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looking for love

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Are you Shape Shifter, Vampire or Human?
Are you thirsty (black eyes), Ready for another human (red eyes), Or Satisfied (golden eyes)?
Who were you turned by? If you are a vampire...
Aro turned me and I became his guard
What book are you on? Or are you done with the series?
read them all love them all
Are you a fan of the movie? why or why not? How many times have you seen it?
yes i've seen both movies 15 times all together
Team Edward or Team Jacob? and why?
screw that TEAM VOLTURI

Renata Volturi

My human life was described as plan and simple. Just the way I liked it. It was in the sixteenth century. To be exact I was born on June 21, 1555 at the New World, of course it's called North America. Anyways, I grew up in a small family of four. There was me, my brother Christopher. He was tall blonde headed with hazel eyes. My mother Elizabeth who was brown headed and blue eyed just like me and my father George who looked like Chrstopher.. We weren't rich nor poor, but we had a home, though everyone looked at us as third class. When I turned three, I started working for my family but not the hard stuff. My mom would let me pick out the berries out in the fields. God I love them. Strawberries, raspberries, every kind of berry. Sometimes my mom would catch me eating them and tell me “Renata, you must not eat all of the berries, or we won't have enough for the rest of the family” I sighed and stopped eating so much of them that day. My brother Christopher would chop wood for the stove so we can eat food hot. My father would work in the fields with me but doing some other job. My mother would gather the milk and eggs from the barn.
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When I turned five my mother and father sent me to school and I had a great time. I was a bright student according to my teacher, I was the only one who can read and write. I did a whole lot of writing and reading with my parents. When I went to school, I went with the other kids who worked on farms or had to work with the family, they were poor but I never judge them, though they thought I was high class, but I wasn't. Anyway, through the school years, each time I leveled up, I was always ahead of everyone. At the age of thirteen I had to drop out because I had to work in the fields with my family. I was saddened but I knew it had to come. Besides there wasn't really much to do around the house besides play with my brother who met a girl name Anne. She was very pretty and smart. She was in the higher class who's father was a lawyer and her mother was a teacher, actually my teacher. Everything was perfect until the day I thought would never come, but only saw in the stories I heard from my parents.

Five men came and got us, more like kidnapped us. They were all tall. One looked like someone my age. Another one was tall with messy hair that looked like it wasn't washed in two days. Two of the guys looked the same only one was reddish brown hair and the other was a whie blonde. The last one was brown headed, that his hair reached just above his eyebrows. They all looked royal and all of them had a necklace that had the letter V on them. The white blonde looked at me and my family and spoke “Don't make a sound or you won't make it over seas” he spat and they took us on a boat and chained us in the cargo hold. They didn't feed us and didn't tell us where they were taking us. I was scared. I looked at my family with sorrowful eyes. They couldn't reach me because of the chains but we talked to each other until one of the guys told us to shut up. We finally landed three days later. The men came down to grab us rather hard and took us to this huge place that looked like a castle. They dragged us down to the dungeons, separating us. We could still hear each other but not see each other. They would feed us but only one toast every few days.

One day I heard two of the guys getting my dad out. They took him out and went upstairs. Then suddenly I heard his screams. His screams were loud and got softer every minute that went by until it all stopped. I cried because I wasn't ever going to see him again unless they killed me too. A couple of days later, my mom was taken out and the same thing happened my mother's screams were loud and then got softer. My mother was killed that day. I wanted to know why the hell they were killing us.

What I saw strange a couple of days later one of the guys who kidnapped us, brought in another family. What the hell was going on? I wanted to know. Day after day, I heard my family dying and finally they got to me. They pulled me out and put chains on me so I wouldn't escape. They took me into this big room that looked like a king would sit in and watch his people walk by. They knelt me down in front of a guy who looked like their leader. I was looking down because I was too upset from hearing the cries and screams from my family. He walked down the steps from his throne and lifted my chin up so my eyes would touch his. He was round headed with silky black hair that didn't even touch his ear. His face was marbled like. He stroke my cheek and all around my face. I shivered at the coldness from his hand. He then ask me “what do you call yourself?” I looked at him as if he were crazy. He wanted to know my name before killing me? I went ahead and answered. My first few words in a while “Renata” I said in a broken voice. “Renata, what a lovely name for such a lovely face. I call myself Aro” said the guy. “When are you going to kill me Aro?” I asked. He gave me a soft smile with a chuckle. “I'm not going to kill you. Not now at least. You will be working for me” said Aro. I looked at him again “Work for you? You just killed my family, I don't want to work for some heartless man who kills” I spat not even thinking. He grabbed by my throat and threw me across the floor. I could tell this man gets everything he wants and he would get it whatever it takes. “Jane, come here and take care of this girl” said Aro as an angelic face came in the room. Her hair was a shiny brown that reached to her shoulders. She had on a long black dress that reached the floor. I guess that's what royal people wore. After all Aro had a gold jacket and pants with lace all around them. The girl smiled at me and stared down at me. I suddenly felt sharp pain in my body. I screamed from the pain. It was too intense. “Please stop it” I cried out to the girl. She didn't. She kept on until Aro made her stop. “Okay Jane you can stop now, take her back to the dungeons” he said as the girl took me by the chain and dragged me into the dungeons.

A couple of days passed and not a single bite to eat. I felt weak everywhere in my body. Not just from the pain attack but from not eating and not drinking any fluids in days. The water that dripped from the walls wasn't very good, it was very dirty. I heard the door open and a woman walked in and knelt down to me. “Don't be scared, I'm not going to hurt you” said the woman. She was dressed in a long red dress that looked velvet. Her face looked like a china doll. The make up was perfect and her hair was beautiful. It was a lighter brown that if you went outside it would glow. I looked at her and I was scared “Is it time for me to die?” I asked The woman shook her head “of course not dear, I'm here to help you but I must change you into what we are” I rose up and looked at her “Change me into what miss?” I asked “Vampire, we are vampires Renata” said the woman “how did you kno..?” I was interrupted “I know everyone's name, but I know you don't know mine, my is Sulpicia, I'm the mistress here and I really want to help you” said Sulpicia “But my family” I said “I'm really sorry about the way those guys dragged you all here, but they couldn't help it” said Sulpicia. “Who would change me?” I asked Sulpicia “I will Renata dear” said Sulpicia “How would I know I am a vampire?” I asked “You'll feel it soon enough and it might not be easy at first but you will become a great vampire” she told me. “Okay, change me” I said “Okay, but hold still, this will hurt but it will be all over” she warned me as she leaned forward to my neck and sunk her razor sharp teeth into my neck. The pain was unbareable. I felt my life sucking out of me. I got dizzy and eventually passed out. I don't know if it was death or was a faint spell.

A few days later, I opened my eyes and looked around. I was no longer in the dirty dungeons. I was in a new dress and I felt different. “Where am I?” I asked. The Mistress came in with some blood and hand it to me “you might find the taste not quite suitable for you but you will get used to it. You will have to, it is your diet now” she said “I have to drink blood now? What else do I do now since I am a vampire?” I asked sipping the blood and almost gagging. “You will report to me and Master Aro and you will receive your duty. It depends on what power you learn” she said “Power? Wow I wonder what it could be” I said “You never know, it might be great or it may not be so great, but you will eventually learn it” said Sulpicia “I gave you some of my old dresses for now until we get you some new ones, oh I almost forgot, here you go” Sulpicia handed me a necklace with the letter V on it “Wait, what is this coven called?” I asked “Volturi, you are now Renata Volturi” said Sulpicia as she turn to the door to go out. I set the blood on the night stand and stood up. I put the necklace on and headed down to the throne room.

“Renata, it's great to see you awake and well” said Aro. “I am feeling much better, now thank you Master Aro” I said. My interest in Aro changed too. He felt like a father now to me. “As your first task, I want you to go down to the dungeon and get me a human for me please” Aro ordered “Yes Master” I said and walked out of the throne room. I went downstairs to get a human. I pulled a woman out and dragged her up to the throne room “Be careful sir, she's a feisty one” I warned Aro “Not to worry Renata dear, she won't hurt me” he said with a grin. But he was wrong. I ran in front of Aro while the human was about to attack and the human tried to attack me but she couldn't. Aro's eyes widen “What was that Renata?” he asked “I don't know sir” I said truthfully “That was wonderful” he said as he grabbed the human and killed her “have some of the blood” he offered “no thank you, not right now” I said “I now know what your job is. You're going to be my personal guard, you will report to me or Mistress when you are told” he said “Thank you, I will stay here with you” I said. “Oh one more thing Renata, welcome to the family” he said and gave me a gentle hug but then pulled away when some of the other guards came. “Fellow Volturi, meet our newest guard Renata. Renata, this is Felix, Demetri, Afton, Chelsea, Heidi, Jane, Alec, and Santiago. The two men and the woman are Marcus, Cauis and Athenodora. They are also Master and Mistress” Aro introduced me to the group. Most of them liked me at first but some wasn't sure about me or they weren't use to me. But eventually they came to their senses and included me in.

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My job as a Volturi is to guard the finest Master of my coven, Master Aro. I don't take rule breaking easy. There are rules in our world you must obey if you want to live to see another day. If our existance is expose to a human, he or she must be killed or turned into a vampire. He or she will have a choice to join our beloved coven or join a coven and don't ever contact their family again. If their family finds out, they will get killed. In our world, we don't give second chances. So if we say something to you and you don't follow the procedure, you will meet your end.

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I may look like a pretty face to many but you haven't seen the rest of me. I have a pretty face so I can attract humans to come and 'tour' our establishment. Their tour of death, if you want to put it that way.

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Guys, I am looking for that someone who will care for me for who I am. If a guy tries to break what would have been my heart, I will break his, literally. I don't take false feelings very well.

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Let me tell you a little bit about my power. I have the power to use a shield. That means that your silly little mind powers will not work on me or who I am protecting. That is why I am like Aro's daughter. He loves me because I protect him and Mistress Sulpicia.

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At 8:59am on November 23, 2011, Aro Volturi said…

How can you say that? I have missed you so much you naughty girl!

I would like to see you mad my dear, even if it meant I wouldn't eat for a week! *kisses your hand*



At 8:31am on November 19, 2011, Aro Volturi said…

Oh Renata, I have been bereft without you where have you been?

No, you must tell me, what happens when you are not happy?



At 5:53am on June 21, 2010, Aro Volturi said…
That is splendid news. *pats your cheek*
I too am looking forward to expanding the guard. With you and Isabella protecting us we will be invincible. *laughs*

At 2:24am on June 11, 2010, Leira Miralles gave The Official Renata Volturi a gift
At 7:15am on June 6, 2010, Aro Volturi said…
*claps hands together in jubilation*
How wonderful I do so love it when the people around me can work together in harmony. I'm sure you will be a wonderful teacher my dear.

(That sounds very sensible. ^_^ )



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