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Hey everyone, so this has NOTHING to do with TWILIGHT except one part but it's a vampire love story set in Romania!! I wrote this story so... Please comment and enjoy :D



Isabel Cortez's dream is Valarie being happy forever.
Maria Cortez's dream is for everything to fall into place.

Charlie Smith's want is Maria to be with him forever and Valarie to free.

King Vladimir's need is for Adrian to marry his friend's daughter.
Queen Mia's need is for Adrian to live his life doing what he wants but rule the country.

Prince Adrian's fear is for Valarie to find out his Secret and never being able to marry the girl he loves.
Valarie Cortez's fear is loose the love of her life to another girl.

If Adrian and Valarie love each other to bits and Adrian's father wants him to marry someone else..
What do they do?


Chapter 1: Only Family Left.


My eyes flung open to see the sky that had the color golden brown rushing through it and the sound of crickets and birds came. I sat up and scanned around me, glancing around the golden wheat field I was laying in. I had no idea where I was but oddly, it looked familiar from somewhere but I could not quite put my finger on where I saw it.

I gasped at the pale red dress I now wore it came just below my knee, and it was sleeve - less the dress matched the field by the thick gold strip across my waist, my long black hair was opened and a few strands of curls were over my shoulders.

"Please, step away from the vehicles." A man said.
I got up from the dirty ground and set my eyes on a couple of police officers who were put yellow tape around two crashed cars. What was wrong?

I slowly made my way through the wheat towards the car crash and set my eyes on a hand that had a very familiar diamond ring on her index finger, was hanging out the black Mercedes that was crashed on the side.

I tapped on a red haired boy's shoulder that looked like he was about sixteen years old. The boy turned around and raised an eyebrow at me.

I smiled, "Excuse me, can you tell me what happened here?"
The boy did answer but just turned back to the cars.

How rude! He could have just told me to leave him alone. I tapped on his shoulder again, annoyed this time.
The boy turned around again with his eyebrows pulled together. He looked annoyed too so; we were on the same page.

"Do I look like a Ghost or something to you? Answer me." I put my hands on my hips.

The ambulance siren came from down the road. As they reached the cars, two men in hospital suites ran out to the back of the van pulling out two rolling beds. I did realize the firefighter's truck on the other side of the cars until they ran over to the black Mercedes.

"Valarie." A sweet high tone voice came from behind me.
I turned around and gasped at the sight of my mother standing like an angel with the long white dress that came to her ankles and her long red hair in a ponytail. Her russet skin was beautiful.

I grinned, "Mom. What happened here?" maybe she could tell me.

She sighed and looked at me with sad baby blue eyes. "You don't remember anything, do you?"

I shook my head and stepped closer to her, "No."

"You'll find out soon then. I just want you to know that I love you."

I had no idea what was happening here but it was better to know less. That is what I have been told ever since I was six years old. It is better to know less then more. Moreover, it was true.

"I love you too," I whispered.

My eyes flung open but this time it was not to a golden sky but it was to a bright white light, my eyes quickly adjusted to it in minutes. I felt someone's hand wrapped around mine I turned my head to see whom it was but my neck hurt a lot. Instead of the red pale dress, I now wore the light blue hospital dress that all patients had when they came to the hospital.

My aunt's deep voice said, "Valarie."

I blinked at her.

"Aunt...Maria?" I asked, my voice was soft and low.

Aunt Maria lives in Romania and worked as a waiter at a café called Café Adrian, that was named after the "Prince" of Romania. Aunt Maria lived there for 5 years and is engaged to a man who works at the Palace for the King and Queen.

She smiled in relief and sat forward, "I thought I lost you,"

"You didn't loose me. Where's mom? Is she okay? What happened?"

She sighed, "You don't remember anything do you?"

I shook my head at her. I did not remember anything at all.

Aunt Maria's dark brown eyes were filled with tears. "You were on your way to the mall with your mom. You guys were going to meet me there and then we were going to go out for dinner but on your way to the mall out of nowhere a drunk driver drove into your mom's car putting you like this."

Yes, that was it. I remember now! I could hear the sound of cars crashing ring in my ears I gasped, the flashbacks ran through my head. My mom, the cars, the field.

However, what happened to - "Mom?"

"Well she's-" Maria was cut off by the sound of the doctor's footsteps walking towards me.

"How are you feeling, Valarie?" the doctor stopped by the end of the bed and smiled.

I half - smiled at him, "Good I guess."

"Do you have any pains?"

"My neck hurts a bit." I answered him in a whisper.

He nodded once, "It'll pass by in an hour or two. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"My mother, Isabel, is she okay?"

His face fell into a frown and he took his glasses off from his eyes, "I'm so sorry Valarie but I'm afraid she's gone."

I started breathing faster and heavier I shook my head at the doctor in disbelieve. Was that why she said 'I Love you'? "No! She can't be!" I exclaimed and pushed the blanket of me.

Aunt Maria got up and tried pushing me back down as I sat forward and was about to get out of bed. I looked at Maria with my lime green eyes full of tears of disbelieve, I looked at Aunt Maria and shook my head once.

"Please Valarie, you need to rest."

I lay back in bed letting Aunt Maria tuck me under the blanket. "You're not serious are you?" I asked, letting tears run down my cheeks.

Aunt Maria sat back in her chair with her Nine West handbag on her lap. "I wish it wasn't."
I stared at the blue wall at the end of the room still breathing heavily. My best friend, my mom was dead! It was true everything was true.

 "How am I going to live now?" I asked myself.

Aunt Maria answered me, "You're going to be living with me in Romania. Once summer vacations end then you'll be in school again."
I turned to look at her, in shock, me move to Romania and leave Spain? No, I cannot go how we people treat me there. I never moved to another country, ever in my life. However, I have too not because I want to see Aunt Maria's café but she's the only family I have left now and I do not want to lose her too.

"As much as I do not want to move," - I turned to Maria - "I guess I have too. When do we leave?"

"As soon as you get out of the hospital," Aunt Maria tied her long stick straight hazel brown hair into a ponytail.

I bit my lip, "Okay."

The doctor walked out the room, closing the glass door behind him leaving Aunt Maria and I in silence. I sighed and closed my eyes, tired. There is a lot to take in today and because of all the drama my head started to pain! It was so quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat, my heart went thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump repeatedly.

I opened my eyes to see Aunt Maria standing up from her seat with one hand in her jean's pocket and the other on my shoulder, "Get some rest honey, it's late I'll come see you tomorrow."
She threw her handbag over her one shoulder and pulled her favorite black v-shirt that stood out from her fair skin, down over her jeans.

"See you tomorrow, love," she kissed me on my forehead and walked towards the door.

She paused by the door and turned to me, "Get some rest." She demanded.

I half - smiled, "I will. Adios!" and waved once at her.

She walked out the room.

I closed my eyes and prayed for a dream-less sleep.


I was 100% sure, I was dreaming.

I was in a golden ballroom live with chattering, laughing, people that dance to the instrumental music that played from the front right corner of the room. I wore a dark purple dress v-necked down on the top with spaghetti sleeves. It was plain and simple, but what topped it all off was the black silver beaded on the edges mask that matched the dress and high heels. My hair was tied up like how it was when I was in the pale red dress.

The women wore bright colorful dresses while all the men wore white tuxedos and danced with the women. The children danced in the crowd too.

I watched the people dance since that seemed like the only thing I could do.

A man in a black tuxedo and white mask stared at me as he danced with a red haired woman that wore a bright yellow dress and looked like she was all over him. The man had deep dark purple eyes, those eyes stood out from his pale skin and black cropped hair. The man smiled at me, which astounded me.
Suddenly, the people all turned to me with wide grins on their faces. They all now had blood red eyes but the man's eyes still stayed the same purple. I realized the fangs that everybody had.

"Valarie!" they all said in deep rough voices and walked towards me, I stepped back until I was against the wall and ran out the nearest door. I stopped in the hallway and looked up and down the hallway searching for normal people, not a vampire!

Suddenly all the candles were blown and I decided that I would follow the moonlight to find my way around, I did know where I was but I was sure I was safe.
The lights came on again and I found myself by the staircase facing a woman in a green dress that was almost the same style as mine but did not have sleeves or v-neck. I realized who it was immediately after she picked her head up, she did not have blood red eyes or purple eyes.

"Aunt Maria!" I exclaimed, happy to see her.

Aunt Maria smiled at me, "Hello Valarie."

"Aunt Maria we have to go now!"


"Because there are a bunch of vampires after me."

"Vampires?" she laughed then stopped and walked towards me, and hugged me.

I nodded once and hugged her back, "Yes vampires."

Aunt Maria pulled back with a grin. I realized the fangs and her eyes slowly been taken over by blood red.
I stepped back cautiously.

"Aunt Maria. You have -"

"I have fangs!" she launched toward me, grabbed me by the neck and sunk her teeth into it.

*-Dream Ends-*

I sat up, gasping for air in the cold, dark room. I looked at the clock digital clock next to me that said it was only twelve twenty - four in the morning. I lay back in bed and stared at the dark ceiling until I could get rid of that bad dream and go back to sleep.

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