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CaroSlickLips welcomes you :)

Carolyn's Favourite Fan Fictions From FFFW (in alphabetical order):

I took this out, but thought I should put it back on the page. I did work hard on writing this part of the story that was created by yneone. And I'm proud of what I accomplished. Here's the link to **FAN-TASY** ROB'S POV

Adriana LaBlanc's amazing twist to New Moon where Edward comes back early to save Bella after her cliff-diving expedition, entitled, New Moon - Edward Comes Back Early

Ashley's new fic Unstoppable Desire. It's in the beginning stages, but it's a great story...and lemony!

clpsuperstar's crazy fucktabulous fic, I Love College will literally have you wanting to be back in college...and wanting ILC Edward to do naughty things to you...just watch out for Bella, she'll cut a b**** for her man! Also, CLP has just begun a new fanfic called Send Me An Angel where Bella has to be placed in the witness protection program after her life becomes endangered by the word people, FEDWARD!

Cozzy's amazing AH story called Pin-Up Girl. It's set in the 50's where Edward is a renowned photographer who discovers Bella...who just happens to be married to her agent (and sceezo) Jacob. It's a lemony story my friends...and a must read! Also, don't miss her sequel in Bella's POV called, The Photographer.

Dazzled~by~Jake's wonderful fanfic post BD entitled My Renesmee...written in both Edward and Renesmee's POVs....worth the read!!! :o)
Also check out the sequel to My Renesmee, The True Alpha, and one of my new favourites Jacob I Have Loved----lemony!

Erica Bailey's great fanfics that have had me hooked for awhile now. Not only is she great at writing in EPOV, but she is also pretty good as our beloved Robbie! Check out Actors Hooked on Fan Fiction (too damn funny!) and the spin-off story that her Rob decides to venture into writing called Cullens go to Hogwarts. Also check out all of her EPOV from Eclipse (This discussion contains all the links to the chapters she's done so far). She has just recently started to write NM in EPOV, so check it out too!

hunterhunting's incredible AH story, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. One word...Tattword...nuff said. The man is just the right amount of rough that you want to do all kinds of naughty things to. Not to mention the fact that he'll leave you wanting him to mark more ways than one ;o)

IAK's Imprint Saga is truly something anyone should take the time to read. Yes, she's all about the wolves, but you know what...she'll make you want to be an imprint. I am currently reading Forbidden Imprint, and have read Early Imprint. Trust me when I say that her stories are worth your time and reviews. :)

Jessica's epilogue to Breaking Dawn (amazing/hilarious/loving/heartfelt...the list goes on) entitled, Epilogue: The Imprinted

Kateseca's (you don't know how happy I am to have her back up on this FFFW fav list) AMAZING story, A New Dawn (which is completed) about Alice and Jasper. I never thought I could love a couple like I do Edward and Bella, but Kateseca proved me WRONG! Then we have her other completed story, Blinded. With two traditional vampire brothers who do not hesitate to sexually lure in their prey...what more can you ask for? I mean, I die at the talented hands 0f Jackson in this way to die. LOL! And last but certainly not least, we have, La Bella Asesina, a story about a deranged Bella who has a hunger for the kill. It's totally twisted and will have you sucked in from the very beginning.

Katherine's great fanfic of new friends who join the Cullen clan entitled Rising Waters...She just posted on this site, and I am ecstatic to have her with MUST check out her fanfic!!

KiyaRaven's FANFUCKINGTASTIC-MAKES-ALL-YOUR-GIRLY-BITS-EXPLODE-WITH-JUST-THE-FLICK-OF-EDWARD'S-TONGUE fic called, The Screamers. Edward's a rockstar, Bella's a street person. Need I say more? Just one thing though...the Madman is mine, so hands off! <---I got this in bold cause I'm a twat and forgot her all together. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

Maggie Chambers' (NTF from tts) incredible Edward POV of the honeymoon from BD....the beginning (but definitely not the end) of my fan fiction addiction ;o)

Mary's amazing EPOV's, The Cottage, The Garden, The Beach, and Sunset Serenades. The woman is talented!

mm's AU New Moon inspired Ascent of the Wolf. Edward doesn't come back, and Jacob's relationship is allowed to flourish with Bella. I love this story even though it pains me because I'm so Team Edward...that says something.

nadina's take on what happened after Edward left in New Moon in her great fanfic called Haunted: Bella's Dreams. Just so you know, she's evil and keeps you waiting :D

Novi, MI Jessica's account of the time Edward spent away from Esme and Carlisle entitled, Midnight Terror....graphic, but a must read!

Sophie's (and Lian's) great EPOV of when he left Bella in New Moon. Begins with Chapter 3 The End (which she has posted right before the continuation) and then continues with Dark Moon. ENJOY CRYING! ;o)

tara_sue_me's unbelievably lemony stories, The Submissive and The Dominant. These two stories probably opened up a whole new world to me that I didn't realize I liked. Tara is too talented for words. She has now begun her final installment for her Sub/Dom stories. It is called The Training, and it's already fuckawesome.

Fan Fiction from that I have read: It's a really long list, so just click on CaroSlickLips. I have a top 20ish list, but you can browse through my ridiculous favourites list and check out some of the great stuff there.

I am proud to wear this...

Go check out my blog and read all about my experience

A Little Bit About C:
Hey there! Thanks for dropping by to check out my page. I hope you enjoy yourself. Not only do I have some eye candy for you to admire, but I also have quite an extensive list of fanfics, as you can see. :o)

Before I begin, I just want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am creator of this wonderful site, and wouldn't be able to do it without the enthusiasm and help of so many wonderful people; some of which I've had the pleasure of meeting.

I was a late-comer when it came to The Twilight Saga. I only began reading the books in January 2009, and became immediately obsessed. It wasn't until I had read the books for the third time that I realized I needed a new addiction. So I ventured onto, which eventually led to the creation of this site.

I became a true Robert Pattinson fan after the Twilight movie came out. His role in The Goblet of Fire wasn't the greatest, but I knew then that Rob was different. Always being so honest in interviews, and not being afraid to show his true self; I was enthralled. I absolutely adore the man, and think he is just one of the best people around. The world should have more men like Robbie. ;o)

A Little Bit About FFFW:
This site was born after great fan fictions started to get deleted off of TTS (mine included) in March of 2009. Thus FREEDOM was born. It was mainly just a place for my friends and I to post our fanfics freely, but quickly blossomed into so much more. Now with well over 3000 members, this place continues to function beyond my original expectations.

So that's me and the site in an over-sized nutshell. I could give you more details, but why should I bore you to death? Especially when I know all you want is to see some great pictures! :o) ENJOY!

C's Favourite and Fabulous Men:
Let us begin with Robert if anyone else could come before him!

Here are some new ones that had us Twatter h00rs drooling all over our keyboards...

This collage makes me all *drool* and *swoon* and *gurgle*...yeah, total loss of brain function...

The smoking one actually makes me want to just suck the smoke right out of his mouth, the tool one makes me want to see his big hard tool *faints*, and the kissing I have to explain what that one does to me?! *sigh*

This picture in particular was one of the visuals that helped to drive me when I first started writing Fantasy from RPOV.

This one just....ungh....can you say cowboy boots?!

This one just captivates me. I know his eyes have been enhanced, but I absolutely love this one!

These ones are just too good to even comment about. Can you imagine coming home to this man?!

I like to call this one The Professor...He could keep me back for detention any time. I'd even take the strap from him ;o)

Now, I'm not one for smoking...but Rob with a cigarette in his mouth is just too damn sexy for words!

Look at the look on his he could eat you alive...LOVE IT!

Why is the one sleeve up, one sleeve down thing a total turn on?!

Pucker up!

*sangin* SO NOW I COME TO YOU WITH OPEN ARMS, NOTHING TO HIDE, BELIEVE WHAT I SAAAAAY. Sorry, I couldn't help myself...I love this picture.

Last, but certainly not least, the Italy picture...thank you Robbie for toning that hot body! :o)

Dazzy just sent this picture to me, and I have to add it to my page...I just have to. How unbelievably sexy is this man in leather?! Answer me that!

Kellan Lutz
I don't know what it is about these pants he's wearing...but my gawd he looks damn hot in them! And the chef shirt...are you kidding me?! Kellan is oozing sex in this picture...just look at his face!

I love his lips in this picture...I wish I had one where they weren't cut off :o(

Oh so lickable...hells to the yeah!

As if he really needs to be wet to be sexy...ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?! ARE YOU PEOPLE TRYING TO GIVE US A HEART ATTACK?! *faints*

I don't know what the hell is hanging out of the front of his jeans in the last picture of these ones, but damn is that position ever a turn-on *wipes brow*

New Kellan pictures...I can't talk right now...I swallowed my tongue :|

This one was just given to me by Bailey Houston...I bout near had heart failure! lol

Peter Facinelli
Now, I know that Peter is a happily married man, but I had to give him proper lovin. The man had me enthralled in his TV show "Fastlane" where he played a badass undercover agent. You can't deny that he's dripping with hotness...YOU CAN'T!

Jackson Rathbone
Happy trail indeed!

Alex Meraz
Alright, I'm not a wolfgirl, but I can appreciate a beautiful man...and Alex is beautiful, and rock-solid hot! So he gets some lovin too. :o)

Channing Tatum
The man has swagger...and you all know what that means. Channing has perfected the sex eyes for a reason ;o)

Paul Walker
You know you want to be standing in front of him in the water...don't deny it.

Jensen Ackles
I am head over heals for Dean Winchester (Jensen) from Supernatural. His character is just too damn hot and funny. So naturally, he gets some lovin too :o)

He can bring a football to bed any time he long as he's bringing what's under that know you looked...don't deny that either.

Just totally pawned these off of Lu...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
This man needs no explanation or introduction...nuff said.

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
LOL! If I had my choice, I think it's pretty obvious I'd want my darling Edward to turn me.
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Fan Fiction is my addiction now.
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
The movies have many flaws...that's all I can say for now.
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
Team Edward....or should I say Team Rob? :)

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