Which sexy male out of twilight would you date if u had to? XD


Rob with his hair,

Taylor with his ABS,

Jackson with texas accent

Kellan with his body


Or your pick all four! XD




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Dont get me wrong i love all four but if i would pick give me Kellan, Taylor and Rob i love all 3 they have different things about them i like. Kellan and taylor with their sexy bodies and rob hes just so caring and nice and hot too! XD
Taylor and his abs! But hey, I don't just like him for his abs, I love his smile and his eyes and his sweet friendly personality!!!! I don't get why that his abs are the only thing people notice about him, what about his personality????
yes i love taylors personality but i just wrote thing things people know about them =]

Like Robs Hair
Taylors ABS thing like that. If you say robert Pattinson what is the first thing that poped in you head i would say His Hair that what i just did.

Thanks for liking my site

Love Ms cullen X
I pick all four!!!
I love all the men that are in the Twilight movies but i would love to date Peter Facinelli or Robert Pattinson but my dream date would be Peter Facinelli ...
Hmmm?? Id Pick Rob and Jackson but mainly Rob lol
Rob!!!! Myf first thought of Rob is not his hair, but his fabulous bone structure, beautiful eyes and lips.

rob all the way




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