This is a story my friend and I are writing. Its about a girl named Alexis Wolf who is both vampire & werewolf. Throughout her journey she finds she was born of a royal family and that she is the heir to the throne. But, can she get the throne when her stepsister Luna tries to kill her and rule all of Arcadia? Along the way Alexis makes friends and runs into a few enemies as well


Hope u like the story. Comment if u like. Plz n Thnx. :)


Chapter 1: You can’t bite off more than you can chew!!


Long ago in a world far away there was a king na ed Alex and a queen named Lilia; they ruled the vampires and werewolves. Alex was the King of the vampires and Lilia was the Queen of the werewolves. Lilia wanted a child but her husband didn’t. But, to her surprise she was pregnant. She knew that if Alex found out, he would want to kill the child.


She spent most of her time in the garden picking names for her little one, She had picked the perfect name; Alexis. The king went out looking for her tha very day and found her in the garden where he proposed to her. He overheared her talking about how Alexis will one day rule the creatures of Arcadia. He watched her rub her rounnd, gloiwing stomach, slowly smiling. He was shocked, he had left her and went to see the witches.

  “What is the future of my child?”, he asks the witches. They  look into their cauldron.

  “She will overrule you, my Lord, and banish you for what you are doing to this kingdom.”, one witch croaked. "You must take caution, My Lord, or you will fall."

He left immediatly and went back to the palace. On his way to the palace he thought carelessly about killing his own child. He would have to get his wife to trust him enough to poison her; to kill his wife along with the child. ‘Yes I will rule the kingdom alone. No one is going to take anything from me. Not even my own flesh and blood. I will rule, forever.’ He thought and smiled.


Alex went to her again the next morning. He observed two werewolves guarding the entrance. He cleared his throat; Lilia stood slowly and faced him, the man that was going to kill her and her precious daughter.

  “Oh, dear you startled me.” He walked over to her and took her hands in his gently.

  “Lilia, you didn’t tell me we were having a child.”He said, his voice grave. She turned pale     and backed away from him quickly. The wolves were in front of her in minutes, growling at Alex. She hugged her stomach, “I won’t let you hurt her!” He looked at her, sadness and hurt in his dark eyes.

  “My love, I would never hurt our child.” She trusted him in an instant. After all she was married to him. She knew him better than anyone in Arcadia. She called the wolves off and they stalked back over to their positions.

  "You won't? But you said you didn’t want to have a child!” Alex walked over to her and stroked her cheek gently.

  “I did say that. I didn’t mean now, but later. Now that I know we are going to have a child, I have a change of heart. I want to be the best father i can possibly be-”,she put her finger to his lips before he could finish.

  “Alexis, darling. Her name is Alexis.”

  “Yes of course. Alexis- our daughter Alexis." He smiles and she feels relaxed. He hugs her, while hiding an evil smile.

  “Let me make you some tea, my dear. My family makes it to have birth easier and it relaxes you from the child’s playing.”She went over to the table and nodded, smiling. He left her and went to go get the tea. This tea was special. Some may say it kills you a little inside if you drink it. Lilia drank the poisoned tea that her husband gave her everyday and with everyday passing she grows weaker and sicker. She ordered the wolves to find out what was making her so weak. They found out that the king was causing her to be ill by plucking the petals of the Dark Rose, which was said to not exist. The king’s grandfather had been growing them in his garden in secret.

He forgot to hide a petal that was misplaced. They showed the deadly petal to the queen, they quickly left to test it at the Royal science building in the east side of the palace. It was indeed the rare deadly plant existed. The only other Dark Rose could be found in the human world in a tropical forest in South America. They liquified the deadly petal and sprinkled some of it on a beautiful red rose. They watched as it started to wither and crumple, slowly dieing. The blackend and dead petals fall slowly to the floor. Lilia is now enraged.Lilia thought about baby Alexis still inside her, it was almost time to give birth. From now on whenever Alex would bring her tea she would pour it out the window.

Days passed and she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She was to be the new ruler of the creatures, it was her destiny. The next day one of the wolves overheard the king saying that he would soon kill Alexis. Lilia immeadietly took her beloved daughter to the human realm and appeared in front of a house and looked through the window and saw a happy, young couple picking baby names. She overhears them wanting a child, that they've been wanting one for quite some time now. She looks down at Alexis in her arms & takes part of her heart necklace off and puts it around her daughter’s neck. She kisses her forehead and lays her down gently in front of the door of the happy couple, and rang the doorbell. She hid behind a tree near the house. She saw the man come out, he looked around confused. He saw Alexis on the floor, picked her up, and took one last look around and went back inside. Lilia closed her eyes and whispered softy,

  “Soon, my child I will see you once more. Please don’t forget me my dear one, I will watch over you…” she opened her eyes tears running down her face, she choked on words to say.

She made the portal appear in front of her and she took one last look. “You will always be my child… goodbye Alexis. I will always love you.” she turns to the portal & disappears. She appeared in front of the wolves; they looked at her and saw that the princess was gone. She looked at them tears filling up her eyes.

  “She’s safe now but promise me that you will find her when she is sixteen, train her and make her learn to control her powers. Remember, she’s vampire and werewolf so it will be hard for her so please, make her happy?” they looked at her stunned but nodded. She walked over towards her guard and fell to the ground at his feet. Adolf came to her and lifted her head up into his lap. She looked up at him and smiled.

  “Make sure they don’t find her in the human world.” He nodded.

  “My queen, please, don’t talk you need you rest.” She shook her head and took the other heart necklace off and gave it to him.

  “Give this to her, if you think she is my daughter. She has the other part of the necklace. I got the witches to make the necklace magical it will help you find Alexis. When I die my soul will live on until my husband is dead.”

He was frightened, “Don’t say such things my queen.” She giggled.

  “That’s what I love about you Adolf, you tell me to never give up but you know that I’m right. Am I not?” he looked at her with tears running down his face. She gently brushed his tears away.

  “Take me to my so called husband, Adolf.” He nodded and picked her up.

  “I will make sure my son Shanninger will protect her, my queen. No need to worry.”

When they were heading to the kings’ study. Adolf stopped, holding Lilia tighter, growling. The queen weakly raised her arm, but her voice was still power.

 “Come out.” she demanded. The vampires came out from hiding and bowed to Lilia. She coldy glared at all of them.

 “Did my husband sent you to kill me?” One of the vampires stood and looked into Lilia's eyes.

 “Yes, but I will not follow him. Please my queen, I ask of you to let us be by your side and protect you.”She looked into his eyes seeing that he really wanted to help her.

 “You may, but you will not protect me. My daughter, Alexis, needs protection. When I die you will be in a great war with my husband. If you happen to go through the same fate as I, then please tell your child to protect Alexis.” He bowed repectfully to her.

 “Yes my queen, my son Jose will protect your daughter from anything that happens. I will make sure nothing interferes with your conversation with the king.”  She smiles weakly. “Thank you.” Adolf loosened his grip and relaxed, Lilia smiled at Adolf.

 “I think I can stand now, Adolf. Put me down, please.” He obeyed but still held her hand to support her.



The king was looking at the clock waiting for his soon to-be-dead wife to fall so he can be king forever. Lilia, Adolf, and the wolves came through the door. He looked at her, worry and confusion on his face.

 “What’s wrong love, are you not feeling good?”

She smiles, “You will never rule Arcadia and I will make sure of that, my love. I can’t believe I didn’t see it right away that you were trying to kill me and all this time I truly loved you. But never again will I make that mistake. I will make sure my daughter will not make it as well. I had made sure to hide her from you.” She walked towards Alex and glaring holes into his eyes, “She will come and take the crown from you when she is eighteen and I will make sure she has help to overthrow you!” Lilia then fell to the ground. Before Adolf could go to Lilia a swarm of vampires entered the room.

The king stood there smiling. He looked at Adolf,
  “You are going to tell me where my daughter is you filthy mutt!” Alex slaps Adolf across the face. Adolf falls to the floor, blood dripping from his mouth. He glares into Alex's eyes with such hatred. He spits at the kings feet.

  “Even if I did know, it would be over my dead body!” The king shook his head.

  “I guess I have no choice... No, wait, I could use you and your pack. Guards lock him and his filthy friends in the dungeon.”

Just as they're were putting chains on Adolf and his pack, Josh came in the room. Adolf looked at him and saw him chained up as well.

  “What are you doing to my brother?” Ember comes forward, looking at Alex.

  “My lord, he has sided with the queen,” One of the guards bark. Ember walks over towards Josh and puts a hand on his shoulder.

  “Is this true, brother?”Josh shook off his brothers hand.

  “Yes it is.” Josh doesn't look at his brother. Alex’s hands turn into a fist at his sides.

  “Why?” Josh look him in the eye, "Because darkness has consumed you brother, I had to choose you and kill everything that opposes you or saves you.” Alex looked at him then at Lilia.

  “Did she tell you that? You know better then to choose the enemy brother. You could be killed for it but since you saved me from death last time, I will spare your life. Come with me brother; let us rule all of Arcadia together.” He opened his arms to welcome his brother to the kingdom that they would soon rule, but Josh refused to go anywhere near him.

  “I must refuse, I gave my word to the queen to stay by her side.”

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