Do you find it annoying that we, in the UK have to wait for Twilight stuffs to come out here?

It was really annoying having to wait for that month whilst Twilight was out across cinemas in the USA and we were stuck here watching the money roll in and not being able to add to it.
It feels as if we are behind the Americans, which isn't nice.
Anyway i loved it once i was able to see it

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I know, it's so irritating! All the fansites and podcasts that I go to are all from America, so it's really annoying when they start talking about the movie, and you can't join in, since you haven't seen it yet. Some people even watched on the Internet (which I didn't do). I loved the movie though- it wasn't perfect, but that didn't stop me from loving it. ^-^
I completely agree, I was so annoyed that the USA got it before we did. We are just as dedicated fans as they are over there...It was very very aggravating.

I understand how you felt magicolour, I also frequent US sites and I was trying extra hard not to read the spoilers and not let their thoughts of the film guide my own.

I adored the film, just went to see it again for the 3rd time. And I could honestly say that I would pay to watch it again and again and again! I could watch it forever really. XD
I was SO pissed about that! im like OMG we hav 2 wait another MONTH!?!?!? And also you hav that temptation 2 just watch it on the internet cuz ure so excited! i had 2 fight not to watch it on the internet!! but still its out now so im happy :)
It does kind of suck that we had to wait for the movie, but I can understand it. Premieres and promo, etc, the cast can't be everywhere at once, and it makes sense for it to all start in America when it was made there, etc.

What annoys me, though, is the lack of merch, like all the Hot Topic and Borders stuff. I don't want to have to pay a fortune on postage to have it sent over.
i no thats annoying! my twi calender cost me £23!!! nd i wanna get some more tees and the cullen crest stuff!!! :(((((((((
Yes i couldn't wait for it to come out! And the US had it about a month before us! but it was definitely worth the wait! XD The dvd is supposed to come out on the 21st March but is that the US or everywhere?? does anyone know?
I heard that the 21st March date is just for the US. Amazon UK doesn't have Twilight up available for pre-order yet, so I guess not.
Well I think one reason it sucks for Twilight fans in UK, cos US get everything first , well look at Harry Potter, it's a UK made book, yet the US gets everything the same date as we do!
So why can't the US be so kind and let UK twilighters get the Twilight products the same date as well!
That's actually a fair point.
God, yes!!!!
I have to wait 2 whole months uintil the dvd release, while the yanks get it like a month before us!!!!!!!!




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