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Enjoying life!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! And guys the new year resoltion isnt to get a nail through your foot!! Beacause thats what i did *laughs*!!

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
We dont know i woke up in my room, Parents gone and alot of blood everywhere. I did a bit of travel and met Fred (read short second life of Bree Tener) we became friends and met the Cullens, lived with them a while then me and Fred went off. We also dicided that we prfered the Cullens way of life so ever since then me and Fred have gotten married and are now living among humans!!
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Just finished Breaking Dawn..planning to read them again..when i get over my depression =)
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
Ive seen all of them and i love them. Mabye it would be better if in twilight they included the chapter"blood type" ive always wanted that part!!
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?


Just a story i wrote!!!

Chapter 1
I was running. Faster and faster nearly beatting Edward but I wasn’t racing. I was anxious. We had hunted two days ago, why are we going again? Weren’t we meant to try and blend in? The woods where unusually like I had never seen them, but in truth I had seen them to often. I pulled a force field around us and waited until Edward could read how anxious and confused I was. “Slow down” he said, “and take down the field I don’t like seeing you worry like this, you’ll see soon”. It wasn’t comforting but I put down the shield stoped and waited. Edward came out from behind a tree and took my hand, I waited for my explanation. “Look...” he started. “You know Alice is keeping tabs on more or less everyone?” I nodded. “Well...she saw something that I think you need to see, just stay with me promise?” “Yes” I answered and I held on to him as he led me to the familiar city of Seattle.
It was dark and past midnight so we weren’t worried about going into the main streets. Edward held my hand tightly and I wondered what would make me to tempted to run away from him, I wouldn’t I had just promised. We walked to a building I recognised as a hospital, I had stayed in after having a brutal battle with James. Edward let go and climbed up the wall I followed. I followed after Edward as he gracefully jumped though the window.
It was in a small hospital room I could hear their breathing raged and short, the person was behind a small curtain. “Just remember what you promised me” he said as he pulled the curtain across. My pale as me, skinny to the bone and all the needles and pipes going into her hands made it clear than death was just around the corner. Not knowing what to do I jumped out the window, ignoring Edwards hand and raced back to into the woods.
Tell me what you think!! And if u like it tell me if u want to second part!! 
Chapter 2 (sorry it’s not that long)

Now I know why Edward made us run. He wouldn’t find me if he had to take the car, I could go anywhere, and even though he could catch up to me in minutes, he wouldn’t follow. He would give me my space until he thought I could confront it again. I stopped at a small river, and sat with my feet in the water and back against a rock. Why? Why? Why...Me? This might of even of been better as a human, I could hold her hand until she closed her eyes. But now, I can’t do...“ANYTHING!!!” I yelled in frustration. I sat there, for who knows how long until I heard Edward come up behind me, pick me up and take me home.
“Why....?” I asked myself still in Edwards’s hands. Getting home was going to take a while, I hadn’t ran that far and Edward was only walking, but I thought that talking alone was the best option anyway. “It’s coming” was he’s only reply. I didn’t need an explanation to know what it meant and I tightened myself against his body. “When...?” I asked. “Soon, Alice isn’t always sure but don’t go asking her what she saw I’ve seen it all and now so have you. She didn’t even want you to see her like that but-”. “Thankyou” was all I could say, I pushed myself higher and kissed Edward. I couldn’t just walk away from Rene completely.
“What happened?” I asked. “She fainted twice, started need to rest more because she was always short of breath and then coughing blood was the last straw Phil called a hospital and....” I waited for the rest but wondered if it was worth from what I could already guess. “She had it building up, that’s what the doctors think, and yesterday she was imported to Seattle’s hospital...she’s got lung cancer....and it serious”. I could already guess the serious part “can I see her again?” That was something that I knew Edward wouldn’t answer straight away. “Wait until we see Alice” I pulled away and he put me down on two feet, I field his hand and we walked back to the Cullen’s house.

Chapter 3 (Yeah I know this isn’t as good as I planed but tell me what I can change, im kinda suck)

We walked up the steps walking slower than usual, and I realized that I didn’t want to say that everything was ok, because it wasn’t….nothing was at the moment. Edward held my hand tightly, like I was going to run away again. “I won’t break another promise” I said as I opened the door. I walked in to find everyone doing something normal. Emmitt and Rosalie were watching TV Esme was reading a book, I had already seen her read 3 times, Carlisle was walking upstairs to his room, Japser staring into space but no Alice. I was surprised that Jasper wasn’t with Alice but then I guessed that was what Jasper was staring at.
“Bella” Esme said when we walked though. She hugged me hard and I felt better. “Haven’t you gotten over that book yet?” I asked
“I never can” she admitted and I smiled, just like me and Romeo. “Where’s Alice?” I asked finding the courage to know the answer. “Just left, she saw what happened obviously, maybe she needed to see something connected to the vision” replied Jasper, I nodded at him and felt relaxed, I smiled. It would be hard watching her run out.

Back at our cottage me and Edward sat around Renesmee’s bed. She was asleep and I stroked her hair while Edward stroked mine. “What was Jasper thinking?” I asked him.
“What it would be like if he saw her in real pain” he answered simply. It was a strange thing to think about. “All of us care for you especially Alice, so this is her problem just as much as yours”.
“But it shouldn’t, she’s going to die. No one can do anything for her” I stopped “she though that I was sick then dead then sick, what story are story line are we going by? . And I’ve always know I would have to let go of, Charlie and Angela and Jessica and Rene soon”. I stopped and turned to look at Edward, “but I’ve got to go see her again”. It wasn’t a question, but before he responded someone knocked on the door and Alice’s head came though.

Chapter 4

“Hi” said Alice. She didn’t have that smile in her eyes and looked sad and depressed. “Can I talk to you?” already knowing the answer she walked in. Edward stood up and she took his place. “Alice…” Edward said.
“Go, she needs to know” he walked out and Alice turned to me. “I’m sorry” she whispered.
“Its ok” I told her it wasn’t her fault, ‘did you go see her just then?”
“Yes, look Bella I know that this is hard and that she’s going so quickly, but you can’t go there”.
“Because we know what it feels like” It was a simple answer straightforward, but I never thought that it would hit me with that much power. Alice patted my back and I gave her a hug. “I’ve seen it, Emmitt, his father died a few years after living with us”. She paused, “somehow the only day he was bored enough to read the paper there was the headline. Him along with fifteen people were shot, some guy on a murder spree”. She took hold of my hand and looked into my eyes, I couldn’t look back, I knew the pain was writen on her face and that this story wasn’t one of her favourites. “He wasn’t killed but he jumped up fear written on his face and smashed the glass while running to the hospital. Rosalie went after him and they came back a few days later, he died from a heart attack”.
“Can you see?” Alice asked oh course I could see! Vampires had the best eyesight I knew of ,but I couldn’t see past this facts. Like there was a brick wall and no matter high you climbed or how far you walked you would never be able to see what was on the other side. I nodded no really finding the words; Alice stood up and gave me a hug. It helped, and walked outside.

I imagined the world moving in blurs. I forced myself to think that if I tried hard enough that I could sleep. I lay on the bed and closed my eyes not even realising when Edward came behind me and pulled me closer to him. “It won’t work” he said. “How do you know?” “Because I’ve been trying to sleep for decades and I still haven’t gotten to dream land”. I smiled and sat up on the bed, Edward did to his arms still wrapped around me. “All we need to do is wait” I said. “That’s the only way” he whispered as he kissed my head. And we sat In silence.

Chapter 5.

One week, two weeks, three weeks. I couldn’t hold on to thoes memories much longer. They were still there, but if I tried to hard to remember them. They came up as nightmares, things I hadnt seen came into my head. I had Renesmee on my lap, I was doing her hair when I tried to think of my last pictures of my Mum. Instead of seeing a fragile, dieing person I remembered seeing blood coming from her tubes that were attached to her. I remembered jumming over a chair or two and sucking the life out of my own Mum.

When I opened my eyes I was on the bed with Edward and Renesmee. I could remember being picked up and being told that everything was alright and hearing Renesmee asking Edward if I was alright. I searched for Edwards eyes he looked at me and I sent a force field around us. He noded reading my thoughts bend over and kissed me lightly. Like I was as fragile as a human.

That night Edward took me to the river that I sat by when finding my out my Mother was dieing. “I’ve got to go and see her again” I said. “I know, i knew this would happen I couldn’t hold it off forever, but Rene dosnt have forever” he held my hand. “I was terrified when I heard you scream”. I looked at him, I never remembered screaming he continued “Renesmee was brave and called on the phone near the front door. She tried calling Alice, but I could alreaddy hear you…raced after you and found you” he smiled “ I though that you were unconsious and that sleeping was possible for us. You remember all of this don’t you?” He asked. “Most of it” I confessed, I wish I could sleep. “Nessie was talking to me but I couldn’t find the streghth to talk back, I remember everything but me screaming, Nessie must have been terrified”. Poor Nessie, seeing my Mother cry was hard but I wasn’t 2 years old. “Don’t worry she is very proud of herself she was telling me how much of a hero she was”. I laughed, and so did Edward. “Come on, my goodbye waits”.

The night didn’t seem real. Like someone had just pained the sky black and that someday the pain would fall off and be left with only bright blue paint. Edward and I walked silently, hand in hand. We climbed up the wall first me then Edward. He let go of my hand slowly, “don’t worry” I said. I climbed though the window into her hospital room and found her. She was looking worse and I didn’t know how long Edward intended me to say goodbye to my Mum. “Take your time” he reassured. I went and sat by her bed. Oh course she was asleep, dreaming things that could only happen when sleeping. Holding her hand I watched as her heart rate went up with the touch of my hand. I held on tight, like i was gripping onto her life.

An hour later, I was still in the same position. But something changed Rene was starting to get restless “shh” I said reassuring her that everything was ok. Even though she was asleep. At the sound of my voice she moved her head in my direction and mumbled “Bella?” I was so shocked that i responded “yeah mum”. She smiled in her dream, “I’ve missed you” i smiled “me too”. “I know that this is a dream and that I have cancer and when i wake up ill start crying again, but i love you...if only i could tell you before you disappeared. You.....were the best” her heart beat was starting to race and i sent a worried glace at Edward. She continued words were harder to make out “thing...ever...i love you”. “I love you too”. With that she opened her eyes making out my face she smiled, then shut her eyes....let out a deep breath....Then the only thing i could hear was a flat tune of the heart machine. She’s dead...

Chapter 6

We walked home that night. Hand in hand. We stopped by the river and talked for a while, enjoying a small kissing session. Hours later we arrived at the ‘Cullen’s’ house. Alice was waiting out the front and I gave her a big long hug. When we parted Alice and Edward nodded, I went inside giving them time to talk. Everyone was waiting; Esme gave me a hug while Carlisle patted my back. I smiled at them and went and hugged Emmitt just to be lifted into the air and spun around. I laughed surprised at my happiness, and then I saw Jasper smiling as he did his magic on me and Emmitt laughed. “There’s the Bella I don’t see enough of” he put me down and Rosalie hugged me. “Thank you” I said.

When we went to our cottage we didn’t have Nessie she was playing with Jake. We sat on the bed, me lying on Edwards’s chest while he played with my hair. We sat there for hours. Me, thinking, and Edward was likely to be doing the same. My mother remembered me. Even when she was minutes away from death she dreamed of me. I wonder how much she talked in her sleep, she always teased me about it but I never relised that she did as well. Edward didn’t talk and I was glad but eventually I said “she’s gone”. “I know, Bella, I know” he kissed me lightly. “Don’t think I’m depressed Edward” i said smiling. “What?” Shock and even worry in his voice, this made me smile more and even do a small laugh. “I’m fine, she was happy, and she even smiled, i couldn’t ask someone to have a better death than that”. Edward kissed me again “that’s my Bella”.


Im writing a small story and it will hopfully be up soon!!! :) Please comment if i need to change anything. Thanks!!

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Dear Bella Alice Esme Cullen!!! I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! Even though ive told you happy birthday all day at school!!!!!! Just wanted everyone to know that my best friends birthday is today and she is the BEST ever!!!!!!!!!!! We both screamed when we saw BD pics and we both got pics with Edward barbie dolls because we didnt have enough money...Love you heaps let the WHOLE world know how important you are to me!!

From Alice Jasper Bella…


Posted on November 15, 2010 at 12:27am — 1 Comment

My friend's counsin is..wait for it..wait for it MACKENZIE FOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes im telling the truth! My friend wasnt lying...i though she was but when she said that she knew it was her birthday tomorrow i freaked!! And, she MIGHT get me an autograph! *smiles* My friend says shes a very nice girl!

Posted on November 10, 2010 at 8:36pm — 2 Comments

Birthday Cake

Enjoy this was my birthday cake..made by my WONDERFUL grandma!!!

Posted on November 6, 2010 at 11:39pm

I meet Edward Cullen!!!!

A few weeks ago me and my best friend Bella Alice Esme Cullen~!!!! Went shopping to celebrate the end of year exams...while going through Myer we spotted some Victoria and Edward dolls...sadly the Edward doll cost $50 and i didnt have a i though i could get a pic with my lovely Eddie hope u…


Posted on November 6, 2010 at 11:38pm — 4 Comments

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At 5:48pm on February 8, 2011, Ms Cullen said…
hey how r u. have not talked with u in forever. Hows school. ☺
At 7:54pm on January 17, 2011, Glee said…
Hey I will be in Year 9 this year, wbu? And yes, my holis are awesome! Thanks and I hope you and your family are ok too, don't worry mine are fine. We live pretty far from the floods so we're lucky. Ttyl =)
At 11:15am on January 17, 2011, ß.Gomez said…

Oh its been too long and Im so sorry. But I have chapter 16 of Lunar Effect  up. I hope it was worth the wait.

Comments please!

At 9:46pm on January 15, 2011, Glee said…
Hey! OMG I haven't talked to you in awhile! How have you been? How are your holis so far?? Hope to talk to you soon ttyl xoxo
At 12:33pm on January 13, 2011, ♥Bεckү-goes-Rawrr♥ said…
Hey! Im back! I used to talk to you ages ago, remember? I had some personal problems so I didnt log on for ages...How are you? any news?
At 9:38am on January 10, 2011, catherine said…
OH yeah I heard about that on the news!!!! I hope everything is good with U and your family!!!!!! keep safe!!!!! and Yeah had a nice and quite new year!!! smile... weathcer here is o.k. cold and snowy....can't get to the library as much...sighhhhh I love this site so I miss it when I can't get to the library...8-(
At 9:30am on January 3, 2011, catherine said…
OH MAN!!! that was just mean!!! it's so cold I have to wear two of EVERTHING!!! and your getting a tan!!!! sighhhhhhh...LOL I'm having a good year....I got the Edward Doll and Alice doll and some Eclipse stuff...I'm happy!!!! smile....I hope U had a great Christmas and New Year!!!! smile.....
At 1:47pm on January 2, 2011, Ms Cullen said…

O you pour thing, hope u get better. im abit tired but ok, taking out our old kitchen and putting a new one in! our house is really old it was build in 1930's so when the tiles were coming off bits of the walls was coming of too. LOL XP

have a good day! :)

At 10:57pm on January 1, 2011, Ms Cullen said…

hey did u have a good xmas and new year. im good. how r u. how was ur hoildays! i have edward bella and jacob barbie dolls, lol i need to get alice and victoria. p.s r u keeping alice doll in the box LOL. i have a idea that they will be collectables one day. every thing i have is still wraped. crazy i know but im happy. LOL :)


Georgina Xox

At 9:10am on December 29, 2010, catherine said…
sorry I didn't get back to U sooner..but it's winter now and I don't get to the luibrary as much....sighhhhh....I'm doing good and had a great Christmas....I got Edward and Alice...and alot of Eclipse won't be back until after New Years so Happy New hope that this year brings alot of blessing yours



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