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bla bla bla bla bla bla.... welcome to my page... :) enjoy ^.^

story 'how i became a vampire' .enjoy..........

needs improvement---------> how i became a vampire (taken from my story, A New Beginning)

...... I was walking home from school alone (as always) and the sky had become unusually pitch black for the time of day. The wind howled and came in from the west, trees overhead came alive and swayed in synchronisation, leaves whispered in a million tiny voices as if sharing some forbidden secret. Usually there were birds that nested upon the trees, whistling a chorus of enchanting lullabies. When gusts of wind would come in, usually the miniature birds would become fearless, swooping, diving, dodging becoming stunt men of the sky. But there were no birds, no dogs barking, no presence of animals what so ever. ‘Perhaps there was a storm on its way in’ I thought, that would describe the unusual blackness of the sky, the howling wind, the lack of presence of animals. I could feel it was something more than that though, something utterly deadly compared to a storm. Something wasn't quite right and I couldn't quite put my finger on it, subconsciously I had decided to pick up my pace to a jog.

In the corner of my eye, I could see something lurking within a shadow of a building. It was then I began to run. The shape had decided to stalk closer in my direction, as if feeling a physical pull towards me. Panicked, I then launched myself hurdling into the forest for some cover from the mysterious shape. it shadowed my direction and it didn't seem to find difficulty in keeping a pace that matched mine.i ran deeper in to the forest not sure which direction to go in. I was lost; I had only been in the forest during the light of the day, with friends.

The only sound that was audible was my shallow, accelerated breathing and the crisp crunch of the leaves as I trod on them. There was no sound of leaves rustling and crunching under its path, ‘maybe it was no longer there’, I had thought. I risked a glance behind my shoulder and saw a human shadow (or that's what I thought it was) advancing on me with incredible, impossible speed.

In my haste I managed to trip over and fall face flat on the soil. It was then I sensed it's presence a mere foot beside my body. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't find my voice. I looked up at the figure that was towering over me and my eyes filled with tears which blurred my vision, a slow sob began to build in my chest.

In the next second a searing, burning, unbearable pain blocked out any of my previous thoughts or actions. I wanted to die, to end the pain, that shouldn't exist. I begged it to kill me, for no one deserved to endure that kind of pain. It was like being set on fire, like being burned at the stake. I thought to myself, 'so, this is what hell is'. I screamed an endless stream of pleas as the burning took over my body. Though at some point I realised that death was not coming, that the pain would continue to burn through by body. It did no good to scream, to beg.

When the fire left every other part of my body, except for my throat, I realised I was no longer human for I could see so, so much more than I used to with my previous, weak eyes. I could see every insignificant detail to the giant trees towering over me-which strangely looked extremely breakable to me now- the branches intertwined in a million tangled knots. Looking down at the leaves that lay there beside my feet, I could see a million different shades of the same colour spiralled out in intriguing shapes, which spread across the leaves’ surface area. I could smell unusual scents that lurked in the atmosphere, the scent of soil and vegetation was almost overpowering. I could sense and smell a strange, almost not entirely unpleasant scent of small creatures cowering beside trees and burrows. I found that I could not only smell my surroundings, but taste them too. The woodsy musk tasted of a million different things, there was the strange, warm taste of the creatures, the dusty earth I stood upon, the freshness of the vegetation that surrounded me. I thirsted for something, something sticky, hot, which would ease the burn wedged in my throught. The mysterious creature, which I had previously registered almost an eternity ago, was nowhere in sight.

hope you liked it

Profile Information

Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
satisied for now :P
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
i wasn't entirely positive who exactly had changed me. the full story is in the text box situated above, it's titled 'how i became a vampire'. ^
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
i've read them all (in 1 week)
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
yeeeeah i luuurv the movie! the acting present in the film is amazing and i feel that the movie helps the characters come alive :) i've lost count the amount of times i've seen twilight now! lol i stopped counting once i reached 20
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
teeeeam edward!!! he's so mysterious

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At 8:37pm on February 22, 2010, kayla horton said…
i got acamra to but not a perfossional one:( clothes, money:D...hahah lol
At 2:55am on January 28, 2010, Inge said…
Hey Jess, How are you? Thanks again for the link you send me.
I read all chapters and I'm so curious.. hope you post chapter 5 soon because I love it.
It is so great. the way you write.. i have no idea what could happen next and I hate the fight between Alice and Jess allthough I think it is great for the story... so girl, my compliments again on your writing. please tell me when you post the rest... xxx
At 7:38am on January 22, 2010, kayla horton said…
u 2...^^..wat did u get 4 christmas? im reallly off time 4 this question but oh well..hehe
At 5:20am on January 15, 2010, Inge said…
Hey Jessica, I'm great, thanks... and you?
Thanks for the link. Of course I want to read your story. I have to go out now but i will check it out later. and I'll tell you what I think of it :)
So, thanks for the link and for your commant on my background haha:)
At 4:43pm on December 22, 2009, kayla horton said…
me to and im not going to be on 4 a while so MERRY CHRISTMAS <333
At 2:10pm on December 22, 2009, Inge said…
hey girl, I wish you a merry Christmas and all the best in 2010!!
May the new year bring you lots of fun, happiness and love!
At 10:44pm on December 10, 2009, Inge said…
You truly are welcome! You don't have to thank me so often :) but remember that I do mean everything I said.
I try to write myself but in dutch it just doesn't sound so.... fancy? don't know how to express myself in english.
I never thought I would like to read in english since I'm kind of a slow reader, even in dutch. So reading English would mean that it would take even longer before I would finish a book. I thought it would annoy me. eager to finish the story but my mind just being to slow. But after reading the first three twilight novels, I had to wait till next spring before I can buy Breaking Dawn. I read Eclipse last April. So waiting a year just was to long. I first had given the audio books as a gift by my boyfriend. He knew I would love this. And yes, I did :)
After listening to the audio books I had to have all the twilight books in English as well. Everything just has more... magic to it in english. Now I have read all the books, don't know how many times. I tried to write myself but somehow it all sounds really boring in dutch. Since my writing in english isn't that great, writing my story in English probably isn't such a good idea. I know the basics and that's it. reading is easier than writing it down.
this is a good practice though. question, would you mind telling me if i write something wrong? I can't remember everything that well since it's been such a long time ago. I finished school when I was 21 that's almost ten years ago. My last english class was when I was 18 or 19 years old. So please, tell me. I hate making the same mistakes over and over again, and not being aware of that.
Thank you for keeping up with me ;)
Keep up the good work!
At 12:23pm on December 10, 2009, Inge said…
you're so welcome. I ment every word! you are a good writer.
I just discovered that I love to read in english, more than dutch.
the way you write... I can see everything so detailed in my mind. (does this sound crazy? I do hope I make myself clear...)
So, if you ever have something for me to read, you know now where to find me ;)
And if you ever bring out your own book, I like to be the first person in the Netherlands to by your book! :) I think you have a gift...
At 4:10am on December 10, 2009, Inge said…

you don't know me, I'm new here but I read your story.
I liked it a lot. I hope to read more about your new beginning!
I'm almost 30 and from holland. I haven't written English since I was 19. Sorry if there are things that I have written wrong.
Thanks again for your story. i hope to read more of it someday!

greetz Inge
At 3:33am on December 6, 2009, Victoria Hill said…
Thanks for the friend invite.

I've been away for a while so sorry it took so long to accept.

Did you enjoy New Moon? I loved it and can't wait to see it again but will wait for the DVD release. Counting down until Eclipse is released (was my fav. of the books. Which was yours?)

Look forward to seeing you around.


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