Looking down, the cracked concrete was spattered with the sunlight that filtered through the leaves of the oak trees above, I could forget. Not quite though. The cracks almost made a picture looking from this high up, but it was incomplete. Broken. I studied them trying to find a meaning in the random lines. Trying to make sense of the senseless. I looked  up into the trees and saw a bird watching me curiously,not afraid, not knowing it should be afraid. I went back to studying the intricate  web below me and thought of how horrible people really are. Men would shoot the bird to feel that they are in control, that they have the power. A child would strangle it just because he doesn’t know how fragile a life really is. People talk, people act, without any real consideration for others feelings, how their own lives affect everyone around them. A sudden image came to the forefront of my mind. Myself, gently cradled by the network of lines below me, giving meaning to the meaningless. The sunlight filtering through making me look like a doll left out by my owner when she was done playing, forgetting just how precious and fragile I am. I wonder how I’d feel, flying through the air. The twenty foot free fall. Would I feel like I was flying? Would I feel nothing? Would I feel as everything I ever knew was just a fragment of my imagination, and I  was only in a very long nightmare? I pulled myself to the railing on my balcony. What would it be like when I hit the ground? How much would it hurt? Would it hurt at all? Would I simply be falling out of my bed? I looked up at the innocent young bird above me once more, and this time it fluttered away, rapidly, leaving me forever. I stepped out into the empty air, with the scant sun filtering above hitting my face, the holes in concrete beckoning me, I fell. Never blinking once.

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