Make a descrition of the Superhero or the Villain you are... and you may want to post a picture! :D

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I'm Countess Dracula! I'm a sexy hot bad-a** vampire. I love to drink blood and I can kill you in a minute.
I possess numerous different supernatural abilities inherent in vampirism, along with additional skills derived from mine abilities as a necromancer which allows me to commune with the dead. I have physical strength (equivalent to 20 men), I'm immune to conventional means of attack. I can defy gravity to a certain extent, I'm able to climb upside down vertical surfaces in a reptilian manner. I also have powerful hypnotic and mind control abilities, and am also able to command the loyalty of nocturnal animals such as wolves and rats. I can also manipulate the weather, usually creating mists to hide my presence, but also storms (so that the Cullen's can play baseball). I can shapeshift and I don't require other sustenance but fresh blood, which has the effect of rejuvenating.


I found this pics... I think they're cool!

I am Violet Parr.

I can go invisible. I have force fields. And I have rumors for a sequel.
I am quite shy by nature and hate my superhero costume... I gave it a makeover.
I used to be able to fly... but the superhero committee took that ability away from me :(

Pictures of me:

the superhero i would be is batgirl! but the willain i would have to be ...... joker!!!!




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