“Samantha, I want to so bad, but not here, not now. When we do this, I want it to be special and always remember. I love you, ok?” I said, while stroking her cheek with my hand.
“Yes I do, I’m so sorry too I don’t know what came over me. I guess it’s hanging out with Danielle and Adam, and then hearing about Jonathan cheating on Katie. I just want to make sure you would never do that to me.” Samantha said.
“Never think that. No one could ever come between us, and your hold on me is unbreakable,” I said. “But you should go ahead and go; I don’t want Charlie mad at you or me.”
“Bye, I love you,” she said as she was getting out. She blew me a kiss.
“Love you more,” I replied and she stuck her tongue out at me. Once she was safely in the house, I headed back to the Cullen’s house. No one was home, so I head to bed. Tonight, I dreamed of what could have happened tonight if I let it.
Alice was there to wake me up, yet again. She told me the same thing to do for the fourth day now.
“Alice, do you have to dress me each morning?” I whined.
“Yes!” she replied. I left the house to go get Samantha, Lera, and Patrick. Jake had not been in school, because of the new vamps coming, and he knew that I could not be away from Samantha to do anything. When we got to school, Danielle was sitting on the sidewalk next to Adam. His arms were around her, and her face was buried in his chest. We got out, and headed over to them.
“You ok Danielle?” Samantha asked.
“No, I don’t know what to do about Katie,” Danielle replied putting her head in her hands.
“It will all work out,” Samantha replied taking Danielle by the hand and helping her up. We then walked to our separate classes. The morning went by slowly. When we got to gym, Danielle wanted to talk to Samantha and told us to go away.
“Man, Danielle is taking this hard; last night after everyone left, she told me that if her commitment to her parents caused me to cheat on her, she would break it.” Adam said.
“Wow yea, Samantha tried to last night, but it was in front of her house, and in the front seat of my car.” I said. “She just wanted to make sure I would not cheat on her either.” Adam started laughing.
“What are you laughing at?” I questioned.
“’Cause I never knew how much they were alike,” He replied. We continued to talk for the rest of the period, and Samantha came up to me after class. She had a worried look on her face.
“Hey, there is going to be major drama at lunch today, so, beware,” Samantha said. We walked into the lunch room hand in hand. Katie was sitting at our table crying, and Kelly was comforting her.
“How could she?” Samantha whispered to me.
“Samantha just let things go, ok? You don’t want to get in the middle of this,” I whispered to her before we reached the table. She nodded. Everyone in the lunch room was silent. Jonathan walked in, and everyone turned to stare at him. Katie stood up, and walked over to him.
“Baby, I’m real…” he started, but she slapped him before he could finish.
“But it meant nothing; I didn’t want to, she seduced me,” he tried to explain, but Kelly walk up to Katie and put her hand on her shoulder. “Why don’t you believe me?”
“Because my sister would never lie to me BUT A PIECE OF CRAP BOYFRIEND THAT WAS JUST TRYING TO GET SOME WOULD!” she yelled.
“Katie, honey, I never wanted to hurt you, and plus I don’t want anyone but you,” Jonathan said.
“Sure, sure, you say that now that you’ve been caught!” Katie said. “I HATE YOU AND I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!” she said, and then ran from the lunchroom crying and Kelly ran after her. The whole lunch room started booing as Jonathan walked from the lunch room. Once the lunch room settled back down, everyone started talking about what just happened. The table we sat at was silent for the first time since we met them. Katie walked in with Kelly. Everyone started clapping and cheering her on. She smiled an evil smile, but her face was hidden so only I could see part of it. Danielle, Lera, and Samantha got up to comfort Katie. Lunch was pretty quite after that, and the girls decided they were having a sleepover tomorrow night, and then going to first beach with everyone Saturday. I was supposed to invite my friends from the Rez. The rest of the day went by uneventful. We finished history, and walk to my car hand in hand. When we got there, we could not believe what we saw.
Nice Dani, I love Seth & Sam so much already !!
I wish u a better upcoming week, still full of passion without the crappy part.
xxxxx a French admirer xxxxx
thanks so much see its ppl like you who dont even really know me but still seem to care that help me get through the tough stuff
so much talent here Dani
your awsome :]
thanks *beams*
sorry for the wait will be updating more soon i hope you enjoy

Chapter 15- DRAMA! (part 2)
“OMG! Wow she got over Jonathan real quick” Samantha said when we reached my car where Danielle and Adam were standing. We all turned to see Katie all over some guy who she had pushed up against her car. Jake walked over to us.
“Who is the girl all over Anoop?” Jake questioned.
“That’s Katie, who is Anoop?” I replied.
“He is one of the guys on the wresting team” Jake said.
“Cool, oh yeah! Can you get all the guys together at Emily’s because I need to talk to them privately?” I said winking at him.
“Ok now that is so gross they need to get a room!” Samantha said. They were really getting into it in the middle of the parking lot.
“Totally!” Danielle agreed “that’s why behind the gym is so much better than the middle of the parking lot because then no one can see you.” We all started laughing.
“Oh don’t forget about the sleepover at my house tomorrow,” Samantha said, “and can you tell Katie and Kelly too please? I will tell Lera when Patrick and she get here.”
“I will and omg I can’t wait!” Danielle replied.
“Me either!” Samantha said. As Danielle and Adam headed to his car Lera and Patrick walked up. Lera had a huge smile on her face.
“So Lera did you have fun in gym?” Samantha questioned.
“So much ahhh!” she replied while putting her head on Patrick’s shoulder.
“Wow, um yeah, oh don’t forget sleepover at my house tomorrow.” Samantha said. They continued to talk and my eyes wondered over to Katie and Anoop. Some girl walked up to Katie, ripped her off Anoop, and slapped Anoop. The girl then turned around to f ace Katie and punched her. Katie returned the favor and punched the girl. Everybody surrounded the girls and started cheering on the fight.
“FIGHT! FIGHT!” many yelled.
“GO KATIE!” some people yelled.
“BEAT HER BUTT HEATHER!” others yelled. They continued to punch each other and pull each others hair. The fight was getting brutal. Patrick and I looked at each other.
“We need to stop this,” we said simultaneously. We ran into the canter of the fight. Patrick grabbed Heather and I grabbed Katie.
“SETH LET GO OF ME!” Katie screamed at me.
“GET YOU HANDS OFF OF ME; I WANT TO BEAT THAT PIECE OF TRASH!” Heather screamed at Patrick. We then dragged them to their friends. I took Katie to her sister and then looked her over. She had a gash on her forehead, a busted lip, and some bruises.
“Let me take you to Dr. Cullen so he can fix you up.” I suggested.
“Fine but I would go get checked out if I were you.” I said and walked off. Patrick was already back at my car.
“So how was Heather?” I asked
“She was a little messed up but nothing compared to Katie.” Patrick replied.
“Wow, Katie deserved all she got.” I said and everybody agreed. Everybody then got in the car. “do you guys mind if we go by La Push?” I asked as we were driving out of the parking lot.
“yea that would be cool” Patrick replied and the girls agreed. We drove toward La Push and went to Sam and Emilie’s house. Once we got there we headed toward the house. I took Samantha by the hand and knocked on the door.
nice :]
but what happens next omg
nice one dani!!!
more soon
your AMAZING!!!!
Chapter 15- DRAMA (part 3)
“Come in,” Emilie say in her always cheerful voice. I opened the door and saw Emilie in the kitchen, like always.
“Hey, Emilie, this is Samantha and Lera,” I said.
“Hi girls,” Emilie replied turning to Patrick and I. “are you looking for Sam?”
“Yes ma’am” Patrick replied.
“He is out back with the others,” she said winking at us.
“Ok, you girls have fun, we will be back in a few,” I said as I kissed Samantha on the forehead. Patrick and I walked out of the house to the near by forest. Then we phased and all at once we hear voices coming at us.
Seth! Patrick!
What up?
All the thoughts came at us at once. They came from Embry, Sam, Jared, Paul, Connor, Ben, Jake, and Quil.
Its been forever, since you phased man glad to have you back.
I know I’ve missed ya’ll.
Us too. So what did you need to talk to us about?
Well, Samantha and her friends are coming to First beach on Saturday and they were wondering if you guys wanted to join?
So, is Samie here with you?
Huh? Wow, Samie as a nickname, that would fit her perfectly.
Ummm, dude back to earth.
Yea, she is.
Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go meet her!
Ummm, sure?
We phased back and head for the front of the house.
“Bye, we have a double date with some twins,” Connor said then he and Ben left.
“Ok now, please be nice, she IS my imprint and Lera IS Patrick’s imprint. NO hitting on them, Embry.”
“Ok! Ok! Gesh, I’m not that mean.” Embry replied. We walked back inside to the girls and Samantha smiled at me.
“Hey Samie,” I said and her face lit up. Huh? I guess she likes it.
“Hey Sethy,” she said and all the guys busted out laughing but I didn’t care I just put my arm around her.
“Stop it boys or no food!” Emilie said sternly. They all shut up real quick. Then, all of us started laughing.
“Samie, this is Quil, Sam, Jared, Paul, Jake, and Embry.” I said once we stopped laughing. I pointed to everyone as I said their name.
“Hi Samie,” all the guys said in turn. I looked at all the guys and they seemed to approve. The only problem was Embry. The look on his face was one of a man seeing the sun for the first time. OH CRAP!
“Hey Embry, can I talk to you?” I asked.
“Yea man,” Embry replied and followed me outside. “What’s up?”
“Just a question, did you just imprint?” I questioned.
“Ummm… yea,” Embry studdered.
“On who?” I questioned while trying to keep my cool. It might not be MY SAMANTHA, right?
“Samantha” he replied.

Chapter 15- DRAMA (part 4)

“WHAT THE CRAP? NO! HOW? WHY?” I screamed at him. Now I’ve lost it. “How could this happen? I love her. No! How? Why?”

“I don’t know? Man, I’m really sorry.” He said.

“We need to talk to Sam. You stay here, I will go get him,” I said. I walked in the house trying to calm myself down.

“Sam, Embry and I need to talk to you,” I said in a monotone voice. I did not walk Samie to know how much this hurt me. She looked up, and her eyebrows creased like Bella’s when she was worried. She mouthed are you ok and I nodded, even though I was being torn up inside. She could never know about Embry, but then again what about him? Doesn’t he deserve his imprint too? How could I do this to a brother? What should I do?

“Ok,” Sam replied breaking me free from the thoughts that were killing me slowly. He followed me outside. “Do you want to phase and talk?”

“NO!” we both said at the same time. Goodness being inside his head while we talk about MY SAMIE. OH NO!

“Ok then, what’s wrong?” Sam questioned.

“Well, ummm, I kinda imprinted on Samie,” Embry replied.

“Oh… ummm… wow…” Sam stuttered, “hmmm, why don’t you tell her and then let her choose?”

“Ok?” I replied shakily. NO! NO! NO! NO! I can’t do this! Why did I say ok? Why?

“Sure!” Embry replied. I WANT TO KILL HIM!

“Ok then, it’s settled you guys will tell Samie that you both imprinted on her, and then she will decide who she wants to be with,” Sam decided.

“One thing though, I need to tell her about imprinting, before we tell her that both of us have imprinted on her,” I said.

“Sure, that sounds good; you don’t want to scare her,” Sam replied and Embry agreed. Well here goes nothing.
Waouh, here is the core of the story, the "same imprint". You have taken us here into it with so much passion. J'adore, je t'adore !
oh wow
i got nothin to say
just wow..




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