A brief summary: It has been three months now and Bella, Edward and Renesmee still haven’t returned from their family vacation. Emmett decides to go after them… only to discover that they have been kidnapped by the Egyptian coven.

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1. I thought family holidays were 3 weeks…

“This is mad!” I muttered, not that there was much of a point; everyone could hear me even if I wanted it to be a comment supposed to be to myself. Next time I would have to think it. No Edward’s here to read my mind –he was on his ‘family vacation’ in London. “What is mad?” Alice asked.
“My little sister said she would have a 3 week holiday in London, England then go to France for Christmas. It is February. I need to have a go at tracking.” Rose shook her head instantly.
“Not this year.”
“Come on! I am –according to Nessie’s birth certificate anyway –Nessie’s legal guardian. I have a right to know where she is!”
“But that is a forged certificate. Hardly a legal document.”
“Stop being difficult, Rose! Edward said he was in Paris in his last postcard –he said he was alternating between the hotel room and la Tour Eiffel.” It was then that I heard mail fall through the letter box. I smelt the scent of Edward’s ink and the vague scent of Amun from the Egyptian coven? He was probably giving up and taking Benjamin to join the Volturi and they saw them passing by …. But why would he go with him? I couldn’t at all smell Benjamin’s sandy-muddy scent. I had to wrestle the postcard out of Alice’s hands. I gasped.
Dear Carlisle. It said. Due to the issues which were faced 3 years ago when the child was young, we have taken Edward, Isabella and Renesmee. You can reclaim them; however it may be quite costly: $900000 to be precise. Thank you for your understanding, Amun.
“Carlisle! Amun sent you a postcard!” I called. He was there before a human could blink. “Oh dear. Do you intend on doing something about this Emmett?” He asked.
“Hell yeah! I am bailing my little sister out of jail!”
2. Eyeliner is the demon

“Don’t worry, Nessie. We will be out of here soon.” Bella and Nessie were worried to death about this: we were trapped in a… cage made of sand? In the middle of… the Sahara desert? Courtesy of Benjamin. “How do you know? Daddy, I want to get out now!” I shook my head. We had only been in Paris for a day when we ran into Amun. He had insisted we come and visit him in his holiday apartment. We agreed to go right then and the next thing I knew… I was here. Amun was overly smug about the $900K ransom he had. “Edward, will we be here long?” Bella asked. ‘No.’ I wanted to say. ‘We will be here until I can be bothered to dig us out.’ “I hope not. It depends on whether Carlisle pays up. Emmett won’t be to keen on that idea and will try to get us out. Three days tops perhaps?” Bella groaned. “Don’t worry, love, I might have tried digging us out by then.” ‘Get the eyeliner Tia! It’s time we gave our friends a souvenir they will never forget!’ I hope that Alice has Edward as a guinea pig in her make-up experiments. This’d be so much less painful for him if that were the case. This –to me –indicated something dire like make up. I could imagine that Bella thought the same. If only Amun hadn’t taken my cell phone. I sighed. “Bella, we are going to be having a makeover. Maybe more specifically…” Amun passed us then stopped.
“Edward, be a darling and test out some eyeliner for Tia.”
“You could easily ask Bella to.”
“But I want you to.”
“So that you want to leave.”
“How come I haven’t already then?”
“Because I am ten times as fast and strong as you and I have Benjamin.”
“Yes, are you going to come or do I have to drag you out.”
“I will come.”
“Good. He will be right back, Bella.”

I followed him silently through a pyramid. I cannot wait to see his face when he sees what I have in store for him. I grimaced. Drat. You can read my mind, can’t you? Just nod. I nodded. “Good. Now make it appear that you are scared.” I let out a fake scream and flailed my arms in an overly dramatic way. “Very good. Sit down. And close your… no don’t close your eyes: just sit down.” 3. 2. 1… “I want you to pretend you are elsewhere… hunting for instance.” Sounds like a threat. Hunting humans or wearing eyeliner? An easy decision but Carlisle would disagree with whichever I chose. Option three: Run!!!
Will work.
I sped to the closest exit. There were many exits but I could smell Bella’s new water lily and sand scent from a distance. I had forgotten a teeny-tiny detail though; Amun was ten times as fast and strong as me and he had Benjamin. Crap. Dear oh dear oh dear. I fake-screamed again, this time without the fakeness.
This is awesome! I mean not very many people do things from Emmett's point of view! This is excellent! I am becoming a huge fan of your fanfics!
Catherine said:
This is awesome! I mean not very many people do things from Emmett's point of view! This is excellent! I am becoming a huge fan of your fanfics!

Yay! I have a fan! Chapter 3 will be here as soon as I have finished my maths homework!
3. Marathon’s are easy

“No Em, think this through. If anything happens to you. I will bloody well kill Amun –that’s definite. But if anything happens to you… you know how Edward was last time. I will be ten times worse because I won’t have the reassurance of Alice’s visions. You would be gone. And I would be in a state miles worse than Edwards.” Mwahahaha. Good speech Rose, I’m still going. I didn’t say that though. Not out loud, she would kill me herself then go mad. And then there is always the regret stage. “Nice speech Rose. It won’t stop me leaving. I will take Alice. She will be helpful. And then I might take Jasper. We could be the terrible trio! It would be so much fun… Oh. Of course you could come. It wouldn’t be much fun without you. And I guess the dog will want to come as well. And I might make Esme come and if Esme is coming Carlisle is as well. Package deal they are. Yup, that’s a date.”
Ha! I didn’t say what you thought I would did I?
“Equally good speech, Emmett. I have changed my mind; you can go alone. I will make Alice keep you up to date with what she sees –she just saw Edward getting tortured with eyeliner.” I shuddered. It is part of the job description as a male Cullen to avoid eyeliner at all costs. “And I will keep you up to date with what sort of whining the dog does. Ness will like that.”
“That’s fine.”
I would start the stopping of speaking in long phrases.
“So when are you going to…?”
“EMMETT! COME HERE ASAP! MAJOR URGENTNESS! YOU ARE NEEDED!” I could only imagine what Alice wanted. “Cominglittlesister.” I spoke quickly, running the words into each other. Kindoflikethis. Ilikedoingthat. I will stop that now. Maybejustonemoretime. No, definitely stopping now.
I was down in a 1.23467 seconds. Very good. “I just saw Bella facing the eyeliner. In about two weeks. Hurry up. You know what it will do to her. Just go now!” I left before she finished.

By the end of the day I could’ve easily made it to Russia but I stopped to hunt in Quebec. Instead I was at the border of Alaska. I ambushed a couple and nicked a key card for a hotel room. I wanted to be able to see where I was going when I was swimming. More than I could see anyway. I considered grabbing a change of clothes from the man’s suitcase but when I tried they didn’t fit. I decided I would go hunting again –I didn’t want to kill anyone on the way there –just for fun.

The next morning I was out the 4th floor window of the hotel room by 4am. I had a long swim ahead of me. I was in Russia in ten minutes.

Side note: I have no idea if this is geographically accurate, but just pretend it is –I refuse to look in a map book/ atlas etc. Deal with it! Rant over.
Okay this is still great as ever! *Waves #1 Fan Banner*
4. Emmett= superman =coming to save me!

“Mommy, where is Daddy?” I knew where he was, I just didn’t want Momma to know that. “Um… I think he is with Amun.” She paused for 2 eighths seconds.
“But Mommy he went yesterday. Don’t you think they would’ve finished facing him with whatever method of torture they have for him?”
“I have no idea, sweetheart. I would tell you certainly if I knew. For now let me concentrate on keeping my shield over you –I have no clue what any of them can do and I don’t want to risk anything.” I sighed. Mommy said that this would be a happy holiday to a big town that Grandpa Carlisle lived three-hundred-and-something years ago. It was until we were in Paris. We met Amun –I met him when I was a baby –and he made us go with him to his apartment then he put me in a big bag like they do in old-fashioned films and said that if Mommy and Daddy wanted to see me again they would have to follow him and his big bag of… me. I shuddered at this memory. I grabbed Mommy’s hand and showed her it. “I was so scared then, I’m so sorry this isn’t the holiday you wanted. But we can’t escape. I only hope that Emmett or someone is coming for us.” Right on queue, my phone vibrated in my pocket. “Hi!”
“Hello, Nessie, is Be-your Mom there?”
“Uh… yeah. Hang on.” I handed the phone over to my legal guardian whilst staring at the pile of crushed metal in the corner of this cell. I kept mine well hidden and mixed it with my scent somehow. “Emmett?”
“Hi, Bella I am coming for you, starting packing what little you have –I will be there in two days.” Mommy smiled, nodded at me and replied:
“Excellent. Hurry up –Renesmee is getting bored. And Edward is being…”
“I know, Alice told me before I left –she thought it would be too late if I… left today?” His tone held a hint of questioning.
“No, no –you would’ve been too late regardless of when you left. Amun is a somewhat criminal genius.” I heard Emmett’s laugh from the other end of the telephone. “It wasn’t meant to be a joke.”
“It was still funny.” Mommy rolled her eyes.
“But it wasn’t meant to be. You have a twisted sense of humor, Emmett.”
“I know.” Mommy started shouting at him, I didn’t listen to what she said. “Two days. Getting packing. Now. HI NESSIE!” I smiled.
“Hi Uncle Emmett!”
“Bye Nessie, Isabella.” I giggled when I heard him use Mommy’s –I mean ‘Isabella’s’ full name. He laughed his booming laugh with me –not that he knew what I was laughing about –and hung up.
“Sweetie –do you think you could help Daddy escape the evil clutches of the evil Amun? Did I mention he was evil?” I giggled again.
“Yes to both, Mother dearest.”
“Ok, you can escape underground through the tunnel which you dig on your way out…”
*bows down to your gloriusness* You are great!
Catherine said:
*bows down to your gloriusness* You are great!

Lol, thanks. This chapter is kind of random but last time I wrote in Alice's POV it went kind of randomer...

5. Londoners are weird

A day had passed since Emmett left and I was growing impatient. It was driving Jasper –and everyone else for that matter –insane; I didn’t care at all. I decided to have another retail therapy session. Another because when Emmett was out of the country I had gone shopping. I was wearing my new black pencil skirt and frilly orange blouse with a pair of shoes which belonged to Nessie; she was my shoe size now –it was somewhat depressing. These shoes were black and white ankle boots. I adored them. I had spilt orange juice on the heel to make it work for the outfit. Rihanna style. But I had to use paint instead because orange juice just made a horrible ugly stain. A Kelly Clarkson song came to mind. With tweaking:
Never again will I use juice
Never again will I use orange
Never again will I use orange juice

Not very good tweaking, but tweaking nonetheless. I was yearning to drive my Porsche but Edward would kill me if I did. So I grabbed his Volvo keys.

I was in Seattle in less than ten minutes. I drove extra fast. I parked in a public parking building. I first walked at a respectable human pace –I needed to window shop. I saw a beautiful green dress –it wasn’t pink –knee-length and poofy. It had that net-like material which most humans hated –Bella never wore it as a human so I can’t say she didn’t like it, I doubt she would though. She never liked anything that wasn’t real cotton or denim. Nope. This had ‘will-never-ever-ever-in-a-million-years-even-if-knife-at-throat’ written all over it in Bella’s book. But I liked it. I bought it anyway. I could modify it if she refused to wear it but that would only be when I saw her at a party… not wearing it. Nope, nothing.

Something really weird happened. I was in my favourite boutique when a man came up to me and said “I know your secret.” I instantly thought, oh no. We will have to leave. Again. But then he surprised me and said, “You are a Cullen! Your brother is in Egypt and he is getting tormented by eyeliner! He will die soon!” And he continued this mad blabbering for about ten minutes –I just pretended to listen and added an ‘oh’ or ‘wow’ in where appropriate. Like Bella with Jessica –only this was a total stranger. Then he said something that shocked me. Even more so. “I know what you are.” I quoted Edward and then he quoted Bella. All this was said in a London, England accent. My conclusion: Londoners are weird and I have no idea how Edward managed to be around them.
I got sick of the old name. I need a better one. Help please! I have the next chapter ready...

6. This is what happens in a typical post-male-vamp-meets-Mr-make-up scenario

If I were to write a diary entry of today it would state:

September 15th 2008
I am now in Africa. Squealing-noise-comes-from-mouth-as-though-totally-mad- human-girl syndrome. I have it. But then I saw Bella’s face mourning over… can vampires become unconscious? Edward’s unconscious body, he just lay there, thick liquid eyeliner and bright red lipstick on. He also had green eyeshadow on… he looked quite crazy. Nessie showed me what had happened…
Amun delivered Eddie back and he looked uber-human. I screamed and blew my cover by jumping out from behind the sand dune I was hidden behind… I knew that bit. Then he catches me doing so. For me, it all goes black, but Nessie watches in horror –I felt it and it wasn’t exactly fun –as Amun inflicts the same torture on me as he inflicted on my brother. New favourite word: inflicts. No clue what it means but it makes me sound intelligent. I also don’t know how it can all go black for a vampire. Unless someone but an indestructible blindfold on me (where the hell would they find that!?) which I doubt I should be able to remember it, unless Benjamin has more than one gift… but Benjamin has a Seth-like perspective of me being god-like. I make no sense to anyone: myself included. I don’t blame him though –I am god-like so says Rosalie –whom I will not admit to missing.

Now I am in the same animal enclosure which my sister-in-law and niece and brother have spent time in for about… two months is almost accurate. There was a small pile of crushed metal in the corner of the. Cage. Iwillcallitacage. Love that. Toomuchmuchtoomuch. Stopping. I was working on crushing the cage bars to rubble to get us out. Not. Working. Edward was ‘awake’ now (if he was asleep) and was trying to make me super angry by telling Bella everything I was thinking –he was lying for most of it which angered me further. I think he was working on the anger = strongified more. He used loads of big words which I can’t really say so I had to have it simplified (I might want to tell Rose at some point).
Nessie suits looking six years old. She has cut her hair to a manageable length and Bella refused to let her wear it in anything other than plaits. Or she would get Alice to straighten it for her. Why the hell am I thinking about hair!? I blame Bella… Edward growled at me. “Ok, little brother! Do you want to live to be 150? Obviously not. I will get us out as soon as possible. By the way, I brought clothes for you all…” Nessie had already looked in my bag. Sweet. I laughed out loud at their faces when they saw the clothing Alice had picked for them. Nessie touched my arm and showed a picture of me in a clown suit… slowly morphing into a dress. Edward laughed. Bella changed into a fairy costume which looked like it was meant for Ness. Edward wore a stereotypical vampire costume and Renesmee wore a witch’s hat. In one swift movement they were all in the clothes they had been in before. In the next second I had crushed the bars of the cage and we were out, running to get to the nearest other continent.
New chapter! I am nowhere NEAR finished yet. I still need to explain loads and get everyone out of Africa and into Europe. And there is the issue of an epilogue.

7. Missing the world.

I miss my newborn strength. Being able to beat Emmett in an arm-wrestling match was great considering when I was human I was unable to even think what that would result in. Emmett had insisted on carrying Nessie for me –I didn’t need my hands busy at all. And I had to focus on keeping the shield over the four of us. What worried me most was that I couldn’t get it over Emmett and Renesmee. But I had better things to take over my entire mind. How was Edward blinded? Who would be able to do that? Maybe it was…? No. Impossible. I lifted my shield completely off me so that Edward, Emmett and Nessie were protected but so that Edward could read my mind. Could Zafrina be responsible for your blindness? I reset the shield over all of us. “I wouldn’t want to believe it but maybe the Egyptians have a new alliance with the Amazonians. But why would Zafrina want to do it? Wait, Emmett –do you honestly think that she would? Is Amun the sort to use blackmail?”
“No, no and yes. Based on that I will change the first answers to yes. Yes to all of the above.” Emmett grinned that familiar grin which I had grown attracted to. I smelt a scent which I hadn’t smelt in two years. “Zafrina,” we all said together.
“I must say, you are all pretty good at this detective stuff. I am terribly sorry to inform you, Bella, but your shield does have holes. My ability can easily get through them. Say goodbye to Nessie. I think that this particular image will be mirrored in the real world soon –for you at least.” I had no idea how Zafrina could have had this change of heart. The first thing I saw in this illusion was the animal enclosure. (Emmett’s name for it, I like it more than I should) Me. In there. Alone. I felt Edward leave my side and Renesmee climb up onto my back. What was this?


“What have you done? You stupid woman!” Emmett yelled whilst at the same time he thought, just for show. I had Bella wrapped around me, Renesmee was hanging tightly to my free hand. She wanted to help Bella. I wouldn’t not let her –that is just plain cruel. She climbed onto Bella’s back hoping that if she showed her what she could see now, she would be able to ignore whatever Zafrina was showing her and try and listen to us through Nessie’s ears. “Sweetie, I don’t think it will-” I stopped halfway into my sentence. Emmett was fighting. “NO! Emmett, not today. Think what she could do if… if Bella isn’t focused on anything! Just stop!”
“No.” But Zafrina stopped fighting. In a single, fluid movement she had Renesmee lying on the sand ground –tears welling up in her eyes –and Bella also on the ground, dragging along like a useless sack of potatoes. No offence meant to potatoes. She was speeding up. She was all but out of sight when I was able to gather enough strength to chase after her.
8. Planning is important

When Emmett called saying that they needed back up, Rosalie, Jasper, Jacob and myself were halfway across Europe. He didn’t explain –expecting I knew to which I say pfft. He only mentioned that he had a plan. He wanted it to work and if it did there would be a cocktail party coming. That had me searching for a cocktail party. I found it and celebrated. Then I told Emmett to get working on whatever it was –I knew it involved Nessie (I would be able to see it if it didn’t) and that part –phase 1, I called it –would be over before we got there in about 3 days. I could only see some things revolving around Nessie and Jacob because I was familiar with them. Even so, the cocktail party was just the people –or vampires rather –that would be attending holding anything they would be holding on a multicoloured background. There was little I could do now; I just ran. Jasper was about a mile behind me due to a hunting stop he had which I didn’t. Rosalie was two miles ahead of me because she wanted desperately to see Emmett again. Jacob was about 500 meters ahead of her, wanting to see Nessie. I still didn’t get his reasoning for staying behind, it was the best idea anyone had had in a long time however –he was amazed that he thought of it. Such a selfish shape shifter. That made him like most then. This had me wondering if there were any other shape shifter’s out there –lions and… lambs and tigers and cats and bears. Mad.


“No. My daughter will not partake in your plan, Emmett. Nessie, do you want to?” Renesmee nodded. “Fine. Be good and don’t break anything.” I was referring to bones –Renesmee might have my skin but she had inherited weak human bones and her mother’s human clumsiness. She shook her head.
“Nessie, I want you to go with Daddy. Run as fast as you can, then hide behind a sand dune when they stop. Stay there until tomorrow morning. By then Alice and co. will be here, then we can get the rest of my genius plot into action. Mwahaha.” I glared at Emmett. “Eek. Not going to get on your bad side then.”
“Come on, Renesmee. We are going to save Mommy.” I tried to sound enthusiastic but when –I won’t think of her –is in danger (hasn’t crossed my mind since she was human) I… am unable to finish sentences. “Is Mommy hurt?” Had she really forgotten that vampires couldn’t get hurt physical? “Honey, I honestly don’t know. Come let’s get running.”
They stopped at 8pm and that was when we stopped. The whole time I was listening to Zafrina recall how this scene had been created:
She had just left Ireland, visiting Siobhan of course when on her way back she came across Benjamin (Amun later explained to her that Benjamin was allowed more freedom) who told her that Amun needed some help from someone who was at the gathering. She agreed to help. When she was in Egypt, Amun told her about how we had ‘betrayed all vampires by letting humans into the secret.’ He hadn’t wanted to get the Volturi involved, (it always centers around the Volturi, doesn’t it.) so he decided to punish us himself, he wanted Zafrina to help. Then he got hold of our travel documents and by a brilliant stroke of luck met us in Paris, and I didn’t detect any of this until now.
Amun is very good at hiding his thoughts.




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