okay so there are MANY anomalies in the human genes that can make us different. for example the mermaid syndrome its a dna mutation were you grow with one leg, and there is also he cyclopse syndrome which there is an anomaly in the top of the crane and instead of having two eyes you have one. also there is this type of RARE rabies that dont kill humans on the contrary, it makes us. . . different. in the petuatary gland, many hormones are made. there is this one hormone that when you have this type of rabies it makes you. . . different. . . . every two to three months, the hormone secretetd by the patuatary glan grows in numbers and when there are too many the rabie gene cliks on. . . it makes your canine teth grow. . .hair grow every wear and we literally give into our. . . animalistic side. this to many of us would be called a werewolf or in the scientific world its called lycanthropy.. . . so in conclusion if there are all these ''desised'' that can make us ''different'', before they thought we were supernatural creatures. . . wen in thruth we are just sufferning from a sickness like diabetis or canser. so if these anomalies exist why cant there be one in which your dna NEEDS blood to sustain life????  (petuatary gland is this gland no bigger than a inch in the center of your brain, it is responcible for your height and all the hormones in the body, also causes giantism. which is a anomaly in the gland and it cant stop making the hormones that make you grow) so read this and think about it??? what do you think???? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT VAMPIRES ARE REAL????

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i don't know =S, but who knows maybe yes XD




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