If you were a vampire and had to choose to live the cullen lifestyle or live like any other "normal" vampire, which path would you choose?

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Of course being a predator sounds exciting, but to actually take the life of a innocent person would haunt me for the rest of my existence. I don't think I would ever get used to the faces of my victims. (Im going in lol)

Cullen lifestyle all the way!
cullens lifestyle would do!
I think I would try both...to live the Cullen lifestyle and live like a "normal" vampire...and then I would choose how I want to live... XD
I kinda like the idea of being a vegetarian vampire...it's something else than being a "normal" vampire which lives on human blood. But on the other hand... A Vampire lives on human blood...It's kinda supposed to be that way...
So...it's hard to decide...
For now I have to say that I would be "predator"
The Cullen Lifestyle - No Human Blood For Me
year im going to go half half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but go the cullens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Would Have To Say The Cullen Life Style (Vegitarian)!! =0)
I would choose the cullen lifestyle because I too wouldn't want to be a monster, and I might have a better chance with edward.....lol
~I like to eat my veggies... eat, eat my veggie veggies...~
haha! technically, in this case, i'm drinking my veggies...
oh, and I'm technically not even an actual vegetarian..
I'm a vamp style vegetarian.
Cullen style.....until I found someone so delicious that they could not be ignored. It wouldl depend on the company you keep as to whether or not you can keep to the code. If I was hanging with Alice I could be good, but if I were hanging with Aleera............




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