Chapter one.

Last night I dreamt of Edward. Again. I dreamt I was in the car talking to him about being a vampire. That I saw him sparkle. That I was being hunted by James. I hate Bella. She has Edward. Why can’t I have him? I stared around my room at all of the Twilight merchandise I had bought since the movie came out. I had Rosalie’s Cullen crest necklace AND Alice’s choker. “Kaylie, wake up now!” My mum called from the bottom of the stairs. I pulled off my satin nightgown –the sort Alice might make Bella wear –and put half of my uniform on. It was a typical English high school one. Navy blue trousers, blue shirt, navy blazer and tie. Ugh. I had customised mine with badges with pictures of Edward –I had two packs of four of those. And loads of “I love boys who sparkle” ones too! I brushed my brown hair out of my face and put my brown contacts in. I was just like Kristen; green eyes and in desperate need of contacts. I had wanted gold ones but couldn’t find them. My mum initially didn’t want to get me ANY. I convinced her that I would pay for them with my £50 allowance for this month and the following. Even though it meant I wouldn’t get anymore Twilight merch. I could live without that –it was just the fact of my books being so torn that I couldn’t make out a word of them. As I walked downstairs to the kitchen I tripped –hoping Edward would save me. Ouch! I felt the pain of a huge bruise. But it hurt too much to be a bruise. “OME! Mum! I think I’ve broken something!” I already knew answer –see I’m psychic like Alice too! It would be “I told you Bella had a bad life!” And she would say it in three… two…one. “I told you Bella had a bad life!” Knew it. I sat there writhing in pain –it was like I’d been bitten by a vampire rather than slipped down the stairs –until my mother finally came and examined it; she was after all a doctor. “Yup, definitely broken. I’ll get the safety people in –this place is an accident zone!” I looked up hopefully.
“Does this mean I won’t –“
“No.” I was the only psychic in the family. “Just because you broke a bone doesn’t mean you are excused from school. You will just be late and excused from PE.” Good enough. None of the Cullen’s liked it and nor did Bella. You win some you lose some.

Chapter two.

Mum drove me to the hospital to get a cast on my leg. I had to stay there for a while to fill in some forms but then I had to go back to school. I grabbed my crutches and bag. It was a simple over-shoulder bag with the Twilight film poster on it. My friends don’t see what I see in Twilight. To them it’s ‘a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire and then almost gets killed a million times and then becomes a vampire and they live happily ever after.’ I had actually given them each a complete shortened version of each of the stories so that they could read it. The only things I had kept were the prefaces. I walked through the doors of reception. “Edward let you oversleep again, Kaylie?” the receptionist asked me sarcastically. “No, I sprained my ankle.” I replied. Right. She would be thinking. And I broke my leg climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. I was a mind-reader like Edward too. “Just get to second period.” She muttered. Whatever! I took that thought back… Edward wouldn’t be pleased with me. I limped to my Drama class.

“Kaylie Young, where were you in registration. And DON’T say that you were almost run over by a van and then Edward saved you.” My drama teacher, Mrs White is, over-dramatic. “No I didn’t. I fell down a flight of stairs and sprained my ankle. Then I had to go to hospital because my mum didn’t have the right equipment at home. Happy?” I didn’t get the whole conflict between Harry Potter and Twilight. Twilight is better, end of. But the rest of my school loves Harry Potter!? “Satisfied.” Don’t make me get Edward in here! “We are working on the school play… no it isn’t Twilight. Instead we are doing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” I would’ve hissed if it didn’t get me a detention. “I have cast James as Harry, Hannah as Hermione and Leonard as Ron. The rest of you haven’t been cast and will be in the dance studio…” I hate dance studios. This was the worst day of my life by far –Harry Potter and a dance studio! “Recreating the fight scene in Twilight?” I guessed. Mrs White laughed a somewhat evil laugh. “No. You are going to choreograph a Quidditch match.” I want to move schools! This school is all Harry Potter (AKA last century) but I am Twilight. They don’t like me. Bunch of freaks, they set up an anti-twilight campaign to drive me out. A bit harsh but I’d be happy to leave. As usual parents have to interfere, I am staying at this school, in this year eight class until I finish the year and then and only then can I move out. So much to my own and the rest of the school’s disappointment, they have to put up with me for another month. Why does nobody like Twilight? Harry Potter is, to me, an old fashioned novel with a hero. Like most books. I would rather die than read Harry Potter. Even my own sister liked Harry Potter! “You know what!? I hate Harry Potter! He is such a dork in comparison to Edward Cullen!”
“That is an arguable point, Miss Young.” I rolled my eyes. She was always like this. “No.” I whisked out a picture which I had created to compare Edward Cullen to Harry Potter; the book versions –actors just don’t do Edward justice. “All dorks have glasses. Do you see any glasses on Edward? No. Edward is muscled, sparkles. And Harry is just a weedy…” I trailed off.
“Dork?” Someone –I was in too bad a mood to process who it was –said.
“Yeah.” I mouthed. I sulked. This was the worst day of my life.

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I still like this! ^ ^
YAY! I have finally finished chapter 3!!! YAY!!!!

Chapter Three

It was this particular winter night that I dreamed differently of Edward. I was in the film of Eclipse. I was Bree. Instead of going to tell Bella to look away whilst Jane killed –me, I guess – ran forward and scooped me up in his arms. It was then I realised I needed an Edward of my own. I woke up and without thinking threw on some clothes over my pyjamas grabbed my mum’s credit card and my phone and headed out the door. The second I got out there I realised I’d made a huge mistake. I ran back inside.

I didn’t sleep well for the remainder of that night; my chicken-out on the opportunity to leave home was the main reason. “Kaylie? We are moving to Arizona. Do you mind?” That was all my mum said before I ‘whooped’ and screamed. “I thought you would like that. We will be moving to Phoenix, in fact.”
“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! AAAAGHH!” I screamed. I had to blog this. ‘Hey people! I am moving away from Harry Potter heaven (AKA my personal hell) and I am moving to Phoenix! So much nicer weather-wise! And I bet I will be going to a school which shares my love of the best book on Earth! Countdown: 1 month, 1 day.
I had downloaded a customisable countdown timer –I made it look like a golden eye with the countdown thingy in the black part of the eye.

I arrived to school early that day, the news had to be spread that these losers would never be honoured by my presence again –Christmas was coming after all. They would be over the moon that I had left and I wouldn’t have to be in that stupid play of a book. The bell rang then. I ran to form. “Miss Wright! I have an announcement!” She nodded, then I took the stage. “I know you all hate me for my loyalty to ‘some useless writer who did no planning at all’ but you won’t need to hate me anymore!” I had shuddered as I quoted my ex-boyfriend from summer. “You’re one of us now!?” It was him that asked this.
“Ha. As if. No, I am going to move to Phoenix!” This was largely cheered and ‘whooped’. Good sign.

When I arrived home from school all I could think was ‘pack as much as you can and leave early’. My mother booked a flight to Phoenix for me so I could stay with my aunt for a couple of weeks while she and Daddy sent our furniture etcetera over. Perfection!
cool! love your story! <33 definitely write more! ;)




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