Hey guys. This is my fan fiction :]] It's a Seth Clearwater story. So I like just got bored and thought I'd do something like this :D Hope you like it

Preface (Bianca's POV)

Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you get what you don't want.
But in my life, I really don't have a choice.

Chapter 1:
The Disaster

I likes the feeling of running. The wind going through my fur and just the fact that I can run faster than most of the pack, even faster then Leah.
I was curios so I put my toungue out while I was running. I've seen dogs do that when their in a car, so I thought, why not ? I started laughing. Now I really did feel like a dog, like those bloodsuckers called us.
Would you like a buscuit with that, Bianca ? Said Jake.
Shut up. I replied. He chuckled. Even though I barely joined the pack, I was getting along pretty well with all of them, especially Seth and my long-lost-cousin, Jacob.
Leah used to be the only girl in the pack, but then I joined, and let me tell you it's not going well between me and her. I don't know why she all of a sudden hated me. Did she like being the only girl ? Is she mad because I'm practically best friends with her brother ? So many questions, and no answers. No one tells me anything, even though I know almost everything about them.
When I first joined, there where two different packs, Jake's and Sam's. They all wanted me to stay in Sam's, so he could show me how to phase and un-phase. It wasn't because I would be the only girl in 7 boys, but just because I didn't know anyone, so I wanted to go with Jake's pack. He said it was fine, after all, he's my cousin, so here I am now, running at high speed, feeling like a dog.
Me and Jake were called on to run the perimeter, so Seth and Leah are probably at the Cullen's place. When I first met the Cullen's, I wanted to pack my bags and run out of that stinking place, because it reeked ! But over the months I've gotten used to it, sorta. The one person that I really liked was Nessie, she was 4 but looked like my age ! When I first saw her, she looked like the same age as my little brother, and he's 8, now she looked like a 16-year-old. I'm actually 15, but with the whole being-a-wolf-causes-you-to-be-extremely-huge thing, I look like I'm almost 18.
Ok, we're done, let's go. Said Jake, breaking my thoughts.
What's the hurry lover boy ? I teased him laughing. I always did that, something I learned from Leah.
He grimaced. You know, between you and Leah, I'd probably pick you, because your my cousin and all, but if you weren't . . .
You would be hopeless. I laughed and ran at full speed again. He caught up a few seconds later.
And besides, I thought Nessie was your best friend, huh ? He told me.
Actually, I responded, Seth is my best friend.
Oh, so I'm not ? I'm hurt. He said dramatically. I giggled.
Don't hurt yourself Jake. Besides, your my cousin. I stopped running.
Come on slow poke, we don't have time for a potty break. He started cracking up at his own joke. I just stood there, frozen. When he finally calmed down, he saw my panicked face, and the same expression was on his.
Bianca, whats wrong ?? He asked, coming towards me. That's when I started thinking of my family. My mom, and my little brother . . . that I left abandoned to come with the pack. It's been months since I left. That's when the panic attack started. In a distance I heard about 4 or 5 people running to where me and Jake where. But I couldn't see anything, all I saw was my family, my family that I abandoned, talking to a police, telling them how I looked like, crying.

Chapter 2:

By the time I finally got back to my senses, I was back to my human form, and I was in a room, lying on a bed. I blinked at the light coming from out side, it was noon. How long was I passed out ? I felt like I've been crying, but I didn't remember.
"Mom, I think she's awake !" I heard a voice, I think it was Nessie. I got up and looked around, but everything was blurry. I touched my eyes. Yep, I was crying. I dried my eyes off with my shirt and say Nessie sitting on the edge of the bed, looking worried.
"Oh Bianca ! Are you okay ? What happened ? Why did you pass out ?" Nessie said a little too quickly. Before I had a chance to answer, Bella walked into the room. She sat next to Nessie.
"Bianca, are you okay ?" She asked me.
"I-I think so. What happened ?" I asked, confused.
"Well, Jake told us that you were thinking of your family, then you just passed out," she told me," You've been like that for about . . ." she looked at her watch," three hours."
"Three hours ?" I asked, amazed at how long I was passed out.
"Yes. Carlisle is trying to investigate what happened, he said it isn't normal," she told me, her face worried.
"Can you get up ?" Nessie asked me.
"I'm not sure," I tried to get up, and succeded. Thats when Seth came barging in and hugged me.
"Bianca ! Are you alright ? What happened to you ? I was worried sick !" He said right when he came in. I laughed.
"I'm fine Seth, just my brain acting up on me," I told him, still laughing a bit.
"Good, you almost gave me a heart attack. Jeesh, Bianca. Your starting to be like Bella now !" He said laughing, and looking at Bella. She grimaced.
"Bella ! Nessie ! It's time to go !" shouted Edward.
"I guess that's our cue to leave, we'll be back later," said Nessie, giving me a hug.
"And, Bianca," Bella said before leaving,"Don't believe a word Seth says about me."
"Haha, I'll not too," I told her," Bye !" When they left, I looked back at Seth, and he was staring at me.
"What ?" I asked him, laughing at his face.
"Uhm, nothing," He said, looking embarassed. I went to sit on the bed I was on, and he followed.
"So, what was all that about your family ?" He asked me.
"Well, you know when I fist joined you guys ? I was mad at my little brother, I was so pissed off at him, I guess that how I phased. But, I left them. I left them and didn't go back. And all these months passing by, they're probably going crazy right now, looking for me. I feel so stupid for doing that to them !" I said, all of a sudden furious. I started shaking.
"Calm down Bianca," Seth grabbed my hand, and I calmed down a bit,"But, what's all the passing out for ? Trying to scare me to death ? Well, you win." I laughed, sometimes, he just makes my day.
"No, I don't know why that happened, that's never happened to me before. Probably just a nerve in my brain," I shrugged and looked the at the door.
"Well, don't ever do that again, Bianca," He told me. I turned around and his face was inches from mine. I almost stopped breathing.
"Uh…um, I'll try not to," I said. I never really looked at him well. His eyes were . . . beautiful, his whole face was. At that moment I felt like there was no other place in this world that I'd like be, besides here, with him. I leaned in closer to his face, and he figured out what I was doing, he put his hand around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Then someone knocked on the door. I jumped a foot in the air. Dammit ! Why did someone have to come at exactly this time ?!
"Come in," I said, I pulled Seth away from me and Jake came in.
"Hey, cous ! Feeling better ?" He asked, coming to sit on the other side of me.
"Much," I replied and smiled.
"So, what where you guys doing ?" Jake asked suspiciosly, looking at both of us back and forth.
"Nothing," We both answered at the same time.
"I-," Jake started, but a long howl interupted him.
"Leah," All three of us said, and we started to laugh.
"We should go," Said Seth, getting up.
"Yeah," I agreed and got up too.Jacob was right behind us. We went outside and phased.
What's the problem Leah ? Asked Seth.
Nothing, I just got tired, and I'm hungry. Said Leah, running to us. We all groaned.
Couldn't you just have ran to the Cullen's house and told us there ?? Jake said, mad.
I could've, but I didn't. Leah snapped back at him.
Hmph. So annoying, I think that is how Bianca got annoying too. Jake was now talking to himself. Then Leah came running up to the clearing where we were and jumped right on Jacob.
Keep your thoughts to yourself ! She growled at him. And at that exact moment, Seth remembered our almost-kiss in the room.
Oh, great. I thought. This is going to be my death. And I was almost right Leah jumped off of Jake and came running at full speed to me.
You little idiot ! She thought directly to me. She was in the air ready to tear me shreads. Then, if I blinked I would've missed it, Jake came running and jumped on Leah.
Get off of me ! I want to kill her ! Leah screamed in her mind, and a growl ripped through her whole body.
No, you won't ! She's my cousin and I won't let you ! Seth came and sat in front of me.
I'm sorry. He thought, he looked like he was about to kill himself for that.
Calm down, Leah ! Jeesh ! Jake said, still on Leah.
Ok, I'm calm. Now get off of me ! She said, trying to roll over.
Promise you won't do anything to her first. Said Jake, holding her in place.
I won't ! I promise ! She said, struggling.
Ok. Said Jake and got off of her. She jumped up to her feet and looked at Seth.
Seth, how could you ? She said quietly. He looked away.
It's my decision, I can do what I want. He snapped at her.
But, her ?! Someone else could've been better at least ! She said, walking close to him.
Why do you hate her so much ?! She didn't do anything to harm you ! So just leave me and her alone. Come Bianca. He said. He started running and I followed. Leah wanted to follow us, but Jake held her back. Ima have to thank him for saving me.
Your welcome. He said, already far away. I smiled.
Let's phase back. Said Seth, sounding sad.
Ok. I ran ahead of him and phased back and changed. A few second later he walked to where I was and hugged me, tight.
"I'm so sorry Bianca, I should've thought of that, I knew what Leah was gonna do if he found out, she could've killed you !" He said, almost crying.
"It's okay Seth, I'm fine. No harm done," I reassured him. He let me go and looked at me. Before I had a chance to take a breath, his lips where on mine. I was surprised, so at first I was standing there like a idiot, with the guy I loved kissing me. So I kissed him back. His lips felt warm on mine, even though I was almost the same temperature as him. He put his arms around me so I couldn't even budge, and I put my arms around his neck. He was about five inches taller than me, but I was able to reach his lips if he was standing straight.
"I love you," He said, his lips still on mine. My heart stopped beating completely. I thought, I could stay here forever and not need to eat or drink or sleep. But he pulled away after a few minutes and took my hand in his. I looked up at him and felt myself turn red. He smiled.
"I love you, too," I finally said.

Chapter 3:(Seth's POV)

She said that she loved me. I was lying in bed thinking over yesterday. Bianca loved me. Wow. And I thought I might never have a chance with her. I rolled over and fell asleep after a few minutes, and had the most horrible dream humanly made.


"C'mon Seth !" Shouted Bianca. She was running around taking patrol, and she found a huge cover not far away from First Beach.
"I'm going !" I got up and ran to where she was standing,"Wow, that's huge." It was about ten times taller than me, but it got narrower at the end of it. It was mid-day so it wasn't pitch black like some are.
"Let's go in !" said Bianca and started to walk towards it. I grabbed her arm.
"I don't think that's such a good idea, I feel something bad about this cove. Let's just go home," I told her, walking away with me still grabbing her arm. She struggled to get out of my grasp.
"Aww, c'mon. Scaredy cat ! I thought you liked adventures," she teased me. I still didn't move.
"I do, but I feel something bad might happen if we go in there," I told her, eyeing the huge cove. I thought I saw something move in there, but I didn't want to think that it was some kind of animal, or a person.
"We'll take care of each other, if something strange happens, we'll just go back and pretend nothing happened, okay ?" I saw in her eyes that she really wanted to go in, just to explore. I took a deep breath.
"Okay, let's go in, but if something happens, we phase and run for our lives," she giggled.
"You're so over-protective, but okay, deal," she started walking in and I followed, still not entirely amazed by going in.
But when we got in, it was huge and all, but it was . . . bright. Wierd to say that an inclosed cove would be bright, but it was, not from the light, but from something else. I couldn't make out what.
"Whoa . . ." Bianca said, amazed, by the look on her face,"This is so cool, I can't believe you didn't want to come !" she turned around to look at me, and horror struck her face. She wasn't looking at me, she was looking behind me. I had no intention to look back, but I just had to, my nerves told me to. I turned around, ready to attack anything that was there . . .


That's when I woke up at a wolf's howling, it was probably Jake. I was glad he woke me up, I didn't even want to think what was there that was so horrifying to Bianca.
"Going !" I screamed out the window. I put a black t-shirt on, and just randomly picked out some jeans, it didn't matter anyways. I ran outside and phased.
I'm here. I thought.
We kinda know that, Seth. Said Leah, sounding kinda annoyed.
What happened to you ? Mom didn't buy a dog right ? I asked, just to tease her. Jacob started laughing. Leah growled at me.
No, I just didn't sleep at all because of mister I'm-going-to-the-Cullen's-place-for-awhile which actually meant almost all night. She told me sounding like she was gonna drop dead right there and then. I followed her scent and saw Leah lying on the ground with her head on her paws, and Jake walking around.
Where's Bianca ? I wanted to see her so I can tell her about my dream. And, to tell the truth, I wanted to kiss her again like yesterday. That's when that thought slipped out. Oh great, I thought.
Ugh, could you keep your thoughts to yourself Seth ?! Leah said disgusted.
I wish I can say the same thing about you. I mumbled. Jake howled again, probably too call Bianca.
I'll go get her, Jake. I said and started running. Her scent led me to all the way to Forks. What was she doing there ? Probably at the Cullen's place.
I got to their house, and turns out, she was there. She stayed over night to be with Nessie. Edward came out and greeted me.
"Hello, Seth," he said,"Do you want me to call Bianca ?" He asked. Yes please, I thought.
"Okay," he was about to go inside when Bianca came out. She was wearing a jean mini-skirt and a black tank-top. She looked beautiful. I heard a noise that sounded like a whine, and found out it came from me. Bianca turned around from saying bye to Nessie and Bella to look at me. She caught me staring at her and giggled.
"I'll be right back, Seth," she said, and ran into the woods. I waited there, and Edward was still there too.
"You really love her, huh ?" he asked me. Well duh, I thought. He laughed.
"Did you imprint on her ?" he asked, kinda serious now. No, I thought. Was it even possible for a wolf to imprint on a wolf ? I don't think so.
"It could be possible, every myth or legend is probably going to come true. I won't be surprised if it did." Edward said, chuckling. And I know what he means, first the vampires and now werewolves ? Ugh, what's next ? The Loch Ness Monster ? When I said that I thought of Nessie. I looked at Edward to see if he didn't get mad or something, but a growl escaped from him. Sorry, I thought, apologetically.
"It's okay, Seth," He was about to say something else, but Bianca interrupted.
'Kay, let's go. She thought. Gotta go, talk to you later, Edward. I thought.
"Bye Seth, Bianca," He said, walking back into his house.
Let's go. I told Bianca, and we started running to where Jake and Leah were. Of course, she got there first. She was the fastest in the pack. I heard Leah growl. She didn't like that Bianca was faster than her.
Get over it, Leah. I mumbled.
Ok, me and Seth are gonna go north, and Leah and Bianca will go south. Jake said, his back on us. He turned around. Got it ? I already knew Leah wasn't going to be happy having to go with Bianca, I was gonna ask Jake I can go with her instead, but Leah interrupted my thought. Ok, let's go. She said, ready to run. I was surprised by her enthusiasm, so I agreed. I was hoping the whole time that things wouldn't get out of hand, we were so far away, that we couldn't hear their thoughts.
They'll be fine Seth. Don't stress yourself. Jacob said. Yeah, right, don't stress yourself Seth, I said to myself sarcastically.

By the time we got back to La Push, it was almost dusk. And I was tired. We ran almost all the way to the border of Mexico, I don't know why. Probably Jake getting carried away. I was too tired to go anywhere else, so I went straight home to bed. Once my eyes shut, I didn't wake up 'till the next day. That's when all the real trouble started.

Chapter 4:(Bianca's POV)

"Jake ! Bianca !" I heard someone scream from downstairs and realized it was Seth. I groaned. I didn't feel like waking up at all.
"You guys ! Come on ! We have an emergency !" When he said emergency I jumped off of my bed and went to see what the 'emergency' was.
"What's all the noise about, Seth ?" I told him from the top of the stairs. I yawned.
"Alice had a vision, I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but we need to go now." He said at the same time Jake got up. He was already dressed.
"OK, let's go." He said, walking down the stairs.
"Wait, I need to change. You guys go." I ran to room, put on the closest thing to me that was clothes, and got a extra pair, just in case. It only passed about 3 minutes, so I wasn't as far behind, being the fastest in the pack. I phased and ran straight to he woods.
But what could it be ?
I don't know, that's what we need to find out.
What if it's the Volturi ? But what would they be doing here ?
Hey, what's going on ?
I asked, confused by all their different thoughts. The Volturi ?
Yeah, Alice saw vampires coming here, she couldn't make out who they were, I don't think it's the Volturi, she would've noticed by their black robes. Jake said, wondering off in his thoughts. I've never met the Volturi, or seen them from far away. The only thing I know about them is their names, Aro, Caius, and Marcus, and I had no intention to see them. What would they be here for anyways ? Nessie ? They already said she was OK to be alive, so what's the problem ? Someone told them a lie about them, about us ? Who would ? I had so many questions in my head, I almost got a headache.
We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.


"No, it can't be newborns, who would have created them ?"
"Someone we don't know, who wants revenge for something ? But who would, we've never done any harm to any vampires, besides our enemies."
"Well, we don't know that, maybe they just got the wrong place."
"Yeah, and maybe, just maybe, Alice had the wrong vision too, huh ?" Edward and Jasper where arguing about Alice's vision. So we know for sure that it's not part of the Volturi, that's a relief, but Jasper thinks that its newborn vampires. Then they started to say things about Victoria and Riley. I haven't heard of Riley, but I have heard of Victoria. She tried to kill Bella when she was still human.
"She can't come back from the dead and make more newborns, it's impossible !"
"That's what you think." Murmured Edward. If it was newborns, it wouldn't be a problem, Sam and his pack fought them of last time Victoria made them. It sounded easy as eating pie. I hope.

Chapter 5: (Jake's POV)
The Fight

More newborns to fight off ? Ugh, I was gonna get old doing this. This is the third time dealing with vampires. It was getting tiring you know ? Especially when we don't know why their coming. Nessie cut my thoughts off when she put her hand on my neck. She showed me when Alice had a vision and she wanted to know what happened.
"It's nothing to worry about, Nessie." I said kissing her head.
"Are they here for me ?" She asked in a little voice.
"We don't know yet, Nessie. I hope not."
"Are you gonna get hurt ?" I laughed.
"You're just like your mom Ness. Of course I won't get hurt, I'm the big bad wolf remember ?" She giggled and cuddled in my chest to go to sleep.

Alice saw that the newborns were going to be in the same place as always, the baseball field. It was mid-December so it was snowing everyday. We still weren't sure at exactly what time they were gonna show up, but we knew the day. Three days from today. It seemed like a long time. I just wanted to get over with it to go on with my life, and I didn't want Nessie to get hurt. Edward, Bella, Alice and Jasper went hunting, and Carlisle and Esme went to the hospital to do some work. So it was only me and Nessie practically. Rosalie and Emmett were upstairs . . . and I wasn't planning to go up there soon. Nessie stopped growing for about a week, so she looks like she's 12 now. Almost there, Jacob, just wait some more time, I thought to myself. Waiting, not my key concept.

(Seth's POV)

"Are you sure your alright ? That thing bit you pretty deep." Said Bianca, worried because I got bit by a grizzly bear.
"I'm fine, it'll heal by the time we get back." It really wasn't a big bite, I was bleeding, yes, but it didn't even hurt.
"OK then." She said, eyeing the bite. She's never got bitten since she joined the pack, so she doesn't know that we heal fast. We were going to the Cullen's house to see if they have anymore news about the newborns. We had no clue who made them or why their coming, we only know when. When we got there, Jake was with Nessie, sleeping as always.
"Jake, wake up !" Bianca screamed when she went in. He jumped up and almost smashed Nessie, but she got out of the way in time.
"What the hell, Bianca ?! I could've crushed Nessie !!" He said, asking Nessie if she was OK.
"Sorry, I didn't know you where gonna jump three feet in the air, am I that freaky ?" She said, sitting on the arm-rest of the couch.
"Haha, funny." Jake murmured. They acted like little kids sometimes. I cut them from their act.
"Any news from the newborns ?"
"No. Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward went hunting, they'll be back in about 4 hours, by what they said."
"'Kay." I went to sit next to him and turned on the tv. Nothing was on so I just left it on a random channel and fell asleep.


"But, it can't be one of them ! It's impossible, we burnt all of them already ! They couldn't just come back from the dead !" I heard Jacob arguing. I opened my eyes to see Alice, Jasper, and Edward surrounding Jacob, And Bella, Rosalie, and Emmett standing behind them.
"That's what I saw, it looked exactly like one I tried to fight off. It could've ran away and we had no clue." Alice told him more calmly. Was she saying that one of the newborns we fought off last year is the one who is making these newborns ?
"How is that possible though ? If you guys killed all of them, wouldn't you have smelled the track it made when it ran away ?" The voice came next to me and Bianca was sitting there, looking at Alice.
"Yes, but there are ways to cover a trail, if you were gifted," said Alice looking at the floor,"It could've been possible that that newborn had that gift."
"Couldn't that be like a one-in-a-million chance ?" Said Edward,"I mean, Victoria had have to do something with it to pick just the right person." I had about a million and one questions going on in my head right now, but I had to keep quiet until I knew entirely what was going on. Edward turned to my direction and everyone followed him.
"Alice had a vision that the newborns where gonna try to come here to the house, but thats certainly not gonna happen, but the leader of them looked exactly like one of the newborns we were fighting off last year, we where wondering how he or she could leave us without leaving a trail behind, so where still discussing about that." He said.
"It's a girl, I can see it more clearly now, she gonna be here tomorrow, with her army, at about afternoon. Its gonna be cloudy and it just stopped raining. We need to be in that clearing an hour earlier." Said Alice, looking into space,"I'm still not sure what she wants, but I'll found out sooner or later." I was sorta thrilled to have them come, I barely got to fight any last year, so I hoped to get some good ones this time. Looks like where just gonna have to wait.

Ok, their almost here, I can smell them. Thought Jacob. I was nervous, happy, ready, and scared all at the same time.
We'll be OK Seth. I heard Bianca say, hope in her voice. She's never fought with an newborn, make that any vampire. The only person she's ever fought with as a wolf, is the pack. Mostly Jake.
Their here. Said Jacob. And I am ready, I thought to myself. Well, not really myself because everyone else can hear me, but I thought of it as myself.
Now I saw that they were here, still walking towards the clearing. There was a girl in the front, black hair that looked even darker with her pale skin. Behind her, I counted thirteen more. It wasn't that much, with the Cullen's, us, and Sam's pack we could take them easily. The whole pack started to pick who they were gonna attach first. I knew the Cullen's wanted to talk to the leader first, but I started to look at all of them one by one. I stopped on one that looked almost like Bianca, only with the light brown hair though, and her face, the pale being an exception. I chose not to attach that one and went to another one. But then Carlisle started talking.
"Good afternoon, I'm Carlisle. What brings you here today ?" He asked very calm. She looked at all the Cullen's and then at us, not looking surprised. She spoke.
"Victoria sent me." Was all she said. Victoria is still alive ?
"Victoria is still alive ?" Asked Bella, almost reading my mind.
"No, it was before he killed her." She pointed to Edward. I remembered that fight, I got Riley and Edward got Victoria, and Bella almost killed herself with a rock. I flinched.
"Then what brings you here, my dear one ?" Carlisle asked here again.
"Victoria told me to use my powers wisely. I loved her like a mother almost, and seeing her get killed wasn't the best idea ever. I came here with my army to get revenge." Great, more revenge.
She's here for a fight, and won't leave without one. Said Sam.
Well, that's not gonna be a problem. Said Jake, almost anxious for the fight to start already. Then a ear splitting screech came from one of them, and it ran up to us and pounced on Paul. Look likes he's gonna start the whole fight.
Great, it just had to be Paul. Said Leah, curled up next to me. Then, before I could blink two times, all of the newborns started coming towards us, and not the vampires. Leah autimatically got up and went for the first vampire that was running towards us, I followed. She got that one down in no time, and the Cullen's starting coming in to help us get them. It was an easy fight, easier than the one last time. The last two remaining where the leader and another guy. They were standing next to each other, crouched down ready to jump. Carlisle went and stood in front of them.
"We surrender." The girl said. That was probably part of their bad plan to kill us. Haha. I looked at Edward to see if I was right, and he nodded, no.
"How can we be sure that you just said that and then you run off making more newborns ?" Asked Emmett.
"Why don't you ask your mind-reader over there." The guy standing next her snarled and pointed his head towards Edward.
"Edward ?" Carlisle asked him.
"Yes, their telling the truth." He said, looking hard at both of them.
"Ok then, your free to go, for now. If the Volturi come and find out you did this, their gonna track you down and kill you. If I were you, I'd go as far away as I could from here." Carlisle told them. Why is he telling them to go far away ? Wouldn't that just make it worst ?
I hope he knows what he's doing. Thought Jacob.
Me too. Me and Bianca replied.
"Thank you for the request, we won't cause anymore trouble." They turned to leave. Before Carlisle could say anything, they were gone.
Whoa, their fast. Thought Embry.
You got that right. I thought back.

Chapter 6:(Bianca's POV)

C'mon slow poke. I laughed.
Well, were not all freakishly fast. Seth said back, laughing too. He invited me to go to Port Angeles to see a movie. Since we got all the fighting-of-newborns thing off our backs, we thought we should go somewhere, for fun. It was a long way in car, so we just ran.

"Ok, what movie should we watch ?" Seth asked me.
"I'm all up for a horror movie," I said sounding sorta preppy,"How 'bout you ?"
"Fine with me. How about The Killers, it looks like a good movie, Leah saw it."
"Let's go !" I walked to the entrance to get the movie tickets. While we were buying the tickets, I saw a girl about my age, blonde hair and blue eyes, looking at Seth, it only caught my attention because she was wearing a bracelet that I've seen at a store. So I just ignored her. I was really up to any movie, as long as Seth was with me. We got in the movie theatre a little late, the previews were already starting, so we chose seats almost at the back and waited, like there was anything else to do.
"Want popcorn ?" Seth asked me.
"Sure, I'll go get it, I need to go to the bathroom anyways." I got up and headed for the door. I went to the bathroom and saw that girl again. She was putting lip gloss and froze when she saw me, but then got back to her 'masterpiece'. I saw her movie ticket while I was walking out, and she had a movie ticket for some kid movie, and the one that me and Seth are gonna watch.

(Seth's POV)

Bianca went to get some popcorn and to the bathroom, so I watched the previews and laughed when a guy jumped out a window and landed in a mud puddle. A girl came and sat next me, she had blonde hair and looked almost Bianca's age. She looked familiar, but I kept on watching the screen.
"You're Seth Clearwater." She said, not asking but saying it as if she was positive it was me.
"Yeah." I told her. Maybe I did know her.
"I'm Bonnie White. From middle school ? I was in 3 of your classes." That's when I remembered her. She had a crush on me the whole year. She was pretty, but I wasn't interested in girls at that time.
"Oh yeah, I remember you. What's up ?" I asked casually. She was still sorta pretty, but I let that thought go in the back of my head, I wouldn't want Bianca to hear that when we phase.
"Just here, thought I'd come to see a movie," She smiled and I almost gasped. Whoa, she was pretty. Shut up, Seth ! A little voice in my head told me. You love Bianca, not her. "Do you live here in Port Angeles ?"
"Uh, no. I live in La Push," I stuttered. I was losing my mind,"Do you ?"
She smiled,"No, but I live in Forks, right at the border of La Push, I go to school there thought. Where do you go ?" I didn't go to school, but Billy said he was gonna make us go next month.
"No. I'm starting next month actually."
"Oh, that's cool. So who are you here with ?" She asked, looking back to where Bianca left.
"With . . . my girlfriend." I didn't want to think I was single so she could start getting over me.
"Oh," Was all she said,"Well, I have to go now, I left my little brother in another theatre. Here's my number if you want to . . . hang out sometime." She gave me a little paper and smiled.
"Sure. Bye, Bonnie." I said, still looking at the paper.
"Bye, Seth." She kissed me on the cheek and left. I almost told her to stay for another while, but I knew Bianca was gonna come soon. Why did she just have to be here today, at the same movie theatre, at the same time ?
Bianca came back and sat down next to me,"Popcorn ?" I got a handful and shoved it in my mouth.
"Don't eat all of it." She laughed,"So . . . who was that girl that was with you ?" Damn, she saw her !
"She's a girl that was with me in middle school. I guess we were sorta friends." I shrugged like it was no big deal.
"Well, ok then." She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Bianca ? We're back. Wake up." I said to her, not sure if she could hear me. I didn't want to phase because I may start thinking about Bonnie, so we just walked back. She was practically sleep-walking so I carried her the rest of the way back. It took a long time, but it was worth it. Having Bianca cuddled up on my bare chest, it felt warm, really.
"Hmm . . . ?" She said, trying to get up. I took her to her room in Jacob's house and laid her down.
"We're here at your house, I'll leave to let you sleep." I whispered to her.
"Mmm. Seth. 'Night." She mumbled. I kissed her forehead and went out through the window. I still had Bonnie's number, and I decided I would call her tomorrow.


Should I call her ? Should I not call her ? I was arguing to myself if I should or shouldn't call her. I mean, I could tell Bianca I was just going to meet a friend. She wouldn't mind. It's not like somethings gonna happen.
"Oh, what the hell. I'll call her." I said to myself out loud. The phone rang 5 times and i was about to hang up when I heard a soft, "Hello ?"
"Bonnie ? It's Seth."
"Oh, hey Seth !" She sounded kind of tired. I wonder if she went somewhere else last night.
"Are you alright ? You sound pretty tired."
"Yeah, my little brother got lost while we were going home and I was searching for him for about 30 minutes, and turns out that he did get lost but he just went home. So, I'm exausted right now. I got home really late."
"Oh, I guess this was a bad time to call. Did I wake you ?" I felt guilty now. I shouldn't of thought of calling her in the first place.
"No, I was awake. I've been awake, that's why I'm tired. And I can't go back to sleep."
"Well, I'll try to call you later, when your fully awake." I joked. She laughed a bit.
"Yeah, great idea. Thanks for calling, and I'm really sorry."
"It's cool. Bye Bonnie."
"Bye." She hung up. I'm not even sure I was going to call her. I had other things to do anyways. That's when my phone rang again. I thought it was gonna be her again, so I answered.
"Seth ? It's Edward, you need to come here now." Before I could even take a breath, he hung up. I guess it's an emergency. I went outside and phased, and remembered not to think of Bonnie. Luckily, only Leah was phased.
Edward call you ? She asked.
What could be happening now that is such an emergency ? Nessie ran out of blood.
I told her, saying it almost to myself. Where's Bianca ?
She's already over there. She got up early with Jake, so they got the news first.

Me and Leah phased back and changed. It was really amazing how easily we could phase and phase back now.
"What's up guys ?" Leah asked when we got in.
"Brady said he found a vampire trail, it wasn't familiar to him." Bella responded. That's when I noticed that Brady and Collin were there too, they were standing next to Bianca and Jacob. They were older now, or at least they looked older.
"Ok, has anyone been there to see if it's familiar ?" I asked her.
"No, we were waiting for you guys, just in case the scent wasn't familiar to us." Said Jasper, walking down the stairs with Alice at his side. Then Carlisle came in with Esme in back of him.
"It's the same vampire's that were here before. It's the same scent and it was about 2 days ago. Me and Esme were hunting and went past that trail." He said. So much for coming down here. I went and stood next to Bianca and put my arm around her shoulder.
"So . . . there's no danger ? At all ? No new vampires coming through here ?" Asked Collin, not looking very sure.
"Positive." Answered Carlisle, "For now."

"Ok, so what do you want to do ?" Asked Bonnie. I finally got the guts to call her and I was picking her up at her house. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I considered her as a friend.
"I don't know. I was thinking we could go down to La Push ? You know, the beach." I answered. We had nothing else to do.
"Yeah, sounds like fun." She smiled. We were driving to First Beach, not that far from where she lived, we could've walked.
"So, do you have any brothers ? Sisters ?" I asked, trying to put on a conversation.
"Yup. I have a sister thats 12 and a little brother thats 3." She said, "Carissa and John. Do you ?"
"I have a sister, she's 19. Her name is Leah." By then, we were getting out of the car already.
"Let's go over there." She pointed to a bunch of rocks that were in the begining of the ocean. We started walking towards it.
"You're 15 ? Or older ?" I asked her. I didn't really care, but what the heck.
"Yeah, I'm turning 16 February." I started counting, that was in two months, I think. I have to keep more track of time.
"That's nice." I smiled, "What's the date today ?" I asked. I'm not sure if it was Friday or Saturday.
"It's Friday. The 20th. It's almost Christmas." Oh, right . . . Oh crap ! Bianca's birthday is the 27th. I completely forgot. At least I know a week earlier.
"Right. I really don't keep track of time much." She laughed. We were sitting on the rocks, I was probably soaked already, but I didn't feel it. I looked over at Bonnie and she was shivering.
"You're cold ?" I asked her.
"Kinda, I don't really come out here much, so I'm not used to it." I got up and jumped over to the rock she was on and put my arm around her. She looked up at me and smiled. She really was beautiful. But how would she want me ? Just as I was thinking that, she leaned up and kissed me. I was surprised and almost pushed her off, but it felt . . . good. Then my stupid instincs went in motion and I wrapped my arms around her. After I counted 20 seconds in my head I pulled away and jumped in the water. I didn't see the expression on her face and I didn't want to. I swam until I got to the nearest shore and phased. Turns out, Bianca was phased too.

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