i decided to try my hand at fanfiction so plz tell me what you think and if you would like to see more.


i sat up dowsed in sweat. my heart pounding and my eyes wet from tears.
"sweetie, whats wrong?" his right arm around my thin frame. his dark brown eyes earched my face for a clue.
i shook my head. how could he understand?
i took my right hand and gently touched his tense, dark face.
his eyes glazed and i waited for my dream to finish through his eyes.
his perfect smile prevailed. the pure white against his tan skin were a simply perfect combo that i just couldn't get my mind around.
how could our love be so perfect? so destined? so... indescribable.

his chin rested amidst my copper curls and on my pale-esque shoulder.
"you are so funny, love." his lips then brushed against my neck. it just wasn't fair when he played like this. we were the only ones in the whole area who slept. with all of the vampire senses around us, i knew they would hear what we surely wanted to do. afterall, emmett just didn't want to neglect emotionally scarring me by telling me all of the HILARIOUS jokes they pulled on my mom and dad's sex life.
imagine the jokes they would tell of OURS.
A mixed with a mutt they would say.
and i would get all defensive and in the end, it just wouldn't be worth it.
"No, jacob." i finally said as he stopped kissing me. "Not here. They'll hear."
"so let them."
"jake, that is sick"
"no it's not. sweetie, you are 19, and look 24. Ness, they have to understand."
"no jake."
he let out a husky sigh. silence. i let my head drop onto the feather pillow below me and let my eyelids fall. i heard jacob copy my moves. more silence. i heard a bird outside. wasn't it a tad late for birds to still be out? i wondered.
after a few minutes, jacob spoke.
"Hey nessie...?"
"why do you think you keep getting those dreams?"
"I don't know. i havent had one for a while."
"No i know. but why do you think that you started getting them again. you were so young when the volturi picked a fight with us."
"I know."
the bird chirped again. i felt as though the poor creature could feel my worry. i didn't know why the reoccuring dream of my past decided to grace my sleep with it's presence once again.
i could tell this was a serious question. he used my full name- a rare ocassion indeed.
"yeah jacob?" i yawned and let out the deep breath i had been harboring.
he hesitated.
"Well, spit it out."
"do you ever think about having kids?"
Of course....
"Not really. no."
i could tell that i had hurt his feelings.
"Yes jacob- of course i do."
he perked up and turned around on his side to look into my chocolate brown eyes. the one part of myself i liked. the only part that felt really... human.
"So, why dont-"
"i dont know if we can."
"oh yeah."
i smiled a grin and let my eyes leave the celieng and find his wounded eyes.
"Guess ya didn't think that far huh?"
i sat up.
"Jacob Black, just admit that i'm right and you are wrong."
"sure, sure."
"mean it now."
he too sat up and put his thumb under my proud face, it glazed my humor over. with the feel of true love in every syllabyl he spoke he said in his ever husky voice,
"Renesmee, you are right, and i am wrong."
my breathing picked up and his heart started to race, mine kept up at his pace. my smile faded.
"That's all i wanted."
He closed the gap between our faces and his warm, smooth lips crushed mine with a rushed and thoughtful feeling. i stopped him.
"My turn for the question."
his breath slowed.
"'kay, shoot." he smiled a grin and winked at me.
oh, jacob black the charmer i smiled at my personal inside joke.
"Do you love me?"
"am i a werewolf?"
"kay a SHAPEshifter."
"then yes."
he kissed me once more.
"then you should know the answer. of course i love you. and i'll love you forever. nothing will change how i feel about YOU."
and with that, no more questions were exchanged that night. the gap was closed for the night and the only thing that i could hear,
was that bird outside chirping our love song

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Wow this is great.
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