A brief summary: It has been three months now and Bella, Edward and Renesmee still haven’t returned from their family vacation. Emmett decides to go after them… only to discover that they have been kidnapped by the Egyptian coven.

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9. How to rescue your best friend from a good-gone-bad bloodsucker. Part 1.

Stupid bloodsuckers. It is because of them that my Nessie is halfway across the world in some horrible cage thing. Something like that. Jacob. Are you near Egypt yet? You won’t be able to do anything to them –it isn’t our land.
I don’t care.
JACOB BLACK! You will obey me like your life depended on it.
I guess its up to you.
is up to me.
I understand.
Good. Go and do whatever you are supposed to be doing.
I returned to my human form –I wanted to think on my own. Sam is always like that –despite the fact I am now alpha and have been the official alpha of the La Push pack for two years, I would happily swap it for the beta lifestyle. Supervising patrols, helping new… wolves, leading attacks –it’s all part of the description. What did I sign? Nothing. That’s it exactly. Nothing. Can I quit? No. I give up. The psy –Alice ran up to me. “Only 300 miles. You will be seeing Nessie before tomorrow morning.”
“What about Bella?”
I don’t even know when we will see Bella. Definitely soon though.”
“Oh.” I didn’t go back to my wolf form for hours. We were now in Africa which was good. But I wanted to see my Nessie now. Now!

I was in wolf form when we got to where Emmett had told us to meet him. “Jacob, Nessie is about 3 miles away. Alice, I want you to come with me…” I ran in the direction he pointed me. Blondie –we ‘haven’t gotten over our differences’ –came with me. Gooey man and Alice were joint at the hip.

“Jakey! Jakey, Jakey, Jakey!” I heard Nessie calling.
“Nessie! Come her missy and give Jakey a cuddle!” I replied. I held my arms out and embraced her. “Jakey, Mommy got kidnapped by…” She showed me what happened. I growled. That stupid Zafrina had Bella. I was going to pull her apart –tear her limb from limb. “No, Jacob, I think Bella will want to do that herself.” I nodded. Of course she would. Bella was like that. Edward peered over the sand dune. “Gate crashing time, Jacob.”
Almost finished! I think...

10. Saving Mommy (How to rescue your best friend from a good-gone-bad bloodsucker. Part 2)

“Jacob could you please wait here with Nessie?” Jakey was silent for 3 minutes. Daddy nodded. “I will be right back, sweetie.” I touched Jakey’s neck and showed him what Zafriny-meany had in mind for Mommy. “That’s horrible, darling. Hug?” He held out his arms and I leapt into them. Daddy had made a big gap in the cage-bars. He grabbed Mommy’s arm and let her out. “YAY!” I screeched. Everyone hushed me. Jakey muttered something I couldn’t hear –even with my non-normal hearing. “No, Jacob, I wouldn’t let her.” Mommy said to him. “Come here, Nessie!” she half-cooed. I jumped on her back. “Hey, get off sweetheart! I need a second to recover from shock.” Uncle Jasper would be useful now. “Bella, I think we should go now. I will race you, Nessie.” His challenge transformed this serious moment into a funny moment. “Ok, I win and you give me lots of money!”
“And if I win I will keep your pocket money for the next three months.” Daddy smirked.
“Ready, steady… go!” Jakey shouted.
He and Mommy stayed behind.


My plan was fool-proof. Genius-proof as well, actually. “Where’s she headed?” I asked Alice.
“No idea.”
“You’re supposed to be psychic. Any new leads?”
“I think she is going to the Volturi for some reason. But she has something with her. It definitely isn’t shape shifter or Nessie-type but I doubt magic practise is anything now? Didn’t most witches die out 400 years ago?”
“That is a good question. I don’t actually know but Carlisle said it so it must be true.” That was Jasper. He got me.
“Five minutes until we have company. I smell dog.” Rose refused to get used to the scent of dog. The rest of us were more accepting. I was designing a complicated blueprint in my mind.

Materials needed:
Just listen to me. It’s simple. Report Zafrina to the Volturi before she reports us. Use your coconut, it might help.

Um… not fabulous? We were about to get company. 3…2…1… CABLAM! A huge wolf ran through the sand. I could imagine Seth doing it. Bella had once confided in me her thoughts on the color of his fur. I strongly disagreed –and still do. Vamps are lucky –we can let our minds drift. “Hiya, Bella! I thought you would be wiped from existence!” Many pairs of eyes stared at me.
All these are great, I especially loved the chapter from Alice's POV, it was random, but still good!
Catherine said:
All these are great, I especially loved the chapter from Alice's POV, it was random, but still good!
I might make it vital at some point. Fashion is second nature to her and she can think about the rest of what she wants to think about when she wants to. And she likes music.
So close to the end now... I can FEEL it! I didn't want to finish it just yet. BE WARNED! There's a lot of talking in this chapter! Not much thinking. If you want to find out something about Rosalie... go away. I should've written in the sunglasses....

11. Edward plays postman

Why did Zafrina do it? She was a great friend once upon a time; now she is top mark enemy material. “Emmett, you idiot. Just be quiet. Nessie, come to Auntie Rose.” Emmett could be such an idiot sometimes –as I said. Edward smirked.
Alice stopped all movement. “No.” One word.
“What Alice!” We all said it together; I didn’t use a questioning tone however.
“We are going to be playing postmen for the Volturi –they want us to deliver some clothing shop vouchers to the Irish.” What? Confusing. I caught a glimpse of myself in Jasper’s sunglasses. My blond hair had been cut about a month ago –this meant that the only way to make it long again was extensions which I had no intention of using. So my hair just skimmed my shoulders. Emmett claimed it was beautiful –which I knew –but I told him I didn’t like it that much. I loved it though; I was just an attention seeker. “Perfect.” I muttered. “I’m not going, end of. Emmett, do I need to drag you to Heathrow airport?”
“No, I won’t move.” He grinned a charmingly.
“Just start moving at a reasonable pace towards London. Is that too hard to understand?”
I watched Edward grin.
I hit his hand.
“Stupid boy.”
He rolled his eyes, but came anyway.
“Jaz, you coming? I need a hunting partner.”
“You don’t count.”
I growled.
“Yeah, I will come. I don’t want your angry stage getting too out of hand. It won’t, will it?”
He was directing this at Alice.
“I don’t know! I think the dog is going back with you.”
I wrinkled my nose. Not going to happen. One journey with Jacob was bad enough, but TWO!? A tiny bit mad. “No, Alice. We actually thought that sending Nessie along would be smart. Bella will accompany her as we don’t want her without
both parents. As I have said before. We might send Jacob soon. And Alice will go with you so that she can see the turnout. I will go alone.”
“NO!” Bella shrieked.
“Honey, I think it would be safest, I will come back… when?”
“Next Thursday.” Alice’s voice was full of confidence, yet I didn’t trust her. Edward directed his glare to me. “Come on Nessie, we need to get back to Grandpa. Let’s go sweetie!” Nessie skipped along between me and Bella. Bella pulled her up onto her back and began to move faster than me.
Sorry about the long wait. I forgot about it. Sort of.

12. Convincing Rose

“Bella, I can’t bring Nessie and I don’t want her going without one of us. I want Alice to be able to see me and I don’t want Jacob going by himself. Rosalie won’t let Emmett come with me and Emmett won’t let Jasper come with me. Do you understand my reasoning?” Bella had to be treated like a five year old sometimes. Dude, if you really want me to come with you, I will. Bella doesn’t want you with the Volturi alone and I agree with her, they might not let you come back.
“Emmett, I should take someone less… interesting. Rosalie? You haven’t got much going for you apart from beauty. They won’t want to keep you in a hurry.”
“Non, no, no, nada, NO WAY!” I lost track how many languages she said ‘no’ in. But I didn’t want to know. I saw Alice’s vision, then. Rosalie was with me in Ireland. So it seemed at least. Maggie was there and Liam, too. But no Siobhan. Where was she? She was rarely away from Liam. The Volturi have gained a reputation for manipulation and abductions. “Yeah, that might be a possibility, Alice. Look into it.”
“What?” Rosalie hissed.
“First of all, you will be coming with me. Then we are going to Ireland. Maggie and Liam are there but Siobhan isn’t. We suspect the Volturi has too much to do with it.”
“No. I am not going. Can’t make me.” She poked her tongue out childishly.
I sighed. It was always a hard battle with Rosalie on the opposing side. “Emmett, could you convince Rosalie would be intelligent to go to Ireland via Italy with me?”
“Uh, Rose, what he said. I will… throw a rock at Edward for you later.” I smirked. Emmett wasn’t one to keep promises.
”Fine. I will. But it had better be a big rock for this.”
I grinned in satisfaction.


No way. “Emmett, I need to hunt. I will catch up in a while. Come on, Renesmee.”
“Stop. No way are you going hunting without… a decent reason…?” Emmett, you idiot.
“Ahem.” I motioned towards my eyes. They were coal black. Or darker.
“Right. Wait a while.” He murmured.
“Fine, but if I kill anyone, I will be holding you personally responsible.”
“Don’t you have superhuman self-control? I am sure Jasper wants you to kill someone. I am winning that bet and it finishes in two weeks.” The on-going bet between my brothers. Edward had told me that Jasper’s bet was over eighty. Emmett hadn’t been as hopeful betting a measly five. “I’m going anyway.” I muttered.
“No. You aren’t.”
“Yes. I am.”
“No. You aren’t.”
We continued like this for sometime. He let me eventually. Nessie caught a giant polar bear…? We were only in France. It must’ve escaped from the zoo. Not my problem. It was dead now, anyway.
Last chapter before the Epilogue!!!! Yay!!! It is a different format. Edwards diary. I hope you stilll love it!!!!!

13. Diary

I am such an idiot. Aro is evil. And now I am going to have to escape his evil clutches. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that before. I did and it was easy. No effort involved. Now running back to London to catch the flight home. Aro didn’t even want us to deliver clothing vouchers –or any of any kind! We had to stay there for a while. Very fun. No, really.

At the airport now. Bella just called and said that she was waiting anxiously for my return. Rosalie isn’t talking to me.

In Seattle now. Running home in about five minutes. Just waiting for Rosalie to be finished with her hair, not that there is a point; it will get wind blown whatever she does.

Bella is annoyed. She wants to rip Aro’s head off. Emmett is trying to hide her passport. She did some kind of murder thing so Charlie put her on house arrest. Actually, Emmett decided to set it up. We are going to Alaska when Bella is no longer under ‘house arrest’. But that may be a while. We can cheat can’t we? I’m sure we will anyway.

Renesmee starts school tomorrow. Emmett is continuing the parent façade. So is Rosalie. And I am letting them.

Nessie ‘accidentally’ broke a chair with her bare hands. We are going to Alaska now. We will only return in three decades. Jacob wants to come but Nessie said a firm no. I am going to set up a video call system thingy. The instructions are in German though. I only speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindu, Mandarin and Dutch. No German whatsoever. I’ll get Google to translate it into English.
Catherine said:

good news is that I am going to write the sequel!
And now... the moment we have all been waiting for... the EPILOGUE of A STORY WITH A KIDNAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!

Epilogue: Londoners know too much…
Londoner POV

“They exist! I promise you! All of them! Golden eyed monsters! That’s what they are!”
I was trying to get The Times to publish my article about our co-existence with vampires. The security guard wasn’t helpful, nor the editor. But who needs an editor? That girl I saw, Alice, she was proof. But I didn’t take a photo. When the world is aware of them, they will thank only me, me alone. And then we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong. And they will change. No vampire is strong enough to not feed off a human for… over a millennium. “I suppose your boss doesn’t want a good story then?” I muttered, then saying louder, “do you want a good story, Mr. Robinson?”
“Not from a nutcase like you!”
Touchy. I would have to show him a picture I found on vampiresexist.net . Which I did. But that didn’t work.

The next day I sent a complaint to vampiresexist.net. They replied within seconds saying

We are terribly sorry but we cannot be held responsible for any points you wish to prove via media such as newspaper, radio, etc. We will give you a 50% discount off your next subscription if you type qu25fr67fd7 into the code bar. You will also receive a selection of online goodies exclusive to vampires exist ©.
This includes:
- A downloadable door sign template
- Over 300 downloadable IM icons
- A free account on vampires exist-stuff.com (usually £50)
- Much more, check your inbox to see a complete list.

So frustrating. I wish I could just… kill that damn computer!
But I won’t. I will prove the existence of vampires even if it kills me.

I will begin the sequel (which currently is about the Londoner trying to prove the existence whilst the Cullens side with the Volturi to try and stop him. (with arguments at the small price of nothing) Will they suceed?) when I get home from a dance class. :)




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