What if?

This is my first fan fiction story and it’s about what would happen if Edward didn’t come back in New Moon.
All characters owned by Stephanie…blah blah blah
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Chapter 1
It had been 3 years now and I knew he wasn’t coming back. It was the anniversary of him leaving and his house looked so different to what it had almost 4 years ago. The beautiful white paint was now a dull grey and started to flake off. All the windows were smashed at a party deep in the forest. I can’t believe I watched it all be ruined by vandals at that party. I had come every week on the same day since he left, but today it seemed different. There was a sense of closure in the air but I didn’t know what to do about it.
After I made Charlie dinner, I lay down on my bed and tried to think about what I had to do. I thought it was something about Jacob and the way he loved me. I didn’t love him like he loved me, but I couldn’t deny I loved more with every day.
I had it. I had to talk to Jacob. I didn’t know what about yet but I was soon to find out. As I turned onto his road I saw his huge ripped body running down his driveway.
Of course he heard me, I thought to myself. Were-wolf, duh-brain. OMG! I was becoming more like Jacob all the time.
As I jumped out of my truck Jacob came up beside me.
‘Hey, Why you here pip-squeak?’ said Jacob with the grin I called my own plastered on his face.
I pulled his 2.1 metre high head down to mine. This was it. Everything he and now I, wanted would be in this moment. I held onto his huge face and locked his lips to mine. It was so different to kissing Edward, But better. There was just enough want and enough control to leave me wanting and needing more. I knew this was it. He was the one. It was the way it was supposed to be. Me, and him, growing old together. I could just picture our little black haired, copper skinned kids running into the forest with my huge russet wolf standing protector beside me. This was what I wanted.

Chapter 2
Of course, when I brought Jacob to Charlie’s to tell him the news, he was ecstatic. I imagined him dreaming that his only daughter would grow up and marry a young good-looking boy from around town and live happily ever after in town. 4 years ago, I would have hated the idea but now, it didn’t seem so bad. Yet again 4 years ago I had my whole future planned out, and I thought I was going to get it.
‘Well, I knew it was going to happen one day!’ Exclaimed Charlie
‘Yeah, well it just sort of happened’ I said uneasily ‘so, ahhh.., Jacob and I had to go now.’
We had our lips locked tight before we even opened the door. I could feel his lips parting and I could taste his delicious musky scent on my tongue. I carefully teased the top of his bottom lip before I pulled his t-shirt over his head. I couldn’t believe we had already made it to the bedroom in my little run-down house on the boundary line of the rez. Now that I think of it Jacob had already pulled off my t shirt and was pulling off his boxers.
Last night was divine. I loved every minute of it. I still remember every time I came and exactly how it felt. I regret thinking of what it would have been like with Edward but I knew this was better. I lay over Jacob’s chest face down and started to kiss the muscled planes of his chest. I trailed down his stomach and down both legs. I wanted to remember my first time forever. I also wanted to explore every part of him. I wanted to have his huge rippled chest etched into my memory and I needed to know the contours of every part of his body. I stroked the inside of his legs and he groaned in pleasure. Here we go again.
It was almost midday before he got up. I hadn’t bothered getting fully dressed so I had a shower and pulled on a cotton Tee and shorts. He had put his monkey boxers back on when he came into the kitchen. I slapped the elastic on them as he walked into the kitchen. He curled his arms around my waist and sighed.
‘Hey, sexy’ I said.
‘Hey, babe’ Jacob said as he turned around and kissed me full on the lips. ‘What’s the time?’
‘1:38 exactly’ I answered ‘Well not any more’ The clock had just turned 1:39 after I told him.
‘Shit’ he cussed as he ran out the door. ‘I’ll be back later, babe’ he yelled as he ran out the door and phased as he disappeared into the forest.
Well, I Jacob was going to be around here more I needed to find out his clothes size.

Chapter 3
What’s up? I asked the pack
Well someone’s been up to no good thought Seth as I ran through my memories of last night.
Ewww...Aww man you now not to think about that stuff here thought Seth. But good luck to you to anyway.
Thanks I thought back
Ok, come on guys this is serious. thought Sam in his alpha voice. Our name on the inside: Riley- has found Victoria and she is still planning to come back for Bella. Sam continued his thought without interruption. But this time she is closer and more deadly. She has created a small army of strong trained vampires. We will meet at my house for dinner and tactics talk.
Can I be counted out of that meeting? I need to tell Bella myself I thought,
Fine. Is everyone else ok? Thought Sam. Good. Bye.
‘Bella, we have to talk’ I heard Jacob talk but it wasn’t connecting. I could tell it was bad. I sat down at the kitchen table and focused on my breathing.
Jacob went on. ‘Victoria is back’ Oh, no. All the memories came flooding back. Laurent, James, the ballet studio, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Edward… no I can’t handle this, not now, not after I just got over him. I have a new life now with Jacob. I love him… I…I do. At least I think I do…

Chapter 4
I woke up next to Jacob. Sweating. I was trapped under his huge, muscled and very hot arm and could hardly breathe.
‘Jacob? Jacob! JACOB!! ‘ I screamed in his ear.
‘Huh? Huh? What?’ Jacob said groggily ‘Oh, sorry.’ Jacob pulled his arm off me and instead changed to hugging my waist.
‘I want to know about Victoria.’ I used a serious tone and he sat up in bed.
‘Promise you won’t black out again?’ Jacob was hesitant. He had every right to be. He said that after my little episode last night I was knocked out cold until around midnight, when I woke up screaming. He told me about Victoria and her plans to kill me. He also said that I was to stay around him all the time and I had no objections to that.
Later that night, while Jacob was watching TV in my bedroom, I put on the only piece of lingerie I had, which was a skanky nightgown that only went down to just below my ass. There was so much cleavage I could hardly keep my breasts in the lacy silk. I walked into my bedroom and smiled as Jacob’s eyes followed me. As I walked I could see that Jacob was almost drooling. I felt so uncomfortable as I neared the bed on which he was lying. I crawled on him and kissed him hungrily on the lips as I twisted my hands in his jet black hair. I moved my hands slowly down his body, lingering on his chest and stomach. As I made my way down to the zipper on his blue jeans I felt his hands trail down my arms and pull them away.
‘Wait …stop’ said Jacob between kisses. I was reluctant to stop when I did. ‘I can’t have sex with you right now.’

Chapter 5
I hopped off the bed and started to pull on some tracky pants. I was still silent.
‘Come on Bella, don’t go’ moaned Jacob. I didn’t look at him or reply as I walked through the door and down the stairs. I was still wearing the nightgown but I had put a huge jacket on over top of it. I pulled on my sneakers and walked out the door into the forest.
After I was about 2 kilometers from the house, I stopped. I walked a few more metres and sat down. It was freezing and I longed for Jacob to be here to warm me up, but I was happy that he didn’t come out here. I know I shouldn’t have forced him like that but I didn’t know what to do. I had to get over Victoria, the Cullen’s and most of all Edward. I felt a cool breeze and turned around. I stared into the creepy blood red eyes, and took in the smooth pale skin. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. I blinked, and she lunged.

Chapter 6
A breeze blew past me and suddenly she was gone. I could hear an earsplitting metallic tearing noise in the distance so I ran. I was so scared I could hardly see where I was going. Finally, my knees gave in. I didn’t care about my scraped knees and cut arms, I just wanted to get away. I started to cry. I had no idea where I was or if those vampires would come back. It was getting dark and I had no way of contacting Jacob, or getting home. Wait, I knew these parts of the forest. Edward’s meadow was near here. And that must mean their house must be around here. I got up and started limping in the right direction. When I got to the house I climbed in through the broken door and lay down on the couch. I was asleep within seconds.
‘Bella? Bella?’ asked Jacob softly in my ear.
‘What? Huh? When did you get here?’ I asked Jacob.
‘It’s ok we’re home, you’re ok’ replied Jacob. Someone else interrupted. ‘Oh, sure she’s ok,’ the beautiful voice ranted. ‘She’s only been attacked by a starving vampire, almost broken her arm and collapsed in an abandoned house where anyone could be living!’
I got up, but my eye sight was bad and I was dizzy. I fell back as soon as I got up. I expected hot hands, but instead a pair of hands so cold, they were giving me the chills even through my big snow jacket caught me. S***, I could definitely not handle this. I couldn’t even handle thinking about him, let alone him being here. It was Edward. He was back. Now I had to choose.
Chapter 7
I needed to think about this. I walked into the forest, but I couldn’t think. I knew they would follow me. I know that mean well, for they were making sure Lulu the vampire that attacked me didn’t come back. I don’t remember much of her, but I can remember that she had the most beautiful curly blonde hair. I couldn’t think with them following me! I turned around and went back the way I came. I passed them quickly. They were closer than I thought and that was worst!! I felt like a 3 year old.
I ended up at the diner in Forks eating Berry Cobbler. While I ate I thought: First we had Edward; He left open to all the other vampires in the area. He left when I loved him… and I just don’t get how you could do that to someone you said you loved. That made me think… what if everything was a lie? Every kiss, every time he messed with fate and saved me from what should have killed me and that was a lot, but as much as I hated him for that, I couldn’t push the undying love and passion I felt from him out of my head. But, then, there was Jacob. He was always there for me and never left my side. He was my own personal pet dog, so loyal and trusting, even all the times I had hurt him, he would always come back to stand by me. We were supposed to be together, if this weird fantasy world of vampires and were-wolves didn’t exist.
I rushed home. I didn’t know if they would be back or not but I had to tell me. As I walked into the bedroom, I saw a folded piece of paper left on the bed. The note was written in Edward’s timeless and elegant script. It read:
We love you both very much, but we need to work things out for ourselves. Don’t come after us, we can look after ourselves.
The next part was written in Jacob’s quick scribble:
Don’t do anything rash, was will be back soon,
Love Jacob,
OoXx and Edward,
This was bad. They would fight. I knew it. They didn’t care, I was just a prize. A prize that the ‘better’ man got. And, they would keep fighting till one them died or surrendered. Stupid mystical creatures and their big egos! I had to stop them. Or one of them would die.

Chapter 8
Bella. Part 1
‘No, Jacob, Edward, Please!’ I screamed. I ran out onto the baseball field where Jacob and Edward were fighting, but they didn’t take any notice. I ran in between them and got knocked over in one of the blows Jacob was delivering to Edward. It happened so fast, I couldn’t tell who was winning. My arm was broke n for sure, but it didn’t matter against knowing I would lose one of them very soon. Edward had his razor-sharp teeth poised above Jacob’s neck. I ran into the forest and screamed.
Edward and I heard her scream at the same time. We had no idea what was there or if it was just a ploy to get us to stop fighting, either way we could not ignore a scream as blood-curdling as that. We ran at a blinding speed into the forest. We were not far from the baseball field when we saw the image of our worst nightmare. Bella lying on the ground, lifeless, with Victoria just half-way through feeding. I could see that Victoria had chosen the slowest and most painful way to die. Before I could even breathe, Edward had lunged at Victoria and pulled off Bella. In a blindingly fast movement, Edward through his phone at me and said ‘Take Bella back to the house and called Carlisle.’ I obeyed by picking up Bella’s pale and lifeless body and ran back to the house.
Chapter 9
The news was not good. That was all I knew. That I wanted to know in fact. I couldn’t come to terms that she might be gone forever and it was our fault. If we weren’t fighting, we could have smelled her a mile away. If we weren’t fighting, she would never have been in the forest alone. It was our fault.
‘She’ll be fine, Jacob’ said Edward, trying to soothe me, but I knew it was hitting him just as hard as it was me.
I was sitting on the front porch of the Cullen’s mansion, trying to get me mind of Bella and the smell. All of the Cullen’s were back now. Alice playing chess against Jasper, Emmett somewhere in the forest wrestling grizzly bear, Rosalie brushing her hair, she was beautiful, I guess for an uptight, shallow leech. Edward and Carlisle, working on Bella, in the room that was once Carlisle’s study but now looked more like a hospital room. Esme was the only one trying to make me go crazy. Click, Click, Click. It reminded me too much of Bella’s heart, struggling to keep her alive. Also, now that I think of it, it reminded me of time running out and nor Edward or I being able to stop it.
That night she woke up. I was in the room. The pixie bloodsucker told me that she could see Bella waking up soon. So, I sat and waited. She looked horrible. Hooked up to all those scary machines, not being able to tell which one said she was O.K.
I couldn’t do this anymore. It was driving me insane sitting her waiting. I got out of my chair and headed to the door.
‘Jacob?’ a weak voice called me from behind. I smiled. It was Bella! She was O.K!! All this worrying was for nothing. I turned back around ran up to the bed in 2 strides. I hugged her so hard, because she was safe. My Bella was back and I never wanted to let go of her.
‘Ow, ahh... Jacob?’ Bella said from somewhere in my chest. ‘I do still need to breathe’
‘Oh... sorry’ I let her go and smiled.
She was hesitant. ‘Could you please go get Edward?’ ‘I need to talk to you both.’

Chapter 10
She chose him of course. I could I be so stupid letting my hopes get up so high and then just sitting down and watching them fall down again. I hated myself. How could I think she loved me? After all this time I should know that her feelings for the bloodsucker couldn’t just disappear in a week, and I thought they would. I was just the rebound boy that Bella used shamelessly. But I couldn’t say I didn’t like it. The week we spent together was the best week of my life and I don’t think anything could top it.
I walked out the door and into the forest. I had to think.
‘What are you doing here Leah?’ I said through a clenched jaw. I did not need or want her here invading my space and mind.
‘Exactly what you’re doing here.’ She answered snobbily ‘Getting away from it all.’ ‘And, also I need to talk to you.’ Her voice trailed off on the last part.
‘What the hell do you want?’
‘How did you deal with it?’ Leah said shyly. ‘The first time you phased I mean.’
WHAT.THE.HELL? She couldn’t mean Seth he first phased ages ago. So she must mean. Oh no, she can’t be a werewolf!!
‘Hello?’ She called as she knocked on my head with her fist. ‘Please use your peanut sized brain to answer me!!’
I finally got over the shock enough to laugh. ‘Oh my god, you seriously phased?’ I said in between my laughing fit.
Before I knew it, she picked me up and threw me into the water below. ‘Yes, I did actually and if you laugh about one more time, I will cut off your balls and send them to Bella.’ ‘Gift-wrapped.’ She stormed off.

Chapter 11
‘Just go get him please’
‘Why?’ replied Edward.
‘I need to talk to him’
‘Just forget about him’ Edward said as he kissed me on the forehead.
‘No!’ I yelled and stormed off.
I was angry. I was angry at Jacob, for walking off and not letting me explain. I was angry at Edward, for being angry at himself and Jacob. But, most of all I was angry at myself. Jacob probably hates me now and thinks I used him as a rebound. I wanted to explain but I didn’t know what to say and if anything I said would make it better.
The forest was calm and beautiful. Unlike life, it remained unchanged. It probably not changed for hundreds of years. But, the best thing about the forest is that it is consistent. It is always there. It doesn’t move or change. It stays the same. Unlike life.
‘BELLA?’ A beautiful voice behind me yelled
‘Edward?’ I yelled back. ‘Edward, what’s wrong?’
Edward ran out of the forest with all of his family except Esme. Edward didn’t explain. He picked me up and ran back to the house.
‘You must stay here with Esme.’ He said. ‘Jacob has gotten himself into a bit of trouble.’
‘Wait, no! I want to help! Tell me what’s wrong!’ I screamed in his arms ‘What happened?’ ‘What did he do?!’

Chapter 12
‘He and Leah found a large coven of old vampires hunting and tried to take them down’ I watched Bella’s face turn to absolute terror as I told her this. She knew there was no way he could survive unless both the pack and my family helped them.
‘GO!’ she screamed at me and pointed to the door. ‘GO, now!’
I knew she couldn’t take this and the stress was overtaking. ‘Esme!’ I called and she appeared in the doorway. ‘Please make sure Bella gets some rest.’
‘Of course, Edward’ she answered as I ran in to the forest.

It was bad. Jacob and Leah had only managed to take down 2 of the 7 vampires before the others turned on them. This must have been a spur of the moment thing. Nobody could be that stupid.
It was agonizing. Totally bad. I had no way of knowing what was happening and who had been hurt. Or if he will survive. I sat down and started to sob. The shaking made my stomach twist and lurch. I ran to the sink and was violently sick. I heard Esme come in and put a cold hand on my suddenly burning forehead.
‘Come, lie down on the couch and relax.’ She led to the couch and I lay down. As soon as I was comfort able she dashed off and brought back a bucket and a wet towel. She placed it on my head and sat down and put my head in her lap. Soon, as I drifted off to sleep, Esme started to hum my lullaby. As I Slept, I dreamt.
It was the same seen I had seen in my head when I kissed Jacob the first time, but something had changed. There was me, with a copper-skinned baby in my arms, Jacob, the huge russet wolf to the right of me. But, as I looked at it, a god-like creature stood as still as a statue on my right with his arm stretched out around my waist. A few seconds later, I realized it was Edward.

Chapter 13
Voices. All I could hear was voices. Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Jacob. Wait, Jacob?!?
I sat up to fast. The bucket was gone, so I ran to the bathroom. After, being sick, I came down the stairs.
‘Umm… could I got home and brush my teeth?’ I said and everyone stopped what they were doing.
Alice skipped forward. ‘It’s ok, I got them and told Charlie we came back and you were having a sleep over here.’ She explained
Fun. I knew what sleep-over’s meant with Alice. Manicures, Pedicures Make-over’s, Fashion shows were all part of Alice’s list of things to do on a sleep over. Maybe I can get out of it by being ill.
I scanned the room until I saw him. He was sitting in a wheelchair and wincing away from something Carlisle was going to put on the cuts on his face.
I ran up to him and hugged him.
‘Owww…ahhh Bella very sore here’ He said and pulled away from my embrace.
‘Oh, sorry’ I said and instead kissed him on the forehead. ‘Where’s Leah?’
‘She didn’t want to be treated here so she went to the hospital’ replied Carlisle ‘Her injuries were not as bad as Jacobs’
‘Oh, ok’ I said and ran over to the sink. I really needed to brush my teeth now. I heard Edward come up behind me and put his cold hand on my forehead. I could hear Jacob and Carlisle in the lounge room.
‘What’s wrong with her?’ asked Jacob in a pained voice as Carlisle treated him.
‘At first I thought it was just gastro, but now I think it maybe worst’ Said Carlisle.
‘Worst as in what?’ asked Jacob but Carlisle didn’t answer. I walked up the stairs to the bathroom and I remembered the little box of tampons in my toiletries bag.
‘How long have I been here?’ I called out down the stairs.
‘About a week’ Carlisle answered.
‘Shit, a week’ I said under my breath. I did the math in my head. I had missed.
‘Carlisle?’ I called down the stairs.
This couldn’t be right.

Chapter 14
Pregnant. It felt weird even saying it. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I was pregnant. I had Jacob’s child living inside me and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to stay with Edward, but I couldn’t cut Jacob out of the picture now. We were in this together, and I just hoped they would both understand what I wanted to do.
I had never thought about having kids, because the life I had chosen had not entitled them, and I was fine with that.
Later that night when I came back from the creek, I walked into the Cullen’s dining room to find Alice and Rosalie planning something at the table.
‘What do you think?’ Alice asked Rosalie holding up 2 colored pieces of card.
‘What about purple in the background and then the writing on the yellow?’ Replied Rosalie, showing Alice what she meant.
Oh, no. What was she planning this time?
‘Alice, What are you planning and how many people are coming?’ I asked Alice starting to panic.
‘Don’t freak out Bella.’ Said Alice, turning to me. ‘We’re only planning the baby shower.’
‘What? No, no baby shower, at least not yet, I only found out I was pregnant this morning.’
‘It’s not like it will be tomorrow, Bella’ said Alice, showing something else to Rosalie and nodding. She turned back to me. ‘and you can be in charge of the guest list.’
I left the room. I couldn’t take this. I was too tired.

Chapter 15
On my way home I decided to drop into Jacob’s house.
‘Pretty weird, right?’ I asked Jacob
He stopped working on the car in his garage and walked over to me.
‘Yeah, I mean, it’s not that I’m not happy about it, I just can’t believe I’m going to be a Dad.’
We ended up on first beach, sitting on the driftwood log like we had the first time I came here.
‘No, no way!’ I said opening a can of coke.
‘Ok, then umm…Tyla Renee Black?’ Said Jacob, still laughing.
‘I like it, but what about Tyla Sarah Black?’ I said. ‘For a girl, and then, Jayden Charlie Black?’
‘Ok, cool’ He said but seemed distant.
‘I’d better get home’ I said and Jacob drove me home.
In my sleep, I felt someone cold lie next to me and hold my hand. I turned over and snuggled up closer to him. I heard him hum a beautiful lullaby and I fell into a deeper sleep.

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