Who would win?
The Whole Wolf Pack (up to Collin and Brady and NOT Jake, Seth, and Leah)
The Cullens (even when Bella is a vampire and Nessie)

I'd say the Cullens

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but if Jake, Seth, and Leah were there then i would say thr wolf pack!!!!
The Wolves would win easily in a fair fight, not that i want to see either side fall, but will Edwards talent, even if Alice would be useless the Cullens stand a good chance. and didnt Quil and Embry join Jake's pack in the end? if Sam's pack was down to just Jarad Paul Colin Brady and of couse Sam then they would loose. Wolves are MADE to kill Vampires so they have the advantage there.
To be honest that fight would neveer happen now cus of Jake n Renesme and if it ever did hapen then Jake's pack would defend the Cullens (cus of Bella and Renesme)
Well i would have to say the cullens !!!!Because the advantage Edward has but Alice would be fighting blind as she can't see the wolves in her mind, but i still say The Cullens ,as the pack is small without Jake, Seth and Leah!!! Besides wouldn't Jake fight alongside the Cullens to protect Nessie?????
Thats exactly my point and diddnt Quil and Embury join Jakes pack in Breaking Dawn? Im pretty sure that a fight between Sam's Pack (Sam, Paul, Jarad, Collin, Brady, and whoever the six others were that joined in Breaking Dawn) and The Cullens (Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Bella, Edward and Renesme) and Jacobs Pack (Jake, Leah, Seth, Quil and Embury) would finish with only one pack of Mongrels left in the La Push area and plenty of Leeches!

I don't think the fight should include Bella and Renesmee. As Elizabeth said, they wouldn't fight for Renesmee's sake, so by the time Bella is a vampire, there would be no fight. But before that,  I'd say the wolves have a pretty good chance. Firstly, because shape-shifters regenerate, they heal in seconds. Secondly, because wolves get bigger the more angrier they get. Thirdly, because vampires find touching werewolves unbearable because of how hot they are. Finally, because werewolves are stronger, tougher, bigger, better, and faster than most vampires. Plus, they have acute senses, in Breaking Dawn, Jacob could hear someone playing all the way from the beach! 


A shape-shifters bite can tear the skin of a vampire easy, like with Laurent. Bit his head off. The problem is there a bit too cumbersome, maybe some would be better off fighting in their human forms. 




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