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I have read information that BD will be in baton Rouge from November 1st to March 15. But does anyone know when they will arrive in Vancouver? Or if there is no information out there yet can someone…Continue

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MS question: Jasper's Intentions
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Siren - A Twilight Fanfic
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Bella Theory: If You Believe in Past Lives, Or Even if you Don't...
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I had a thought about how Bella is described in Twilight; how the vampire life and interactions are so comfortable for Bella, even more so than human life.In the first few pages of Twilight she says…Continue

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Through me the way is to the city of woe.

Name: Luna Isabella Cullen Waite
Species: Dhampire; half human half vampire
Age: 25
Status: Bigamist - married to Aidan Waite
Children: One amazing, beautiful daughter by Aidan; Celine Sally Waite
Best Friends: Edward Cullen, Sally Malik (a ghost) and Bro in law Josh Levison(Werewolf), Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale

I was born from a brutal rape in Boston, 1975. My mother who was human was raped by a vampire and so I am Dhampire, half human, half vampire. I don't need blood often but like a vampire the sound of a beating heart, and the smell of blood calls to me. I however have never hurt anyone. I stopped aging at 20. I am 37 now.

I was raised by my hateful uncle who thought me a filthy creature. You know that scene in the 2003 'Hulk' film, the one where his mother was killed by his father. That pretty much covers it. I was five years old. Of course for years I did not remember that incident, I grew up believing my mother had died in child birth.

I grew up in Forks, Washington a small town where I met my childhood friend and first love Edward Cullen, a 90 year old vampire, when I was 8. His fatherly maker cared for me like his own. The cullen family saved me, they made me feel loved and did their best  to help me understand what I am but it was new to them. my fangs particularly intrigued Carlisle. They don't have fangs.

It got more serious between when I reached 16, 17 and 18. He was just the sweetest thing and quite playful for an old man haha.

When I started having nightmares about blood and a women screaming I decided I needed to return to Boston to define these signs(as i knew they must be). A concerned Carlisle and Edward insisted on accompanying me. This is where I met Aidan Waite, a much older but very good looking vampire who struggled with the task of resisting the urge to kill for blood and a nurse. Also like me, he had fangs and his eyes turned demonic black when he fed. This I found very interested. Carlisle was facilitated by him.

I felt badly for Aidan, he didn't have a kind maker like Carlisle. His was cruel, cold and remorseless and encouraged him to be the same. So he'd done so many terrible things he now wished he hadn't. He missed being human.

I told him things I had never told anyone, not even my dear Edward, he understood me and made me feel comfortable. We helped each other with our cravings and sorrow.

Aidan helped me uncover my past, and we found we had more of a connection that either of us realized. We discovered that his maker, a man called James Bishop is my biological father. I think I may have his eyes.

I never returned to Forks, I moved in with Aidan and his two equally struggling rommates, a ghost who suffered a tragic death named Sally and a werewolf named Josh.

Aidan had become equally intrigued by the Cullens and their control. Edward was hurt by my connection with him, but he told me that he wanted me to be happy. He was one of my best friends in the world and I wanted to keep him in my life.

I felt more at home than ever before. I married Aidan, Alice put the whole thing together of course, but this time she had a willing helper, Sally. The two became inseparable.

Our daughter was born a year later, Celine Sally Waite. Named for his special love from the year I was born whose name is tattooed on his chest and for the best friend I've ever had, sally. She is two now and remarkable. We named Edward her Godfather.
I have never been more happy.

I visit the Cullens as often as I can and they us. Carlisle had even agreed to do a few tests on Josh who was desperately searching for a cure to his werewolf infection.

Aidan Waite; My wonderful husband and father of my child <3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Celine Sally Waite

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Dampire; half human, half vampire
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
I was born from a human mother seeded by a vampire.
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Have read the entire series, plan on re reading when I get a chance
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
I adore the movies, I am disappointed that most of my favorite parts in the original were either barely kept or not at all, but I still enjoyed all the acting and then music. New Moon the music did not impress me so much but the accuracy and acting were incredible and of course SHIRTLESS ROB YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! <3
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
Edward of course. He may go overboard sometimes but he never thinks about himself, he always wants what is best for Bella and what makes her happy. Even when he left, the intent was for her safety and so she could find the normal life he can't give her. Besides that era he has always been there for her when she needed him. When she was upset about Jacob's kiss, he was there in a heartbeat no oxymoron intended. He's sweet, devoted, caring, again 100% selfless and a complete gentlemen. What may have seem like his selfishness was really her own in fact. She never considered Edward's fears and wishes for her for a single moment. He did not want her to give up her life (literally) for him, he tried with all his still heart to make her understand the consequences of this choice and to reconsider. But it had to be her way or all hell would break loose. Jacob I believe was too pushy, he got interment with her without her permission and to me seemed to have no regard for what she wanted and what made her happy. And when she did make it clear that she wanted to be with Edward his hurt is understandable but he was not very accepting, whereas Edward even admits to Jacob and even once Mike being a better and more healthy choice for her. Maybe he never said that about Jacob I don't remember exactly but he said it about Mike as he was about to leave Forks. He also admits to leaving the pathway to Jacob for her, to leading her right to her feelings for him with the pieces of her broken heart and never tried to force her choice as I felt Jacob did. At the end of Eclipse he even says that he wants her to follow her heart and make the choice that makes her happy. I can understand now a lot more than when I first read the series, what the Jacob fans see good in him and I don't completely hate him as I once did. I can see how he is a more realistic relationship as Meyer intended. It's on the DVD extras I believe she stresses that she purposely wrote Edward and Jacob to be fantasy vs. Real. Jacob has his good qualities, he's warm and fun and also there for her. In fact it was not until Eclipse that I really got pissed with him, in New Moon I loved how he brought her spirit in from the cold when Edward left. But I found a lot of his fight for Bella to be prejudice against Edward, he just didn't want her with him. I bet he would have been more accepting and not fought with so much fury if his opponent were for example Mike. I am not trying to say that he didn't genuinely love Bella, I believe he did but he also let his rivalry with the vampires take too much control sometimes. Same with with some of Edward's overboard moments such as her truck engine. He was just worried for her safety now that Jacob had become a young werewolf. He never tried to keep her from any other of her friends which proves some claims that he is possessive wrong. Not to mention in New Moon he tells her he would understand if she had moved on and didn't want him anymore. I don't understand how he can be called possessive when he says things like that.

Luna Bella Waite's Blog

My Eclipse Film Review *CONTAINS SPOILERS*


*sorry but I can't say pretty much anything at all if I have to leave out spoilers, as a writer(and even when I make things in photoshop such as banners) I find it

almost impossible to keep things simple.*

I had not expected to see it until today at 3pm PST but my aunt surprised me

with midnight tickets last night.

Eclipse is my second favorite in… Continue

Posted on June 30, 2010 at 8:00pm — 55 Comments

Midnight Sun Poster by Me

I saw a featured blog of someone else's fan made Midnight Sun poster and I got inspired to try my own and had to wonder why it took this to get that thought in my head. Anyway I hope it came out ok, it took me forever to locate the dang quote about the sun rising on his midnight. I always have the damnedest time finding that scene in the PDF draft(by the way I read it from her website, where I discovered it. I would never read an illegal leak). Although I made a note of it on my yahoo notebook… Continue

Posted on May 12, 2010 at 1:00am — 4 Comments

Mystery New Moon Still

Ok so I was googling some Eclipse trailer stills, particularly searching and failing for the scene where Edward puts the ring on my (Bella's) finger, and I came across this oddity in my search.

Source Website:

Now this appears to be Edward and Alice bringing me(Bella) home from Italy and this website posted this… Continue

Posted on April 29, 2010 at 9:38pm — 6 Comments

Bring Me to Life

So this is the only Twilight fanfiction I currently have that is actually finished. It's a short prelude of Edward's birth into the vampire world inspired by Bring Me to Life by Evanescence(and what do you know that's the track playing on my playlist now hehe).

(This is just a banner I did with the particular line of the song that inspired the story).…


Posted on April 27, 2010 at 1:15am — 2 Comments

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yeah it will be beautiful even though they had to deal with 2 days of rain

well that's a given everyone is waiting for the sex 

At 11:51pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…
yeah I can't wait to see the wedding and Bella's dress
At 11:46pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…

well good luck with it


At 11:21pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…
ah I see
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I'll have to check it out. The two I use don't have it 


so how's your writing?

At 10:57pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…
well I would buy things online if I had a credit card. believe me there is a lot of 100 Monkeys stuff that I would buy if I had one
At 10:40pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…
yeah well its not an easy movie to find
At 10:30pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…
i still haven't seen the movie yet
At 6:47pm on October 11, 2011, Laurie Cullen Whitlock said…

Hiya I've been alright, just writing 




Oh yeah it was good 


that thing can be very addicting lol 

At 10:39pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…

Who did you go with to see Twilight,NM & Eclipse?

Hopefully you will get to see it!!


At 10:15pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…

Well that would be nice!!

Man this year is going so bloody fast!!

How many times are you hoping to go & see BD?

At 10:14pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…


At 9:48pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…

Well that sucks that you don't get yours till then!!

I wonder why everyone gets there's at a different time!!

At 9:33pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…

I'm good thanks having been doing much!!

When are you getting WFE on DVD?

It comes out here next mth on the 12th!!

At 8:24pm on September 14, 2011, BBYGRL said…

How have you been?

Haven't spoken to you for a while?

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