Water for Elephants is in theaters now! Finally :D

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I haven't seen it yet. Going next week! :D

Saw it last night. I have to admit that there was a lack of chemistry between Rob & Reese. Though, I think that was more on Reese's part- very one dimensional performance for her. (Or, was it just the way the script was written?)Rob was great- charming, awkward, endearing, beautiful! So was Christoph Waltz- very creepy. I have to agree with one review I read though- Not sure why the director choose to have Rob's 'Jacob' do most of the narration rather than Hal Holbrook's 'Jacob'. Not that it was bad, just not sure why the choice to do that- the book had older Jacob telling the story. On the whole, though, the movie was really well done. The music was lovely. And, Rosie (the elephant) was great!! Highly recommend everyone to see it.

Just saw it!! @ Sally Hopkinson I`ve to agree that there was indeed a lack of chemistry between Rob and Reese....i`m glad someone else saw it also, cause hardly anyone is talking about it...at least out loud. But that  didn`t make the movie bad! WFE is very well made, great cast! Rob did an excellent job....he had quite difficult part actually, but he did show us all what a great actor he is!! And Christoph was perfect for his part ; ) I like Reese (don`t get me wrong), but somehow i don`t think this part is one of her best ones. Rosie was awesome in WFE!!

Saw WFE tonight! Great movie, very well made. I loved the old circus atmosphere!! :D Some changes were made to the story but I didn't mind, nothing too big was changed. Although I thought there would've been more scenes of the old-Jacob from the nursing home.. But the story was more solid this way. Oh and they missed the fun of "water for elephants"-joke because it wasn't explained..

@Tanja and Sally: Yeah I agree that there was some lack of chemistry between Rob and Reese. Rob was great but Reese was a bit lame.. Maybe it was because of the role, I usually really like Reese and her acting.. And yes Rosie was awesome! :)

Glad I wasn't the only to feel the lack of chemistry. I'm planning to see it again. Curious if I can figure out if it was just the way Marlena was written in the script or if it was Reese. I, also, usually lkie what Reese does. So, not sure.




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