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!!!Don't worry.... I won't bite ;) ObsessivEdwarDisorder=)))

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Golden Eyes!!!
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
Edward Cullen =)))
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
Twilight Saga :)
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!1

!!! Welcome =)))
* My Page * [:

I'm sorry... I only had small changes because of technical difficulties... I hope to finish My Page SOON =)

5 Things you should know:
  1. Find your Own Vampire! Edward Cullen is MINE =]
  2. Edward, True Love Never Dies :D
  3. Rob, I'm Eternally Yours :)
  4. Everything you say will remind me of Edward ;)
  5. Twilight Saga, You are my Life Now =)))
***************************************************************************************************** Twilight.ttfRPattz.ttf
Jacob.TTF Edward.ttf Bella.ttf Aro.TTF Alice.ttf
We are not born into this world just to grow-up, have a job and a family and saying we have done it all and then dying. But we are born in this world to make a change. We are born to touch lives and give hope. We should do everything in our power to help those whose need help. We must not be contented with only our lives at peace but others as well. We all have a purpose. We all had a chance.

Did The Twilight Saga change your lives?
I know there are more inspiring stories out there beside from mine but I had a fair share of experiences and the people around me.

Some people would say “What's the big deal about it?”, some “It's just vampire junk”, others “That's nonsense”. But for me it is “The change I've been waiting for”. They only say that because they have not understood the depth of the book, the true meaning of it. It may have some not so good points because it is the reality of live. It is not about what we read that influences us to do things but on how we understand everything that we read and we apply to our lives. I just made something about the Cullen Clan, The Werewolves, The Volturi, The Vampire Hybrids, The Nomads and The Newborns. All of this started from a dream that a person doesn't want to forget, a dream and curiosity that changed lives, a dream that others want to dream about, a dream that others want to come true.

I have understood lessons behind all that love and pain in the saga because I have dug deep into each character, feeling their strife, loss, triumph and pain. I have learned that there are people that tries their very best to be good even if they think of themselves as evil, look at Carlisle and see the kindness in his eyes, the golden eyes that marks the sacrifice in this life. We should love others as we love ourselves like Esme does, passionately, unconditionally and irrevocably. When we thought someone has everything, we are wrong because they really don't have what they want most like Rosalie and there is a reason behind other people's bitterness and we should reach out and understand them. Even someone big like Emmett has a soft spot, he may enjoy p****** them off but deep inside he is a big brother that will do everything to save his younger siblings. Jasper is the symbol of change, that even if someone has a very dark past, that doesn't stop them from changing, every struggle proves their willingness to change. Alice is the epitome of hope and happiness, she gave Jasper hope in his darkest days and radiates happiness to everyone. We have come down to my personal favorite, Edward, we are not doomed to live this world in solitude, always asking yourself 'when you can live forever, what do you live for?' even when we thought our life is complete, we are wrong because there is always a puzzle piece that we never knew was missing but we will never know it until it comes and when it comes, nothing will be the same, we should accept it and its never too late for us to love, even when we make mistakes, we should not wallow in guilt but we should do everything to correct it. We have reached Bella, we all know she was just an average girl in her human life never superior but in this new life she embraced and she learned to believe that she was born to be in this life, she had made her fair share of mistakes because it all begins with a choice, each pain she caused Jacob and each wound she gave Edward, but that doesn't stop her from correcting it and learning in the process, she learned to fight for what she loved, even when she loved the one who was killing her and fought for her happy ever after. We can never escape destiny like Renesmee because in her life, she would learn to love him and there's no turning back.

Jacob had his fair share of suffering from wanting the girl that loves his bitter enemies, if the world was just a sane place he would have gotten this girl but that doesn't stop him from having his happy ending. Sam maybe a good Alpha in his own way but he was given no choice in imprinting, it maybe hard for him to leave Leah but he had no choice. Emily proved that she will never leave the one she loves even when she was hurt physically but that's not the worst pain because Leah had it worst, emotionally, she was left behind for her beloved cousin that caused her to be bitter and also not giving her a chance because she was dealt with something she had no control of.

The world is full of lies, deception and dirty politics. Is the Volturi really good or evil? There are people in this world who seek power and in seeking power, they are blinded and never really understanding that it is not just a talented coven that they will be destroying but a whole family who had their happy endings after too much pain and struggle.

We should learn to forgive ourselves because it is not our fault that things happen. Nahuel was innocent and was blaming himself for the loss of his mother. That didn't stop his envy and sadness that he could never have a perfect family like Edward, Bella and Renesmee. That if only the world was not too cruel. Now, at least he is learning to forgive himself and appreciating what he has now.

James who thought of himself as superior to others. His superiority led to his demise. He should learn to value other people and their lives because he will never know what he is truly destroying, a whole future for his own pleasure in his games. Victoria had her worst because she spent so much time avenging someone who only thought of her as a convenience, as a tool.

Through Riley, Bree, Diego, Fred and the Newborns, we have felt how it is just to be a pawn in someone's game, how it is to be used. They were not given the choice but they were placed in a situation that none of them wanted and how it is to be fed lies and deception and keeping the truth away from you. On how your whole new second life could be destroyed, even when you are close to that happy ending that you want because of other's selfishness.

Maybe you will never understand what I am talking about. Maybe you will choose to ignore everything that I said. But I guarantee you that this has changed my life and made me understand more and value others more. Even if you refuse to listen to me, this will not stop me from saying what I truly feel. I may not say fancy words or explain it thoroughly but in my simple words, this is how this world looked to me.
A world that I want to live in.

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