Perfume? Dolls? Posters? lip balm? What's next? Toilet paper? hey...that's a good idea!

How many of you over teen people are buying the movie/book related stuff? I would like a nice art quality black and white photo series for my walls, but not a movie poster, unless it's a real poster. (dual printed, front and back, true reverse image). I collect those, but mostly John Cusack movies.

So, what have you purchased? or plan to purchase? I have the movie book.

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I have either bought or been given: magnets, key chains (2), trading cards, tshirts (2), the collector's edition of Twilight, Alice's necklace. I also bought a replica of Bella's charm bracelet but 2 have broken now so I'll be returning the second one (already returned the first one) and I doubt I'll get another. I'm thinking about another tshirt and more trading cards and the album for the trading cards.
I have bought a bookmark a t-shirt the new dierctors notebook uhh an alice chocker a poster a picture frame and a box
I have all the books and the sound track but I would love to get more but I dont know were to look for it? I really want alices chocker and the wrist band the guys wear can you help me and let me know were i can find them? please!!! thanks.
I have all the books. Even the collectors edition of Twilight. I have all the books on audio. 2 copies of the movie. 1 from target cuz I want it the day it came out and I wanted the 3 discj, and 1 from Borders cuz I wanted that one with all the pics that came with it. I have a purse,tshirts,posters,magizines,books,trading cards,bookmarks,candy,board game,tote bags,calenders,dog tags,bracelets,soundtrack,score soundtrack,key chains. and Im working on getting the life size cut of of Rob as Edward.
Hmm, what do I have???? I have 2 signed pics of Rob, I have the books on my dressers with Twi Bookends, have posters, but those are in my closet (boyfriends wont let me hang them anywhere in the open), I have I dont know how many shirts(they r my comfy clothes and pjs for home) but i wear my TEAM EDWAR shirt out often, necklaces(from Etsy and others people have handmade)stickers, The Edward doll-he is on my dresser, The Edward throw Blanket, the Cullen Crest belt Buckle, keychains, what else........Also all the book son my ipod, Twi the Movie on my Ipod, the soundtrack,collectors book of Twi , Special Edition of Eclipse, what else.....the Twilight game, the trading cards. A couple pics from Forks washington.Bookmarks, Special Twilight magazines, other magazines that had articles and special one's with Rob in em. I also belong to our own Michigan Twilight Moms forum board--which i am very proud of--love my gals on there!! Even my or I should say my son;s Guinea pigs are named Edward and Bella...yes I have a problem. The calendars, I know there is more, just cant think of it all
There is ALOT of stuff now!

Though I would LOVE to buy it all, I have a pen, a few keychains, a couple bookmarks, a bunch of buttons, a tote bag and the collector trunks from Hot Topic (one for Twilight & one for New Moon now). I have the movie and all the books of course (one hardback set and one paperback)...then I decided to get the illustrated companions for both movies and will do so for the rest. I have both soundtracks. I have a Twilight watch and a couple italian link bracelets (which I always wear at least one of them religiously). I also bought the fleece throw blanket and both calendars. NOt to mention a couple magazines I picked up along the way. Hmmm, I have more than I originally thought. lol




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