What's your life story?


What's your life story?

So, everyone has a life story, how did you become what you are now? Or, what is your life like now that you are this way! Simple questions can tell many years and all you have to do is tell it! -Allie

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My intro to the twilight world!!!!<3

So it all began last year. I was grduating the sixth grade and so we had a few dayz off for valentines day. Well my aunt decided to take me to go see a movie at the dollar show, she didn't tell me…Continue

Started by marialicia Apr 8, 2010.

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Comment by Derick on September 20, 2011 at 7:47am

Hey, Yeah so... I'm Derick Devale and this used to be my cuz's profile, which.. I should have deleted... But Liza had too many good friends on here.

Well, she passed away not too long ago and I've decided to use her profile Instead... Still kinda hurts knowing my best friend's gone... Uh, that's it. See ya.

Comment by Angel Clearwater on March 19, 2010 at 7:53pm
Comment by Tedrick and Aaron *muff* on February 28, 2010 at 2:34am
hey im aaron and im a gay almost 14 yr old. by best friend since 4ever is tedrick and im very lucky to have him as a friend! hes always been there for me and im very free spirited and open minded. u wudnt no i was gay just by hearin my voice or by seein the was i act cuz im a very calm cool and collected person i wud have to tell u that i was gay or u wud never no ya no im not like flamboyantly gay. My parents, friends, and my extended family all no and nobody hates so i live a pretty cool life! iv never had an actual boyfriend but there have been a few moments... i recenly had surgery and that story is on my page if u care to read it and my dad is in jail, iv almost died and have been through some pretty tough things that no adult wud even have the balls to do so im pretty extream haha so yea... thats just a fracton of my story
Comment by Black Box© ☺♡♥♡☺ on February 20, 2010 at 7:14am
lila : Hi i'm lila and i am a blonde. my life story, its awsome. my parent are sweet and kind, we live in harmony, but i live together with my friends too :D cause it just fun being around with mi friends. i'm a loner in my house, i mean i dont have any sibling. sometimes i want to have a big brother or lil brother. brother are cool. my parent, they're work. so they dont have much time for me. but they give me the best. And about mandee, yeah she is a vampire, i'm diffrent, i want to be a vampire i want to know how is it feels. but i'm not ready for it.
kevin : i'm a bi. my story life......my father died a couple years ago. i love my mom, i love her no matter what happen. i do everything to makes her feel happy. so yeah i work hard for my family, plus, i have one lil brother. he is 7 years old.
Comment by Black Box© ☺♡♥♡☺ on February 20, 2010 at 7:04am
Mandee : i'm actually a vampire, but i dont like it. i miss my human life :( i live here alone with my hman family. i dont know where is my real family now. i turned in to a vampire when i was 19 years old. and well i look young ! lol. so i can tell people i'm a 17 or 18 years old human. i really want to mkae my own family :) i want to have a kids :) but i dont think i can have it. i really love kids, thy're sweet. i cant remember how was my human life, i just remember i was in italy when i turned to a vampire. and now i live in australia with my human friends.
Josh : HI ! hmm, my life story, a lot of adventure, and i'm just a human. i'm 17 years old. me and my friends met mandee on the street. we just went to a bar XP. and we saw her sat alone. we was so drunk. so we asked her to come to our house. me and my friend r live together in one house our parent bought it for us. So in the next day, we woke up, we surprised cause we saw a lot of blood on mandee shirt. and she told us about her self.
Tyler : i'm 17 years old. a human. like josh said, we met mandee together. and yeah i live with them too. my life story umm well hard to explain, i choose live together with my friends cause, well, my parent fight a lot. i used to have one lil sister, but she died when she was 6 years old. i love her so much. when our parent fight, she went to my room and hug me and try to ask me what happening between our parent but i just said i cant tell her now. my parent fight so they're seperated, and my mom married again. i have one step sister, she is 19 years old, her name is mikayla. i didnt seeher a lot.
Comment by Rachel_loves_1D on February 1, 2010 at 9:50am
well im from ireland belfast and i met jake and he imprinted on me and then just a few months ago i found out i was a shape shiffer and my colour is white with brown hairs through my back with a celtic st.bridget symbol at my backright leg and its a secret ive keeped from ma family ever since, im a twin and also i have a small brother who is coming 2 on the 5th
Comment by Lexi & Demi Cullen on November 29, 2009 at 2:05pm
My story-
My full name is Alexis Mckenzie Cullen,but you can call me Lexi,or Lex or Alex or anything i guess.I have 2 sisters, a twin named Demi,and a little sister named Katie.I moved from Kentucky to Washington when i was 5.Yeah,im a country girl,lol.Me and Demi are 15 and Katie is 3.When i was 13 my parents died in a car wreck.We got a call from school and my cousin drove me and Demi to the hospital.Katie was with our grandma since she stayed with them that day.We all got called by Carlisle and was told our parents had died.We were heartbroken.No one knew were we could go.Carlisle said we could be adopted by them,Hes awesome,lol.So me,Demi,and Katie,r Cullens now,yay,lol.Oh,and im still human,and yeah,i know all about vampires and werewolves and that,and im not so freaked out about the Volturi as Bella.If ur a Volturi and ur reading this,i know about the law,i wont tell anyone, pwomise,lol,and im really weird so like if i came up to my friend Abby and said Alice is a vampire she would most likley ask me if im high,l,lol.And im 15 right now,yeahh,i guess thats all,if u want to know more,just ask

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